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I got asked a few times to open up a shop and long story short… I finally did :D
I put the first motives there and I hope everything is working. If I forgot something or you got any questions, just send me a message :) and of course, thank you for all your support, my friends and followers ♥

Where the Once and Future King keeps buying Merlin ugly dragon themed things to celebrate his Dragonlord heritage.

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Merthur Ficrecs

Since I’ve been binge reading Merthur fics recently (yes, that’s a thing), I thought I’d share some of my favorites! As always, please send any of your recs my way if you have favorites of your own!

I also have a list of Johnlock ficrecs and Spirk ficrecs. Click the links to enjoy!

It’s Nice to Finally Tweet You (T | 15432 words by Pendragons Dragonlord (PseudoAuthor) ) - Soulmate au featuring soulmarks with a twist… Arthur is famous and a picture of his soulmark gets published on the internet… and you can guess what happens next.

True Love (T | 6927 words by platonic_boner) - AU where soulmates can’t lie to each other. How is Merlin supposed to hide his magic if he can’t lie to Arthur?

License to Thrill (T | 14174 words by lady_ragnell) - Merlin works at a sweet shop where Arthur is a frequent visitor… Merlin can’t figure out what he does for a living, but he can’t possibly be James Bond… right?

One-Across Four Letters Starts With ‘L’ (T | 6911 words by Emjayelle) - Coffee shop AU! Merlin and Arthur bond over coffee and crosswords. Too cute for words!

Something Yellow This Time (G | 3802 words by giselleslash) - Merlin owns a flower shop and Arthur seems to be needing too many apology flowers for his own good. 

All is Semblative (G | 10608 words by Whitefox) - Cinderella-type story full of cuteness.

Awake (E | 50711 words by Cori Lannam (corilannam), phoenixacid) - fix-it fic where Arthur wakes once each year on the same day. This fic is hauntingly beautiful… you’ll cry lots, but it’ll be worth it.

From The Heart (G | 8068 words by supercalvin) - office-setting modern fic in which Arthur gives Merlin presents.

Dying to Return (T | 19869 words by StormDancer) - one of my favorites - Merlin comes back to Camelot in disguise, hoping to convince Arthur that magic is good on its own merits.

The Space Between (T | 3403 words by StormDancer) - Supercute fluffy fic in which Arthur is trapped in an elevator with Merlin.

Sick Leave (G | 1026 words by waldorph) - Arthur takes care of a sick Merlin.


It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.

Merlin Coffee Shop AU

This fit best in a list of hcs so…

-It’s Uther’s coffee place, but he’s literally never there
-he still manages to be the worst boss ever, sometimes it takes weeks past to get his employees their paychecks
-Gwen works in the back and makes pastries
-Merlin works at the counter with Gwaine and Lancelot; Merlin and Gwen basically run the place since Uther’s always gone
-He’s got a fantastic knowledge of all the drinks (Gaius taught him) but Gwaine is the real master of the drinks
-Lancelot is the steadfast and reliable barista, also the only one who can actually get customers’ names right on the cups
-Seriously, first time Gwaine served Percival, he wrote Pierce the Veil on his cup
-That’s how he became friends with Percival
-Uther hired Arthur because, well, he’s his son
-Arthur is TERRIBLE at being a barista.
Merlin tries to teach him basics but he’s literally awful
-But Uther is taking this job as a character building thing and Arthur is really nervous about needing to please his dad
-So he, Gwaine, and Lancelot trail around him all the time, fixing his mistakes and cleaning up his messes
-Merlin even gets some of his friends to come in and give Arthur gushing reviews
-He ends up being really great with the customers because all he does is talk when he’s making their drinks
-Merlin likes the way Arthur can go from charming hot barista to blushing clumsy mess in two seconds flat
-Arthur likes the way Merlin teases him constantly for his mess ups but still moves hell and high water to make sure Uther never finds out about them
-Arthur asks Merlin out via coffee cup, but Merlin doesn’t even pay attention to what Arthur’s calling out to the rest of the shop until Gwaine hits him
-Merlin blushes profusely and takes the drink with a nod
-“You put way too much milk in this, clotpole.”

