imagine merlin and arthur disgustingly in love. like, critical mass levels of schmoop. appalling levels of affection in the way arthur will move to cuff merlin across the head but end up stroking his hand through merlin’s hair. or that twinkle of amusement in merlin’s eyes and the utter fondness for this fuckin’ twit. 

merlin falling into arthur’s lap and arthur wrapping his arms around merlin’s waist with a quirked brow and just, smirking up at merlin and oh god the two of them brushing their noses against each other 

or merlin wrapping his arms around arthur’s waist from behind and tilting his head on arthur’s shoulder and idk just quipping about the one/two inches he has on arthur and then arthur pulling him into a headlock and ruffling/noogieing merlin and then

laughing and oh gosh arthur finding merlin to be the dopiest looking person when he laughs with his eyes going all crinkly and arthur loving it and then they’re kissing and i’m crying


reincarnation!au movie trailer:

merlin writes letters to his deceased mother as he struggles to cope with reoccurring dreams of a life that isn’t his own. as days pass, he grows more and more frustrated, and his letters make less and less sense.

i fuckin’ hate the quality of my files lmao. this isn’t my best, but hey, i finished it. i’m good with that. i couldn’t come up with a witty hashtag like they do for movies so fuck it. i’m washing my hands of this project.

Every time!
  • Me after latest episode of Doctor Who:Well, that is it till Christmas. Gah! I am just full of so many feels. I need something to get my mind off of all these feels. (When, quite suddenly, a wild Sherlock appears on Tumblr.) So, I think 'What is all the fuss, seems pretty cool. It will at least get my mind off of all these feels.'
  • Me after latest episode of Sherlock:Well, WHAT THE HELL-ITY-HELL?!!! Seriously! More feels abound!!! Getting a bit angry with Moffat at this point. The brilliant trickster. So, suddenly my friend calls me. She says she is watching Supernatural and that I would just LOVE it. So, I think well if it will take away these Sherlock/Doctor Who feels.
  • Me after Supernatural:WELL, BLOODY HELL!!! Same friend now shows me Merlin "That'll surely be better."
  • Me after Merlin:Are you bloody kidding me?!
  • Me after Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural/Merlin:Well, I am just going to go cry in a corner and blog on Tumblr, ok?

So sorcery in Merlin is a metaphor for sexuality? The king doesn’t allow it and bans it because HE believes it’s wrong. Everyone automatically calls it a crime.

But then Merlin’s words: “I was born with it.”

It’s not something they control, it’s who they are. And they have to hide it and be ashamed because the mighty king claims it’s wrong.

what the hell is happening



WHY…? Did one knight sleep in? Are they going to dramatically burst through the doors? Is it Gwaine? Is he hungover? Is he hungover AND going to dramatically burst through the doors? I keep wanting to say Lancelot but they’re not… bringing my baby back…. are they…? Maybe this has something to do with Percival being all shirtless and angry and shirtless and attacking something in that one scene from the trailer.

Perhaps there’s a veritable plot-arch for this clip?

Or maybe they just wanted a shirtless Tom Hopper in their trailer. 

That’s mostly why I put that screenshot there, because this post needed a shirtless Tom Hopper.


But I wonder if when Gaius dies - will Merlin take his spot? I’d love a scene has Merlin sitting next to Arthur again. Just ‘cause. I mean, it happened in 3x13??? That’d be pretty cool I guess– IT’D BE THE BEST THING EVER. I DON’T WANT GAIUS TO DIE BUT GOD MERLIN IS HIS RIGHT HAND MAN JESUS.

Really though, in 3x13 Gaius is sitting in the spot to the right of Gwen, where the empty chair in the above clip is from?! And Merlin is where Gaius is?

Seriously guys, stop playing fucking musical chairs. You’re adults, for fuck’s sakes. 

I’m also trying to figure out who the hell is between Leon and Gaius? Like… Leon is officially Arthur’s second in command/his oldest knight or w/e, and I’m not sure if this is some new character or if Leon was late and the knights all played musical chairs and this bitch stole his seat or if the directors/whoever stopped giving fucks????

And I want to say the guy next to Elyan is Gwaine because it looks like he’s slouching but I honestly don’t even know??? It’s most likely not. Idk.


lol new ship