Sin of Gluttony

People say that I’m a monster and that one touch from me will corrupt a pure heart for the rest of their lives, but I swear that’s not the case. I was born with the gift of magic, and I protect it with my life because my magic is pure. I use it in the purest way possible: protecting others. I don’t care if it’s outlawed because, if I can’t use my magic, what have I got? It’s the only thing that’s unique about me, and I would never wish for anything else. So, I go about my days, saving others and running away. All I ask in return is that, someday, people will see my gifts the way I do so that I can be accepted rather than hunted.


Can I just say how much I love Sofia’s motherly and patient personality here? (Cedric has shown such patience too!) I thought it was so sweet how Sofia gently stroked Calista’s hair, saying that she would keep an eye on her, to calm Cedric’s worries about bringing her along to Merlin’s! I also really liked the look of Merlin’s awesome castle!