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After coming back from Iceland I have a few new items in my shop!

tiny sea witch altar - available on ETSY

This kit is both for those who are land-locked and who live by the sea. It was put together from materials I’ve gathered during my travels. When used for meditation it will help you connect with the sea and draw from its power.

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Another part of the same idea with Mer-Archie and little Admin-Pups.

Archie had also found three eggs and took them deeper into his lair to raise them. The first one to hatch was a wily girl-pup named Shelly. The second one to hatch was a completely hairless boy-pup named Amber. And the last one to hatch was a fairly large boy-pup named Matt.  

Shelly loves to chase anything and everything. Amber is an explorer of the seas and, much to Archie’s dismay, some of the lands as well (if he can manage, anyway). Matt usually follows Shelly around a lot, but he enjoys staying near Archie the most.

And that’s all I got for now. I had some scenarios in mind, but I’ll try to work those out in sketches and stuff. Enjoy!

Here’s the Team Magma version: Faun Maxie and Admin-Kids


These might be helpful for someone, so I decided to make them public. It’s been a long time since I’ve done them for an english roleplay here on tumblr, but I’m sure that roleplay never came out of the project it was for the admin. So, here they are…

  • Nathaniel Buzolic → Rumpeltintskin.
  • Steven R. Mcqueen → Robin Hood.
  • Holland Roden → Princess Ariel.
  • Ian Sommerhalder → Flynn Rider.
  • Nina Dobrev → Snow white.
  • Nina Dobrev → Evil Queen {Snow white}.
  • Amber Heard → Princess Aurora.
  • Paul Wesley → Prince Phillip.
  • Claire Holt → Rapunzel.

CS AU Week Day One: Alternate Version (Mermaid!Emma & Captain Hook) 

 Sea and Sky He knows her in a heart beat. Her eyes are what give her away as she startup at him in wonder, the shivering that had been wracking her body stopping all at once. Killian can hardly believe his eyes. She was real-flesh and bone. This beautiful creature he’d convinced himself had been a dream.

 He recalls her lips on his own when she’d breathed life into his lungs, how her hands had cradled his face lovingly as she guided him towards the surface. She is real. Not a dream or myth. 

 Killian moves forward, staring into her hypnotic green eyes as she continues to watch him in awe.

“You,” she whispers a slight smile touching her lips as the word springs forth. “You’re a hard man to find captain.“ 

 Killian can’t help the chuckle that springs from his lips. "I could say the same, love.”


My desire choices for the disney princess ♡

Ariel - Emilia Clarke
Alice - Dakota Fanning
Princess Aurora - Dianna Agron
Belle - Lily Collins
Merida - Lorde
Cinderella - Amber Heard
Elsa - Natalie Dormer
Princess Jasmine - Phoebe Tonkin
Rapunzel - Amanda Seyfried
Pocahontas - Hannah Simone
Snow White - Zooey Deschanel
Wendy Darling - Carey Mulligan


Instrumental tracks for when you need a push to get your to-do list done.


01. Pokémon Theme Song — Walt Ribeiro (ForOrchestra) || 02. Pacific Rim Theme (Epic Rock Cover) —  Little V Mills || 03. The Avengers Theme — Alan Silvestri || 04. Knights of Cydonia (Muse) — Vitamin String Quartet || 05. Mermaid — Amber Music || 06. Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) — 2Cellos || 07. Legend of Zelda Suite — London Philharmonic Orchestra || 08. Balrog Boogie — Diablo String Orchestra || 09. Thrift Shop (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)  Vitamin String Quartet || 10. Cliffs of Dover — Eric Johnson || 11. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk) — Walt Ribeiro (ForOrchestra) || 12. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion — London Philharmonic Orchestra || 13. He’s A Pirate — Pirates of the Caribbean (Curse of the Black Pearl) || 14. Pirate — Amber Music || 15. Welcome To The Jungle (Guns N Roses) — 2Cellos || 16. The Last Of Us (Epic Rock Cover) — Little V Mills ||