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Jack Sparrow didn’t remember a time when he hadn’t been able to swim. […] One of the stories often repeated about him was about the time an old pirate had asked him where he’d learned to dive and swim so well, and the five-year old Jack had responded solemnly, “The mermaids taught me.
—  A. C. Crispin, ‘The Price of Freedom’, p.175

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october positivity meme

i didn’t realize how hard this meme would be i want to NAME EVERYone

Unicorn: Tag someone who is So Good, So Pure™

um, @chaied?? obviously? kylie is legitimately one of the kindest people i’ve met through tumblr and she’s always making me strive to be less bitter and more open-hearted towards people and situations. @tachiisms is also super sweet and has never failed to send me a supportive message whenever they saw i was feeling down, which means so much to me. 

Mermaid: Tag someone who is a positive influence on you.

THIS MEME IS SO HARD. ughhhhh well, scout sr, who has five million blogs but i’ll mention @pekkt has always been a huge writing inspiration to me and i think being friends with them and getting to interact with them has made me a better writer and forced me to confront the more superfluous aspects of my writing. @serotiinal + @allmistress are always posting really informative things on race that me as a white person didn’t know before. they’ve taught me to be a better ally in calling out other people’s bullshit and making me aware of my own. 

Dragon: Tag someone who you see as really dedicated to their muse.

now this one is really difficult bc honestly i don’t think there’s one person on my dash i wouldn’t call dedicated to their muse. i’m a picky af follower and i really look for people who are passionate about their characters and their writing when i’m considering following. that being said, i have to give it up for mara @didntkill, who’s been here as long as i have and i’m kinda convinced is mara jade at this point? also @diisarmed‘s bucky is so well-thought out and their headcanons never fail to interest me when they come on the dash. i also really appreciate jewish bucky barnes. @youmaythinkyouknowme IS AN ELDER of tumblr like seriously chris has been here forever giving us that Good Lilly Content and i have so much respect for her and her perseverance. also lemme give a shoutout to @graylit, @bellassan, @astromed, @qvake, @spectrefive, @artisticallydcne, @rebelsacrifice, @vipxrofshili, @highnis, @jediscariot

Beneath The Waves; Part 12}

One of Narcissa’s favourite songs began playing in the bar ‘You Don’t Own Me.’ She started moving to the rhythm. One side of her hair was ocean blue at the tips and the other side was seaweed green. She’d separated her hair into pigtails and they bounced  as she strut a long to the mellow tune. She’s still leraning about make-up, hairstyle and fashion but is already pretty experienced in beauty techniques, that was all she could do as a mermaid after all; sit on rocks and comb her long blonde hair. She’d heard this song quite a few times since she’s been on land and It’s really grown on her.
         Land music is a lot more impressive than any music that was attempted underwater. Music in the ocean was wither wales screaming or gathering above the waves to the rocks to sing sea shanties or serenade sailors. Narcissa just prefers the music up here. 

You don’t own me
I’m not just one of your many toys
You don’t own me
Don’t say I can’t go with other boys 

She’s heard this song quite a bit now. It took her a while to piece together the lyrics over time as English isn’t her first language but eventually Narcissa worked out the lyrics. She finds It strange how much she can relate to this song. It’s like she’s saying her father and the sea doesn’t own her, she’s her own mermaid and can do whatever she wants. She certainly can play with all the boys she wants up here.
        Narcissa gathered her stride together as she collected the left over cocktail but just as she was about to head back to the bar she saw a plate of unfnished nachos. She sighs like a half-hearted teenager and heads towards It until she’s stopped in her tracks.
Patricia: “ NARCISSA! WOULD YOU GET OVER HERE!!? ” Narcissa’s boss Patrica was in a bad mood. Her voice boomed across the bar as she shouted her employee like a slave. Narcissa nearly spilt the cocktail on her legs but managed to grasp the glass extra tight just in time! That could’ve been a fishy disaster

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