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Any tips on remembering the members? I have always loved ikon but i fail at keeping up with their names... <3

the best advice i could give you is to watch mix and match or win or any shows they were in! that’s the easiest way to learn their names because you also get to know their personalities and such c: 

but here’s a little help for you:


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  • leader, rapper
  • alway takes care of the members
  • has that cute dumb smile
  • meme king
  • composes all their songs and choreographs their dances 
  • animal lover 
  • amazing body (google hanbin shirtless if you wanna die) 
  • has tattoos 


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  • 99,9 % of the time he has those weird hairstyles (but still looks freaking hot)
  • A+ rap aka earporn 
  • when he laughs you can barely see his eyes anymore which is absolutely adorable 
  • that jawline thooooo
  • 100 % swag on stage 
  • 100 % dumb off stage (in a cute way) 
  • also tattoos although you can’t spot them that easily
  • also body goals (google will be your bestfriend) 


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  • smol
  • smol
  • s m o l
  • literally the definition of smol 
  • but don’t get tricked by his outer appearance 
  • fake maknae although he’s the oldest
  • cries sometimes but because he’s so soft 
  • stage presence is A+ aka he will blow your mind 


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  • always gets teased by the members
  • meme king 2.0 
  • makes lame jokes 24/7
  • is a grandpa
  • but still freaking damn handsome (lowkey sugar daddy)
  • 100 % trash for him
  • watch out he will easily crawl up your bias list 
  • nivea model (always advertises lipbalm)
  • 100 % husband material 
  • 10/10 would bang marry 
  • i’m not biased 


Originally posted by ikonis

  • resting bitch face but is a lost puppy who needs protection 
  • you won’t forget his face believe me
  • he’s that handsome dude who is dumb and cute and looks like he could kill you sometimes but really he’s just dumb and cute and lost 
  • 99,9 % loves himself 
  • other 0,1 % love for Jinhwan 
  • awkward
  • especially with bobby but in reality he just really loves him


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  • 10000000 % angel
  • pure
  • heavenly voice
  • sexy dancer 
  • aka you will die 
  • so freaking soft and hot at the same time you will be so confused 
  • his smile will make you melt 


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  • evil maknae
  • but still handsome as f- hell
  • don’t get tricked he can be really evil esp to his hyungs
  • monster twin of yunhyeong
  • plays a lot of video games

i hope this could be a small help :-D 

- moyo

The stages of biasing.

1. Denial: you’re probably thinking “Hey, he’s pretty cool but I dunno if he’s bias material”

2. Bargaining: this is when you’ve realized you’ve fallen for your type again. “Dammit I did not need another adorable leader. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE LEADER.”

3. Acceptance honeymoon: that perfect stage where you’re 100% happy and every day is a new discovery. “He likes puppies!?! I LOVE PUPPIES WE ARE SOULMATES.”

4. The first bias crisis: generally this is with the release of a new music video or photoshoot. Suddenly you’re looking at another member going “Was he always hot? I mean. I don’t like him like that I have a bias but was he always this hot!?!”

5. Aggressive denial: when you go back through old music videos and suddenly that other member is all you can see. “HOLY SHIT ARE YOU HERE!? AGAIN!? WE’RE GUNNA BE LIKE THIS!?! NO!”

6. Acceptance crisis: When you start getting tagged in posts about that other member you realize you’ve shown a little bit too much of what’s going on in your heart. “I mean. It’s fine. It’s not like he’s my bias he’s just hot. Whatever.”

7. Zen state: it’s totally okay to have a bias wrecker, right? I mean how can you not? You realize you have two types maybe. “Who can resist him I mean have you heard him sing? Perfection. He’s my bias’s bias.”

8. Secondary crisis: when you’ve finally accepted you have a big heart and room for two but then a CF comes out and you get those cold sweats like for another member. “Shit. Shit he’s really hot. Okay wait. Shit.”

9. Aggressive bargaining: you can do this right? You’ll just accept a double bias with a new bias wrecker. “They’re a two for one anyway. It doesn’t count when they’re married.”

10. Mass chaos: when you kind of feel like a juggler at the circus with the way you’re tossing around bias feels. Every new update is panic inducing. “THEY’RE ALL SO HOT WHY!?! HOW!?!! I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS!?”

11. Final acceptance. When you can’t see a world where you don’t love all of those kids with all of your heart and soul.


Imagine coming home with Loki after a party. You’re drunk, tired, and just want to go to sleep. You’re going to throw yourself onto the bed when you’re stopped by Loki, who makes you sit down instead. Carefully, he changes you into your nightwear, takes off your makeup, and brushes your hair - all while listening to your sleepy rambles and complaints. Finally getting you both in bed, he kisses your forehead as you snuggle next to him. However, before falling asleep you mutter, for the first time, that you love him.