“one direction still isnt a real band”

well i guess ur not a real person….wait….where did u go….did u guys see that one punkass kid he just disappeared

tbh right now my hands are really tired from typing all these urls bUT I DONT REGRET IT AT ALL!! This list looks huge but i’m really surprised because now that I look at it we have talked at one point and the fact that i actually did talk to all of you (or admired u big time from a distance) is just mind blowing!! You’re all (and by all i mean this list and basically eVERYONE I follow and everyone that follows me) really special to me and I would honestly not even hesitate to sell one of my organs to the black market to pay for your college tuition. I hit 2k last weekend and it’s just fascinating to think of having 2k people have me on their dash (you all probably gag when you see me tbh) so thNAK YOU THANK YOU anD THANK for just existing i hope u marry a band member or magically get rich idkdkd (if you’re bolded it means you’ve suffered with me for too long bless u  x2)  – meryl (this is dedicated 2 ezra koenerd and ni-illegal horan)(i didnt say that sorry)

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