dazleyin  asked:

Ooh what if you did a manta ray mermaid?? Theyre large and beautiful blue pancakes!!!

yess I love mantas : 0

Emoji rating: Mermaid emoji

I actually really like her! Apple’s love of shading really makes her look 3D. The skin tone is very yellow, but there are other skin tone variations and the yellow makes the other colors pop. Her anatomy isn’t horribly botched, and I like that I can see individual scales. I love her hair. 10/10 a beautiful mermaid

One of her arms is way too long. There’s no way that seashell bra could ever stay up. Her tale has a border, but she doesn’t. Google’s simplistic style isn’t working. 5/10 I know you can do better

What happened to her? Very very angular. Not the smooth, sleek mermaid I wanted. Black border looks Bad. Boring color scheme. 2/10 very bland

Looks kind of like they traced apple’s emoji and made it more boring. Still, a good pose. That seashell bra still defies physics and looks hella uncomfortable. 7/10 mermaids need back support too

She’s very cute! Traditional color scheme, but not horrible! Could use more personality. Give her a better bra. 7/10

This is truly disgusting. Too simplistic. Tail looks limp and algae-covered. Is she okay? 3/10 bra design is ok and it’s still better tham Microsoft.

Now this is a MERMAID. I love the hair. She’s very dynamic. The end of the tail actually looks to be the right size, which I appreciate. There’s no horrible seashell bra! The only thing that’s a little bit weird is her eyes, which make her look very manevolent, but I am HERE for it. 11/10

This is an even worse bra offender. This mermaid looks like she’s trying to seduce an entire cruise ship. I appreciate the fact that she’s doing the traditional job, but did you have to make her sit like that? It bothers me. Mermaids don’t have asses. 5/10 decent design I guess

There’s a such thing as too much gradient. I feel like I’m in 2010. I like the pointy ears and the fact that she’s on a rock. 5/10.



A new ‘merman’ character based off the Feather Star~! I think I’m going to name him Vahruin. I hope you like him~! He took a brutal ten hours to draw~.


Sorry for the delay! This comic got wayyyy too long again, haha! But we got to see more people as fish mermaids, and maybe a lil backstory? C: Thanks for reading!

myhusbandmothman  asked:

for mermay, maybe a mermaid based off of an angler fish? i love the way you do colors btw <3

thanks very much : ] have a fanfin angler merm

Fantasy Asks

Fairy- What is something that you get excited about? 

Mermaid- What are you looking forward to? 

Elf- What are you proud of? 

Dragon- Sexuality? 

Griffin- Gender? 

Unicorn- Who do you look up to? 

Spirit- Have you ever been in love? 

Ghost- Favorite song? 

Poltergeist- Favorite song lyric? 

Ghoul- Who is someone that makes you laugh easily/who’s company you enjoy most of, if not all of, the time? 

Goblin- What makes you happy?  

Dwarf- Favorite tv show? 

Vampire- Are you currently reading any books? If so, what book(s)?

Werewolf- Who is your family? Who do you live with?  

Siren- Favorite color? 

Hobgoblin- Do you like anyone? 

Wraith- Any scars? 

Specter- Have you ever been in love? 

Chimera- Will you/do you want to get married? 

Changeling- Do you want children? 

Oracle- Do you like children? 

King- Describe your ideal day. 

Queen- Age? 

Princess- What is your relationship with your parents like? 

Prince- Birthday? 

Necromancer- If you could spend a week with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? 

Castle- What is something that not a lot of people know about you? 

Tower- What is (at least one thing) something that you’re afraid of? 

Magic- Describe your crush without saying their name. 

Enchanted Forest- Height? 

Magic Healer- Any pets? If so, what are they? 

Potions- Relationship status? 

Potion Making- Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? 

Divination- What do you think about yourself? 

Visions- Do you miss anyone? 

Curses- How do you show affection? 

Charms- Are you religious? 

Hexes- What’s your favorite smell? 

Jinxes- If you could be anywhere, where would you want to be? 

Whatever made you think

That nymphs shave their legs?

That they felt shamed by their textures

That they were bothered by their womanhood

That they didnt wear their hair

the way they wore fuzzy thistles on their brow

And round their necks.

Whatever made you think

That mermaids sharpened shells

To shelp off the soft thin kelp

Beneath their arms?

That they would want to be smooth

And innocent looking

As a little girl.

They arent intimidated by extentions

Of their grace.

Whatever made you think

That a goddess would be bothered

By a soft garden between her legs?

Morrigan must revel in it

A show of power

That she is a woman

Her legs a fertile plain.

She does not ignore her animosity

She wear it upon her thighs.

Aphrodite knows that her beauty

Has never been impeded

by fruitful womans body

She wouldnt carve away anything that is hers

Just as she would never wash away the seafoam

From which she was born.

Freya understands

That with blood, and hair, and fertility

Comes wisdom

She does not regret her age

Or yearn for the nakedness of childhood

Her place is among valkeries.

Amoung the raw and the wild.

Even though she wears hair upon her legs

As she does feathers upon her back,

They are lusted after and admired

They are holy and glowing

They are blessed and flowing

Even though they have legs like a doe.

I am an animal, along side any rabbit or elk

I am soft and lush

I am holy and glowing

I have earned this badge of womanhood

Along side my mermaid eyes

and nymphish hands

My aura is as bright as theirs.