Time To Rec It Tuesday - 6/13/2017

So, here’s this week’s list. I compiled it over the past few weeks, putting in the ones that touched a place in my heart, and all of them are completed. Admittedly it is severely lacking in Dramione again, mainly because my head has been so buried in Merthur that I simply haven’t had time for anything else. I plan to remedy that soon. Anyways, hope someone enjoys!


1. The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes by stakeaclaim 

In which Arthur is out of sorts. His manservant leaves a lot to be desired, Morgana is scary, Merlin’s ‘luck’ is becoming too noticeable, his knights need to learn some lessons, and they’re beginning to act very strangely. Arthur blames Merlin. COMPLETE

2. For the good of the kingdom by magog_83

Merlin returns from his sojourn with the druids in the company of a man who is criminally handsome. Arthur reacts in the mature and reasonable fashion you would expect.

3.  a pendragon’s heart (is forever) [the five flashbacks remix] by eyesofapanda

A decade after Arthur hires Merlin as his personal assistant, a trip to the hospital forces Uther to look back thirty-five years, to when his son was born and his wife lost forever, in order to understand that the way his son feels is the same as his very own.

4. Knights of the Air by riventhorn

It is the summer of 1940, and the Battle of Britain rages in the skies. As the Luftwaffe sends hundreds of bombers and fighters to prepare the way for an invasion, it is up to the pilots of the RAF to stop them.

5. Missing by JessicaMDawn

When Arthur is fatally wounded, Merlin makes a deal with a powerful sorceress: Arthur’s life in exchange for everyone’s memories of Merlin.

6. Spartacus and the Open Taxi Door by fuzzytomato

Merlin works in a coffee shop, is a literature student, lives with Will, flirts with Gwaine, is friends with Gwen and has a stunningly normal life. Until Arthur walks in and changes everything. written for Sabriel75 for the Merlin Holidays fest.

7. Rainbow Cake by kathkin

In which Arthur comes out the closet, eats a lot of rainbow-coloured food, and really wants to kiss Merlin.

8. The Course of True Love by Shinybug

Breaking the love spell didn’t go quite according to plan. (Alternate version of 2x10 Sweet Dreams.)

9. Destiny Deferred by scatterglory

And Merlin can’t deal with this yet, knows he should summon up the ability to rage at Arthur, to tell him that he should have said that all those years ago, that it’s Arthur’s fault that they’re broken because he turned out just like his father …

But he can’t, because it’s not, because he didn’t. Because Merlin made a choice, and Arthur made a choice, and they’ve both carried the consequences with them for far too long.

Spoilers through Episode 4.04. Character death, some canon and some not (but not the boys).

10. Undeserved Affections

An AU ending to 4x11 where Arthur marries Mithian.

11. Something Yellow This Time by giselleslash

Merlin owns a flower shop. Arthur is a frequent customer with a tragic love life.

12. Sunset-kisses and Flower Meadows by Emjayelle

After what he is sure is the worst work day of his life, Arthur is only made to feel better by the really gorgeous guy sitting in front of him on the train. But then he doesn’t ask for his number because he’s an idiot. And then he has the bad idea of getting drunk with Morgana. And then she, of course, has to put the whole thing in the missed connections section on craigslist. And really, how well is that suppose to go?

13. Caught Out by vix_spes

Merlin thought that he’d been so careful and then Leon shattered his illusion…

14. Suspension by firetalks

Merlin is a semi-successful writer of gay romance novels. Arthur is his long suffering flat mate. Merlin asks him for a little help, when he’s not sure whether the sex scene he just finished is actually, physically possible.

15. It’s in the Stars! by dawnstruck

In which Merlin spills coffee, saves Arthur’s life and reads his daily horoscope.


1. An Unexpected Engagement by DragonsAndOtters

Their friends have to convince them to even speak after the War, but once Harry and Draco get into the same room, sparks will fly.


1. Rebuilding by @colubrina

Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts to help rebuild the shattered castle the summer after the war. She and the other summer resident - and eventually their friends - have to come to terms with how the war broke more than just the walls of the building. Follows multiple Hogwarts students through '8th year’ and one additional year of early adulthood. COMPLETE.

anonymous asked:

Hey, first of all I would like to say I LOVE the work you do on this blog, you're amazing! Second, I was wondering if you knew about this one fic. It's modern AU, and Uther starts getting 'gay advice' from Merlin after Arthur comes out, and eventually tries to play matchmaker for them. I was pretty sure it was a pretty popular one on the first few pages when you organize by kudos, and now I'm worried it might have been deleted since I kind find it :c

It used to be locked on AO3, but the author seems to have deleted their account and their fics. But luckily it’s still on kinkmeme. This fic always makes me laugh because its so absurd. My favorite line is when Uther writes: “Congratulations on your homosexuality. I am proud of you.

