merlin: gag reel


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The only reason why there’s no Season 1 is, they don’t have the gag reel for that season. Also, there are subtitles in Season 2 because I suck and couldn’t get rid off it for some unknown reasons. So I probably won’t be able to make good looking gifs for Season 2. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the gag reel.


Misha failing at throwing a paper airplane at Jared and Jensen

The cockles bloopers that didn't make it~

We all know that what gets in the gag reels is approved by the actors. They get a say on what bloopers get included. If that’s the case, we just get a tiny taste of all the cockles that goes on in the recording of the episodes. So, I am just going to fantasize and cry a bit for all the cockles that has been left out since Misha started on the show.