Arthur Returns

Merlin first noticed something off with his magic while in South Korea. He didn’t think much of it though, he was touring a temple by the ocean at the time and chalked the ripple-like sensation to the local magic in the area—it hadn’t been the first time.

A few weeks later he was in Germany, giving a guest lecture on medicine in medieval Europe, when he was suddenly beset with the overwhelming urge to go home. He tried to push the sensation down, but the longer he ignored it the more he was filled with the sensation that something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

He needed to go home now.

Merlin’s magic hadn’t asserted its will this strongly in over 50 years, and he had learned the hard way that it wasn’t wise to ignore it’s warnings.

Resigned, Merlin asked his assistant to cancel the rest of his lectures on the continent, and made the necessary travel arrangements.

Two days later he opened the door to his private residence on the shores of Lake Avalon.

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Some shots of the beauty that is Igraine. God, I wish it was her that lived instead of Uther. 

oo, now Im thinking of an AU where Igraine does live, there’s no ban on magic. Merlin, Arthur and co. meet each other and are knighted yadyada, but all the while Uther plagues Camelot as some poltergeist that just wont die. 

(I sure love me my ghost stories)

Arthur’s Bedroom in Season 1

I can’t believe how inconsistent it was??

Episode 2

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 11

Episode 12

Like??? Arthur really had people come in and move his bed and table around depending on his mood.

picture this:

the year is 2045. you’re flipping through a celebrity magazine. it’s filled with new, unfamiliar celebrities. then you see misha collins’ kids. they’re angelic. you see benedict cumberbatch’s kids. they’re beautiful. you see colin morgan, jensen ackles, martin freeman, tom hiddleston, katie mcgrath. their hair is streaked with white. tears are falling from your face. all of their kids -the new generation of celebrities- are flawless and perfect. with a shaky hand, you turn the page again. it shows thomas brodie-sangster and anne hathaway. your eyes widen. their faces have not changed.