so there was this sick rat and her owner was taking commissions so she could get medicine and i wanted to help and so i thought “who else loves rats” and so basically


you’ve been rattificated

I can tell when Merlin just reblogs the tags on a post rather than adding them himself.

I really can’t imagine him ever going “omfg” or “precious babies”

Just, if you know him, imagine that now.

Try not to giggle.

look at all these perfect angels (and josh):

  • fromthenotebook - brooke is just plain amazing. one of the most beautiful and nicest people ever.
  • alxqnn - quinn’s a gorgeous babe and also a really really good friend.
  • merlinthegrey - merlin is utterly lovely, well-dressed and well-spoken. also handsome. sidenote there.
  • diaxiann - indi is awesome! he’s funny and attractive and often way too down on himself.
  • integratedserket - eli is a really nice person! she’s currently dating someone and it’s the CUTEST THING EVER.
  • broniwolf - james is hella rad. pretty eyes and boss hair.
  • shakuzen - caitlin is a person i don’t actually talk to, but they are very attractive, hence making the crush list.
  • joshishollywood - i don’t actually know this josh, but he seems nice enough! 
  • cheapenglish - josh, my best friend. he’s actually a wonderful person, once you get past the crust of offensive and surreal.

some ego boosts, i hope.

ily all~