Bow chikka bow bow.

Poked at the shape a bit more. Muzzle is still annoying me! And now he looks a bit too lean I think?

Also a veeeery basic beginnings of the first coat. Think there’s going to be 5 or 6 or something? I remember black and white but not the other ones I was supposed to do >.> Yay for being organised.

Any way, if you want to be super special awesome and impart your GSD critique onto me, this is a wee form thing with the different points you can advise about. I’ve tagged the darlings who have been helping me so far but anyone is welcome to give an opinion, as much or as little as you like <3

  1. Muzzle - width, length, taper/angle, curve of bridge, flew length, nose
  2. Head - general shape/width/length, curve of skull, cheeks, eye shape and position
  3. Body - neck, back length, depth of chest, stomach and tuck up, tail thickness and length
  4. Legs - length and thickness - ETA please excuse the ugly skinny tail it’s so baaaaad xD

And any other wisdom you’d like to share xx

merlynanne replied to your photoset

Can I ask which skin you use on your vampire? All my vampires turn out a terrible grey/green that I can’t seem to get rid of

I’m using my latest skinblend Cloud Parade in non-default. I think I’m using the tone slider with pink undertones in it.

The skin has a lot of color naturally so it’s fairly good for Vamps, but I would avoid using a very dark skintone on them, otherwise it will be that ash gray color.