merlin: series 5


MerlinMemoryMonth - day 13: path I (a character you didn’t expect to like that much)

“It has been a privilege to have known you, young warlock. The story we have been a part of, will live long in the minds of men”

The final episode in my opinion was the right way to end the show. It was emotional and heartbreaking and also gave a lot of us hope for another series in the distant future (however harassing them about making another series is wrong.) Despite this I can’t help wonder about how Gaius lived out his last days and how Gwen’s ruling as queen and the freedom to use magic affected him. Also how Merlin reacted when he died. Am I the only one?

Actual Merlin Dialogue
  • ARTHUR: "Sometimes I forget how beautiful Camelot is, but never how beautiful my queen is."
  • GWEN: *smiles at Arthur*
  • MERLIN: *snorts at the cheesy compliment*
  • ARTHUR: "Was that you Merlin?"
  • MERLIN: "It was the horse."
  • ARTHUR: "Because if you were mocking the king..."
  • MERLIN: "I wasn't. I wouldn't."
  • ARTHUR: "There is a special punishment reserved for such impudence."
  • MERLIN: *stares breathlessly as Arthur advances*
  • ARTHUR: *escalates staring to eye sex levels*
  • MERLIN: *sways forward*
  • ARTHUR: *catches him and starts snogging him*
  • GWEN: *pulls up a chair and sits down with popcorn to watch*
A lot of people are saying Mergana has sunk, that it is gone. But it's not. Not while we keep shipping. Not while we keep writing, vidding, and gifing everything to hell. Because you know what, even after everything, I still ship it. I will always ship it. And I really hope I'm not alone. Mergana only dies if we let it, and I won't. I hope you don't too.