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i’m half asleep, so these will be kept relatively short. there’s three of you i need to address here. 

one: @lanselots / @mcckings : because without her, this blog would not have existed, and i would not have made merloin. always kind, always willing to allow me to hurt her with feelings and questions, and now in that small circle of friends that has been introduced to KRUMPRATS AND DEEJAY KHAAALEEED. THE BEEESSTTT R&B SONG ON THE RADIO. honestly, a blessing. 

two: @desealladh : because you’re someone i will always write with, and our friendship goes beyond that and i’m keen for when you visit because it’s going to be a mcfuckin’ riot. glad i dragged you onto a muse you thoroughly enjoy writing and hurting people with bc ur a diq. 

three: @quarterofamaster : deserves nothing more than the best. one of the best writers i’ve ever met on here and part of, like becs, the original crew. will follow everywhere and anywhere and would fight a bear for you. fucking amazing q i can hear him when you write and you write me a great many things to stab me, so thank you. i’m glad i twisted your arm to write q when you said you wanted to. you’re welcome. 

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to that anon, polandbananas basically said that their relationship was rushed on the show and didn't feel natural and that Magnus was too pushy and the kiss scene had no emotional buildup, which I disagree with. Not to mention she can't fuckin pronounce things is this big tmi expert? Like she says "parabatee" instead of parabatai and called Melliorn "merloin?" How can I take her input seriously with that shit happening. *shrugs*

Yeah I actually watched it now because I was curious. I’m honestly amazed by how she does not understand the characters at all. Like I literally sat there through the whole video thinking “you’re wrong, you’re so wrong”. Why does she even keep watching the show and making those videos if she hates it so much ffs, just leave the fandom alone. I think it’s the best to just stop watching her videos and giving her views.