So it's mermay

Here’s some stovetuna babs for you

I actually abandoned this story awhile ago but decided to spin it into a oneshot for y'all


Steven had heard of orcas and their mer counterparts, but only in stories. For a mershark living in the pacific reefs, the idea of a whale or merwhale that could tip over and eat a white shark sounded a lot like a scary bed time story for pups. For all intents and purposes, Steven didn’t believe such things.

Imagine his surprise as he stared into the eyes of a terrrified merorca.

The situation as it turned out was fairly simple, Steven had journeyed to the east side of the farthest island off the reefs for privacy. It was late spring and being surrounded by pups all day was exhausting. A leisurely swim would do him some good. He stayed closer to the surface watching the bright moon rise and be surrounded by stars in the pitch blackness of night. It was calm and pleasantly quiet. The gentle current kept water flowing over his gills allowing Steven to slow and enjoys the warmth of the pacific. He stayed like that, floating in the open water until a large and blunt force plowed into him.

Steven panicked as the force of the crash tipped him upside down. His breathing stuttered and Steven could feel his senses numb from the trance-like affect. For a moment Steven believed he would suffocate, out in the open water, where no one knew where he was. It was a chilling and lonely thought.

A voice was muffled in his ears and something, or someone pulled Steven forwards. There was a firm grip on his shoulders and the muffled voice kept speaking. Through his clouded vision, Steven could make out a black lined figure. Blinking Steven realized it was a mer.


“Wha? Who are you?” Steven asked with his senses back, the white mershark was annoyed. For all the open space there was this mer chose to ram into him?

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean t-to…” The other mer looked quite skittish. Warm brown eyes looked back constantly. He was shaking slightly, Steven noticed, and would look back as if watching for something. In fact now that Steven was able to get a look he realized.

It was a merorca.

A very small one in fact. The merorca was chattering nervously about something. Steven really wasn’t paying attention although he should be.

“Aren’t whale mers supposed to be as big as their counterparts?” The mer stopped, looking at Steven with a petulant look of frustration. “Well yeah-”

“Because I’m a white shark and your smaller than me.”

“I don’t have time for this!” The shout echoed out through the open ocean. The mer yelped covering his mouth. He was shivering all over. Steven swore he might cry. What could scare an orca to the point of tears? The thought was interrupted by a low groan. It was loud and off putting. Whatever creature made it was obviously angry. Or hungry. Or both.

Steven grabbed the merorca’s arm and bolted. Racing away Steve guided them to a deserted rock outcrop. There was a small cave there that had been empty for years. They could hide there.

Steven dragged the mer into the small cave pulling him close as he dug himself into the corner and motioned for the mer to stay quiet. He was still shivering. They waited anxiously as the huge monster passed. Steve could feel the sheer power of its presence.

At least an hour or so went by before Steve dared to speak.

“What exactly did you do to anger that thing?” His voice was quiet just in case. The mer orca was still shaking and didn’t answer.

“Uh, my names Steve. What’s…yours?”

“Mhm tony.” Was the mumbled reply. Steve smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you, tony. So what exactly happened that made that thing chase you?” Tony laughed on a broken sob. He had stopped shivering but still clung to Steve like a life line. Steve found that he didn’t really mind.

“It’s uh, a really long story…”

Steve smiled relaxing against the smooth wall of the cave.

“I’ve got time.” Tony blushed.

And of course now that mermay is over all I wanna think about is mermen. Specifically, mer-Steve and octo-Bucky seeing Mer-Natasha swimming away from the caves with a seaweed bag full of shrimps even though she does not like shrimp. They’re curious of course, because she always wrinkles her nose at them when they eat shrimp. Maybe they’ll meet her elusive boyfriend if they follow her. (“This is a bad, bad idea,” Bucky whispers. “And yet here we are, still following her,” Steve replies.)