For Your Information by anon

Word Count: 9,846 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: Merlin sighs. “After your…announcement,” he explains, “your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I’m sort of like his gay tutor, it’s hard to explain.”

Coffee Shop AU

Tucked away down a little side street of London, Camelot, a small independent coffee shop, is young owner Merlin Emrys’ entire life. He loves the smell of coffee, the ancient books that line the walls and most of all, the friendly customers that frequent his little shop. There is one customer that Merlin enjoys the company of most of all: Arthur Pendragon, the wealthy son of a prominent politician. He wanders in at lunch every day and orders a latte, before sitting by the counter and chatting to Merlin for the next hour.

When the bills pile up and customers begin to dwindle, Merlin begins to fear that he may have to shut his beloved café down and forfeit his life’s work to the repo man. After Arthur overhears Merlin discussing it with one of the baristas, he realises he doesn’t want to see Merlin lose everything he’s worked for, nor does he want to lose touch with him and so, comes up with a business proposal that manages to save the day.

As a thank you, Merlin takes Arthur out for a drink and they soon learn that they have a lot more than Camelot in common and after a drunken kiss, the stars align above them as they realise that this was always their destiny.

✿ When Merlin opened his flower shop “Emrys’ Flowers”, he didn’t really pay attention to his neighbors, Camelot Tattoo, but Arthur, the main artist there, couldn’t help but notice the cute florist next door…  ✿

On society6

Well this was supposed to be a doodle but it turned into something huge ahah. Give me tattoo artist/florist AU for all my OTP It’s alWAYS PERFECT ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ 

           "Whisper a dangerous secret to someone you care about.
             Now they have the power to destroy you, but they won’t.
                                       This is what love is.“
 - Welcome to Night Vale

anonymous asked:

Hello, can you please do number #2 for Drarry? I was thinking what if in HBP Draco didn't go to jinx/attack in the bathroom Harry but instead turned around and said 'Why do you keep doing this to me?'. Then maybe he just starts telling Harry how much he loves him (and he can't help himself anymore, he starts crying about it), but also how much Harry aggravates him and basically how he has felt since year 1. Sorry that this request is long!

Omg yes I love this

Harry looked down at the Marauder’s Map and saw Draco’s dot heading into a bathroom. He quickly stopped what he was doing to follow him.

Harry opened the bathroom door just a crack and looked in. Draco was standing in front of a mirror, hands grasping the sink, tie loose around his neck, looking nothing like himself.

Harry walked into the bathroom, and Draco saw his reflection in the mirror. He whipped around, wand in his hand, and Harry did nothing to try to defend himself. He stupidly left his wand up in his dorm. Harry just stood, waiting for the curse to hit him, but it never came. He watched as Draco slowly lowered his wand. 

Why do you keep doing this to me?” Draco asked quietly, his voice cracking at the end.

“Malfoy, what-”

“Why?!” He cut him off, shouting this time, as his tears started to fall. “First it was Chang, and now everyone is saying how you’re crazy about the Weaslette and…and it’s not fair! I love you way more than she ever will, so why should she be the one that gets to have you! And I loved you first! The moment I met you in that bloody robe shop, Merlin, I knew I was doomed. I was the first person from this stupid school that you ever met, and you wanted nothing to do with me! Do you have any idea how that made an 11 year old me, with a huge crush on you, feel? I was heartbroken when you wouldn’t shake my hand in first year! You would always parade around with your stupid friends without a care in the world about me or how I was doing or anything! And I had to sit and watch you, wondering what it would be like to just be friends with Harry bloody Potter, and wishing that he would feel the same way about me as I did about him. God, you bothered me so much! All these years, we’ve never had just a normal conversation. I’d have to start a fight with you just to get you to talk to me! You always thought I hated you, but that’s not true. I just wanted you to notice me. I at least wanted you to know that I was there, that I still existed despite your efforts to ignore me, if I couldn’t have what I actually wanted. Because that was all I really wanted: you. Just Harry. Not the bloody Chosen One or the Boy Who Lived. I just wanted you. And I still do. But you don’t want me. And honestly, I don’t even care anymore if the Dark Lord kills me, because at least it will put me out of my misery of…this.” Draco gestured between them to indicate what “this” meant.

