7 have visited the lake

The small noise made almost echo-y by the water caught Freya’s attention, and she poked her head out from behind a log on the far bank. Someone had decided to visit the water today! Trying to be as quiet as possible, she waded a tiny bit closer. All at once her foot slipped on a submerged, muddy stick and a splash rang out.


Guinevere had helped her choose the dress and it certainly did the job; all eyes were on her as she stepped inside the hall for the banquet. Although she did not agree with the reasoning for the celebration, she could never deny a chance to dress up. And for a moment, she locked eyes with the Prince of Camelot, chuckling lightly to herself as she saw the awestruck look in his eyes. She had certainly won this round and it was all thanks to Gwen. 

After having walked around and made idle small talk with the grand and noble of Camelot, she made her way over to the new addition to it. Merlin, he was called. She had not yet had the chance to speak with him yet but she thought that it was time for a chance as she stepped towards him, extending a hand. 

“I thought I would introduce myself. I am the Lady Morgana le Fey."