Natasha finally stops in a cave quite a distance away, and they can hear people talking, but when Bucky sneaks closer to hear better, a rock falls on one of his tentacles, and he lets out a yelp that is loud enough that Steve considers just leaving him for Natasha to murder. But! He is a good boyfriend and instead accepts their fate together.

Natasha comes out, and she looks livid, but behind her, clinging to her shoulder, is a seahorse mer, peeking over her shoulder with big brown eyes. Steve slaps at Bucky’s shoulder, misses, and smacks him in the face. Bucky would be mad except he sees those big brown eyes too. What’s more, he sees the tiny bump on the man’s stomach.

“This is Tony,” Natasha tells them sourly. She’ll probably murder them later, but not in front of her pregnant friend. Tony invites them inside pleasantly and offers them some of the shrimp Natasha had brought. They accept. They can’t keep their eyes off of Tony’s baby bump. Natasha is going to murder them even harder. “Oh, yes! Three months!” Tony says proudly. “Sunset will be back anytime!” (Natasha’s face goes stricken for a moment. Steve and Bucky get the impression that Sunset, whoever she is, is not coming back.)

“She’s a witch,” Natasha hisses. “And if I see her I’m going to slit her throat.” Natasha looks serious. They’re pretty sure she’s always been willing to kill people but she seems downright bloodthirsty about Sunset. “So can we visit Tony again?” Steve asks after a moment. They expect her to tell them no, absolutely not, but she looks thoughtful for a moment, and then quietly admits, “He’s lonely. I think, deep down, he knows that Sunset isn’t coming back, either.”

Well, that’s all the permission they need! They visit Tony at least every other day, if not every day, and Tony is always happy to see them arrive and sad to see them go. Tony is a delight. He even lets them feel his bump when the baby starts kicking. Steve and Bucky are a little in love. They think (hope) that maybe Tony might be a little in love as well.

And then Tony tells them not to come around for a while. That… that hurts, and they don’t know what they did wrong, and Natasha isn’t around to tell them. Maybe… maybe they were wrong. Maybe Tony isn’t as fond of them as they are of him. And that’s okay! They would never want to make Tony uncomfortable! But… they at least thought they were friends. “Go see him, you idiots,” Natasha tells them tiredly a few days later, looking vaguely pissed off, and, well, Steve and Bucky are hurt but they’re not stupid so they go to visit Tony.

Tony looks pale and faint and he grimaces when he sees them and curls away, but they’re concerned now. “I didn’t want you to see me like this,” Tony admits, embarrassed, hands unconsciously rubbing up and down his swollen belly. “Had some bad kelp or something.” And that—that’s so sad, that Tony was embarrassed to be weak in front of them. Steve pulls him into a hug and then Bucky curls around both of them, tentacles soft and silky as he strokes Tony’s cheek, and Tony curls the end of his tail around Steve’s like he’s a piece of seaweed. (It takes effort to get Tony to unlock his tail, and it gets kind of scary near the end because Steve is starting to lose feeling in his fins Tony please please let go?!)

And, well, now that they know Tony will send them away for dumb reasons, they kind of don’t want to leave. Ever. So they don’t. Tony frets because of course he does—what about their own home, what about their friends— But Steve and Bucky hush him, with cuddles, and then when that doesn’t work, with the tiny kisses, and when Tony doesn’t push them away, more kisses, deeper, longer, until Tony quiets and settles. Bucky wraps a couple of his tentacles around Tony’s tail and lets him curl around them tight, lets his other tentacles drift over Tony and Steve idly, suckers pausing here and there. (Tony giggles when the suckers pull at his ribs. Bucky remembers this for later.)

Steve and Bucky are there when he goes into labor and they are, as expected, useless. “What are you even doing here,” Natasha asks snidely. She looks faint but she isn’t panicking like they are. Tony is a champ and doesn’t even scream or yell, and he has no idea why any of them are there, they’re not helping him, he is one-hundred percent doing this by himself except for when Natasha remembers she’s supposed to be supporting him and lets him squeeze her hand.

