Persons A and B are best friends. Person A has recently got out of a bad breakup, and when B is comforting them, they kiss. Person B is not sure how to react, but Person A tells them that they just want to forget (about the breakup). They become friends with benefits and eventually fall in love.

Person A and Person B have been sharing dreams for as long as they can remember. The catch? They’ve never met in real life. Imagine them meeting in real life for the first time. OT3 bonus: Person C is Person A’s friend and is present at their meeting, and is really confused.

AU where everything is the same except it’s based in the Early 2000’s and is at the start of the “randomcore” Internet movement

The les mis color scheme is Pink and lime green and everything is written in different font but everyone’s favorite is bubble letters

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After reading what you wrote for Werewolf!McCree, it gave me this weird imagination about Hanzo changing into a dragon from seeing his s/o become badly injured by the members of Talon. He loses himself in a blinding rage from what he's seen but later his s/o would try to calm him down- DEAR LORD I'm starting to get all these different feels and its too much for me! Can you plz make a short fic or a list of h/c's THIS MAN NEEDS MORE LOVE LIKE HIS BROTHER

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I really loved your headcanons/scenarios for for were!McCree!  They’re the perfect mix of saccharine and angst :’)  love that big ol pupper, but what I was wondering if you could whip up some similar headcanons for dragon!Hanzo?  idk what kind like naga or shape-shifter dragon?? is that a thing idek, but whatever strikes your fancy!  Thank you for everything you’ve done so far!!


Okay, okay, I see you. I’ve got you in my sights. BUT I raise you one generic powerful Dragon!Hanzo right, right and giVE YOU cursed dragon Hanzo because he is a fucking bitter asshole and his ancestors are all like ‘oh dear lord, Hanzo Shimada you need to learn a lesson in LOVE you little punk BITCH.’ Bam. Cursed Hanzo, right? Right, now lets throw some like Didney shit into the mix, because everyone loves some Didney, so Hanzo only gets to be human Hanzo in the evening like the beautiful dragon prince he is and in the day time he is—

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You know space dad, now meet space grandpa, or a.k.a Black lion.

Black is calm and authoritative and the other lions follow his orders without question. He is the pride leader and has both the intelligence and power to back that up. His relationship with Shiro is that of a mentor. He won’t outright tell Shiro how to be a leader but give the paladin little hints to nudge him towards the right direction.

If anyone needs advice he will is more than willing to share his wisdom, however do not piss him off as he can be quite terrifying when angry. 

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I'm looking for a fic where YouTuber!Phil and band!Phil switched realities or something? I'm not sure what it's called and it would be super awesome if you'd help me find it!

MisplacedPhil wakes up in an alternate universe. And then Phil… wakes up in an alternate universe. Both Phil’s try to navigate back to their own life while simultaneously trying to deal with each others’. (AKA YouTuber!Phil tries to deal with the fact that he’s in a band and he and Dan are enemies, and Band!Phil tries to understand how in any universe he and Dan could be lovers.)


Solas, wandering pokemon trainer (who’s also a secret gym leader). He’s pretty powerful and all his pokemon are fully evolved. Their nicknames:

Arcanine - Fen’Harel

Hypno - Uthenera 

Gengar - Mischief 

I kind of want to do these for all the da:i characters; if you have any ideas on what pokemon to give em (gen 1 only) let me know :D