TITLE: It’s All in Your Head


AUTHOR: Elly-hiddlesherloki

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine having a chronic “invisible” illness. You are used to everyone doubting what you are going through but one day you meet Loki. He holds you tight as he whispers his understanding. He is able to sense your pain and knows it’s real.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Very minor cursing.

I hope it’s ok, please don’t judge me for this, we all have to cope in our own ways, and if it helps anyone else, that would be great.

— —

"Sorry ma’am," the short man in his long white coat said, your doctor who you had been seeing for years now. He flipped through the clipboard he was holding, "Everything came back negative." He sighed and sat down opposite you, "Look, I hate to say this," his tone was placating but to the point that it seemed condescending, "I think it might just be in your head."

You felt your throat tighten and wanted to cry. You had been preparing yourself for this since the last-how many was it now? you lost track- each doctor you saw said the same thing.

Psychological, it’s all in your head.

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Ela trouxe palavras bonitas e alguns cigarros. Trouxe também aquele sorriso de canto e contou algumas histórias engraçadas. Rimos tanto, tanto, tanto, entretanto ela pediu que eu esboçasse um gesto de entendimento: eu não conseguia entender uma palavra sequer. Ela apagou seu último cigarro com naturalidade de quem está acostumada a enterrar os primeiros amores. Rasgou meus contos ainda não escritos e escreveu no espelho, com delicadeza de uma mão trêmula, eu te amo tanto que prefiro não te estragar. Adeus. Depois de rir e vir tantas vezes pelo meu mundo, desapareceu levando os silêncios, as cinzas, os contos e esse coração aprendiz que, de tanto esperar, desaprendeu a ter paciência.
—  Eu me chamo Antônio.

TITLE: In The Name of Your Father


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is training recruits for a war that Asgard is in. Every house has to send one man to fight in the army, but your father is too old/ill to go, so you disguise yourself as a man to save him from certain death. Basically something resembling the Disney Movie of Mulan.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: I am not going to make Eleonora completely incompetent to begin with as Mulan was, but I am going to have her as smart and able minded as her.

Standing in a sea of men, you had somehow managed to convince the registrar you were male, and that had to mean the disguise was some bit convincing surely. Each man was given some basic plain armouring and thankfully you did not have to remove the tunic to put it on. Many men decided to forego their tunics and it took all your power not to blush as more than a few walked by, as naked as a newborn. It was not how you wished to finally see what lay within a man’s undergarments, and after that experience, you doubted you would ever want to again.

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