What if...

Remember when in Season 1, Merlin revealed himself in order to save Gwen? When he said he was the sorcerer and all? Arthur was like “What do you mean you funny idiot” just so Merlin wouldn’t get arrested. BUT what if he actually realized in that moment that Merlin wasn’t joking around? And what if, in season 5 when Merlin tells Arthur about his magic, instead of the storyline we got in the show, Arthur would’ve said “I knew all along..” you know like Laurent in Captive Prince? He’d known the WHOLE TIME. 

I think about this and I just feel my heart breaking even more for these two idiots.. 

It’s December 24th. Christmas Eve.

Five years ago on this date, Diamond of the Day part II, the final episode of Merlin, came out. In it many beloved characters died. Though the most tragic part of this episode was when Arthur died in Merlin’s arms. Merlin looked like he lost his whole world. Then we are shown Merlin, looking old, walking down a street in modern day in the same place Arthur died. He waited centuries alone for him.

And so today the Merlin fandom weeps while everyone else is being festive and happy.