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I reblogged a post the other day about how roxy and Merlin never said a word to each other in the movie and I just realized that’s a lie????

Merlin is the one who conducts the final test with roxy. he hands her the gun and tells her to shoot the dog.

and it’s my headcanon that part of the reason roxy passes and eggsy doesn’t (aside from the fact that roxy is BA and eggsy couldn’t hurt a fly bc it’s an innocent animal) is because roxy actually trusts Merlin? and while eggsy doesn’t *distrust* Arthur like he does later, I don’t think there is the same level of trust there that there would have been had Harry been the one to hand eggsy the gun.


turns out I was wrong peeps. that’s not what the post says. sorry to anyone I may have misled and the original owner of the post!!

my headcanon still stands tho :)

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Omg I have a prompt and I don't know how to talk to like I saw this post that was about a puppy that followed it's owner around everywhere and cried when it couldn't see them, so they brought it into the shower and put it in the basket on the wall WHICH WAS ADORABLE so I thought what if Harry or Eggsy did that with their puppy and the other saw it and died of the cuteness... Or, what if Harry or Eggsy was the perving puppy. So two very different ideas and I can't handle it help

He was a dog. He, Harry Hart, was a dog. With four legs. And fur. Even though a few moments ago he had been a man. With two arms. And no fur.

What was his life? Harry trots down the halls of Kingsman, pondering this question, mind still capable of human thought while he body was trapped in such a small furry body. He hadn’t passed a mirror since he found himself on all fours, so he had no idea what animal he was truthfully, but he felt like a dog, and a bark came from his throat when he attempted to speak earlier. So, dog it was.

He probably should have been paying more attention to what was in Merlin’s lab. He knew the man liked to experiment with different chemicals and compounds, but he didn’t think Merlin would have left one of his concoctions by the coffee pot. Honestly, how was he supposed to know what liquid was coffee and what was apparently a dog potion?

Oh! Eggsy! Harry automatically began to pant happily as he caught a whiff of what he instinctively knew to be his protegee’s scent, picking up his pace to find the young man. Luckily, he didn’t have to go far, little legs traveling very slowly, when Eggsy walked out from a nearby hallway, still dressed in his Kingsman uniform from his latest mission.

“Eggsy!” Harry cried out happily, but all Eggsy heard was excited yapping, the blond looking down to see a hyper Border Collie puppy wagging its tail at him.

“Hey boy,” Eggsy cooed, bending down to pet the pup, marveling at how soft its coat was, searching the fur for a collar. “Are ya lost little guy?”

No, Harry wasn’t lost! He had Eggsy right here! Eggsy who smelled really really good, Harry thinks, nose poking into Eggsy’s side, the younger man chuckling as Harry scents him happily.

“I wonder if yer one of the pups for the new recruits,” Eggsy murmurs, picking Harry up, an aggravated bark his response. “Or not?”

Harry preened as Eggsy seemed to understand him, curling up against Eggsy’s chest, a firm heater for his newly small body. 

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