The baby is beautiful, with a light dusting of brown hair and big brown eyes just like Tony’s, tail red and dark. Tony clutches the baby to his chest, chest still heaving, but he still looks so proud. Natasha and Steve and Bucky huddle around him, breathless with awe, and touch the baby’s chubby little cheeks and hold his chubby little hands. Steve is a fool and lets the baby curl his tail around his finger and nearly loses said finger because the baby’s tail curls so tightly around it. “This is how I die.” “Oh my God Steve it’s just a fucking finger.”

Steve and Bucky dote on Tony and the baby. They’re a family now. (Sunset does come back once, probably to take the baby or threaten to take him to have Tony at her mercy. Steve and Bucky chase her off mercilessly, making it clear that if she tried it again that she would not survive. They never tell Tony. Tony never asks about Sunset anyway.)

I’ll Keep You Safe

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

When the team gathers for movie night, nobody mentioned it was a scary movie. What happens when you turn your light off for the night and still feeling panicked.

The kitchen was bustling as the team gathered things together, you could smell popcorn and was that tequila? Nat was making margaritas again. As you come around the corner looking at the team, your friends, you laugh.

“What is going on?” You step out of the way as Tony slides through with boxes of pizza.

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Fish out of Water

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Summary: Stephen is quite fascinated by you. But then again, how often is it that you meet a mermaid?

A/N: Don’t judge me, I love mermaid!AU’s so freaking much. I think I’m going to write a part 2 to this, since I’ve only wanted to introduce the idea of mermaid!reader and strange in this one. (also, I added Strange to my fandoms list)


“What exactly is it that we’re waiting for?” Strange asked, standing behind Rogers and Thor, who were staring at the ocean. Something they’ve been doing for the past ten minutes.

Steve turned towards Thor, completely ignoring the man behind them.

“Maybe something happened to her..”

Thor shook his head. “She’s too good for that. Give her time.”

Stephen, still completely lost, started to get impatient and wandered off into a different direction, still at the beach, but away from the other two, who didn’t even seem like they noticed.

They had said that Strange should come as back up. In case they needed his abilities. But he didn’t even know what his abilities were needed for. They literally had not told him anything.


“Who?” you said, sitting on a lonely rock which was looming out the ocean.

He turned towards you in an instant, not expecting any company. The beach looked like no one had been here in ages. When he saw what was past your belly, he understood why.

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Prince Steve visits the home of Little Merbuck 😊 (Do not worry about Steve, he can only drown in the deep and blue of Bucky’s eyes 😉)

El príncipe Steve visita el hogar de el pequeño Buckynito 😊 (No se preocupe por Steve, el solo puede ahogarse en lo profundo y azul de los ojos de Bucky😉)

Wrecked Ch. 1

Summary:  Princess Aria makes a deal with the sea witch. Three months to get the prince to propose marriage or suffer a fate worse than death. But as she gets closer to her deadline, she finds the prince not what she expected, a sailor that steals her heart and a merman who always had it. Can she find a happiness and fulfill the deal before time runs out?

Characters: Steve Rogers/OC, Bucky Barnes/OC, eventually Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/OC

Some angst, light smut…more to come

A/N: My second contribution to @neversatisfiedgirl‘s LoveSexMagic Challenge. This one didn’t turn out how I was expecting it too. And will extend beyond the challenge and can be read on AO3 here. And thanks to @angryschnauzer for the beautiful moodboard.

Three months ago.
‘You have three days to get the prince to propose marriage.’
‘Three days?! You can’t be serious. Three months.’
‘You came to me, princess. You’re not really in a position to bargain.’
‘I don’t want to be human that bad. I’m not stupid. Human males aren’t that different from mermen. I can get him to mate me but marriage is a completely different thing.’
The sea witch sighed and twirled her fingers through her tentacles. ‘Fine, three months. You have until the third full moon from tomorrow night’s.’
‘And if I fail?’
‘There are things worse than death.’
‘Fine. Deal.’

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