He was sobbing by the end of his speech and Harry was at a loss for words.

Draco turned back around to face the sink as he tried to quiet his sobs.

“Draco…” Harry said as he carefully approached him.

“Go away, Potter. Just go back to the Weaslette and be happy and never think twice about me after he kills me.”

“He’s not going to kill you, Draco. I won’t let him, even if it’s the last thing I do.”

Draco shook his head, but refused to meet Harry’s eyes in the mirror.

“You won’t be able to stop him if he really wants to kill me,” he whispered, hardly audible.

Harry gently grabbed Draco’s arm and forced him around so he was facing him.

“In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve stopped him from killing me four times already, well three, actually, because it was really Dumbledore who did it at the Ministry, but that’s beside the point. I can assure you that he really wanted me dead all of those times, but I’m still here. And even if it was just because of some dumb luck, I’m counting on that luck. He’s not going to kill you, Draco. I promise.”

Draco just looked at Harry for a moment, eyes bloodshot and watery from crying.

“It doesn’t even matter. You’ll just save me and then go right back to the Weas-”

Harry cut Draco off by grabbing him around the waist and kissing him. A kiss full of 6 years worth of passion, anger, competition, and most importantly, love. Draco’s knees went weak at the kiss, and if it weren’t for Harry holding him around the waist, he would have fallen.

Harry pulled away and rested his forehead against Draco’s.

“God,” he whispered once he caught his breath. “Will you stop talking about Ginny?”


“Draco. I don’t love Ginny. I love you. How you’ve never noticed is beyond me. Hermione says I’m so obvious.” Harry chuckled.

Draco just gave him a small smile and let the last of his tears fall.

“Now,” Harry said, grabbing Draco’s hand. “How about we go talk to Dumbledore about this ridiculous task you’ve been assigned.”

Draco looked on edge about it. Harry brushed the hair out of his face and kissed him again, this time short but sweet.

“We’ll be able to keep you and your family safe, I promise.”

Draco reluctantly nodded his head and gripped Harry’s hand tighter before letting Harry lead him up to Dumbledore’s office.

Prompt: for the prompts? Idk why but I just thought “what would it harry and merlin be like shopping at tesco or going to harrod’s?” could be romantic merhart or just pals if you like?

Prompt fill by hartwinorlose!

“Put it back,” Merlin says without even turning around. He squints at the label of the jar he’s holding. Why the hell is fat-free peanut butter cheaper than regular? 

“Put what back?” Harry asks innocently. When Merlin glances up at him, he’s standing with his hands behind his back, smiling at Merlin benignly. 

Merlin swipes a jar of regular peanut butter off the shelf. “That package of Jaffa cakes I just saw you trying to sneak into the cart.” 

Harry presses a hand to his heart. “Me? Sneaking? An entirely unfounded accusation.” 

Merlin plucks the package out and shoves it unceremoniously at Harry. “Honestly, it’s like you forget I watch you for a living. I’d be a poor handler if I couldn’t notice you slipping something into my own shopping cart.”

Harry doesn’t let go of the box as they wander further down the aisle. “It’s just one box,” he mutters.

“It was your idea to decrease our sugar intake,” Merlin says. He blocks every further attempt to put the cakes back in the cart. 

Harry huffs. “Well, I’m changing my mind.”

“No, you’re not,” Merlin says flatly. “Now put them back.” 

Scowling, Harry shoves the box onto the closest shelf. He raises his hands in surrender when he notices Merlin’s glare. “What?” he asks. “I put them back.” 

Merlin continues glowering. “In the right place. These poor workers have enough to do without you messing things up,” he says. 

Harry concedes defeat. He disappears and returns with empty hands, Merlin is grateful to see. “You’re no fun to shop with, you know that, right?” Harry mutters. 

A smile plays over Merlin’s lips. “Whatever are you talking about?” He taps the lid of the peanut butter. “I’m spending an extra pound on peanut butter. Fucking fat-free.”