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Hi there! Would it be alright to request a role-reversal with Merlin where the reader is the one on the land mine instead of him and how that would all play out? Thank you very much and your work is amazing!

It happens in a blur.

Eggsy moves and your foot lands on the pressure plate with a heart-stopping click. 

It happens before you can register what you’ve even done.

“… No.”

It’s Merlin, his eyes wide with panic as the three of them converge on you. Your hands are shaking. Merlin’s voice has hitched. He swears he’s going to throw-up. “Love, what have y’ done…?”

The color has drained from your face as you blink up at him. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You three know they would have moved in us. We wouldn’t have stood a chance –”

Your voice cracks as tears spring to Merlin’s eyes. He rubs his jaw, hands shaking harshly as he pull the spray from his pocket. You shake your head.

“It’s out, Ham’. You know that.”

“M’ not leavin’ y’.”

Merlin,” it’s Harry this time. He puts a hand on Merlin’s shoulder. Harry’s eye catches your own, and he nods, “We’ve got to move.”

“M’ not leavin’ my fuckin’ wife!”

He’d taken to calling you that. The ring on your finger felt heavier now. Seems as though the December wedding that you two had planned would have to be postponed – 


“Hamish, go,” you plead, hands finding his and squeezing tight, “G-Go and kick ass. And after you save the world, I want you to bury me under that tree at your parent’s farm –”

“Don’t say that.”

“ – And give Tessie a pat for me, yea?”

Merlin’s shaking his head, his eyes raw with tears. His voice is hoarse. “I c-can’t. I love you. The wedding —-”

“Yes, you can. M’gunna be right over your shoulder the entire time,” you breathe, your own tears flooding over and spilling down your cheeks, “I love you to the moon and back. Now go.”

You two kiss, and that’s the last Merlin ever sees of you.


Pairing: Merlin x reader

Request: Hello, can I request an imagine where the reader being sexually frustrated bc Eggsy, Roxy and Harry keep interrupting her and Merlin?

Word count: 732

Warnings: swearing, very light smut and sexual references

All you and Merlin wanted was some god damn privacy, but of course that wasn’t going to happen. At first, it was okay but by the third time you were just beyond annoyed and very sexually frustrated, as was Merlin.

The first time it was Harry.

You and Merlin were standing in the conference room with your arms wrapped around his neck loosely, your lips hovering above his when all of a sudden the door opened.

“I-” Harry started but awkwardly stopped and looked at the two of you, his face and neck red with embarrassment, “I’m sorry”

“It’s fine, Harry” you smiled, pulling away from Merlin who was a little annoyed at the loss of contact between you and him. “Is there something you want?”

“Oh, urm, no. Don’t worry about it, i’ll just leave you two alone” the suited agent gave two of a you a compressed smile before walking out and closing the doors.

“Bless” you chuckled, before picking up the papers on the table in front of you and going to walk out.

“Aren’t we going to finish..?” Merlin said, looking disappointed.

“We’ve got stuff to do, Merlin, but I promise later, alright?” you said,Merlin nodded a little sad before following you out the room.

The second time it was that smug bastard Eggsy.

Merlin was leaning over you in a corridor as you leant against the wall, a smirk on the both of your lips.

He had his clipboard in one had, his other cupping your cheek, looking around making sure no one was coming before he leant in, placing his lips on yours in a much needed kiss.

You smirked against his lips with your hands resting on his chest. The two of you proceeding to make out in the abandoned corridor until Eggsy made his way down it, stopping once he saw the two of you.

“So much for collecting paper work, y/n” Eggsy said causing you and merlin to pull away. The both of you looked at Eggsy who had a smug smirk upon his lips, as he looked the both of you up and down.

“Piss off, Eggsy” you said, annoyed. All you wanted was some privacy with Merlin, just half an hour at least but of course, it wasn’t going to be that day.

“And Merlin, I wouldn’t take you as somebody who likes it against a wall” Eggsy said, trying hard not to laugh.

“Eggsy” Merlin said in a warning tone to the young boy ahead of him.

“I hate to interrupt your moment–”

“You’ve already done that” you said bitterly, Eggsy chuckled at you - he just knew the both of you were frustrated, so he decided on winding the two of you up even more.

“-anyway, I need those papers now, y/n” Eggsy said.

“You cheeky bastard” Merlin muttered, pulling away from you and let you go off to get the papers that were oh-so necessary

And the final time, it was Roxy who was just as smug about it as Eggsy, however, she caught the two of you and an even worse time.

You were sitting on the desk, legs wrapped around merlin’s waist as he kissed you passionately; you let out a quiet moan as you felt him nip down at your neck.

“fuck..” you moaned quietly, feeling Merlin chuckle against your neck, the vibrations sending chills throughout your body, “H-hamish, I need yo-”

Of course, somebody had to walk through that fucking door which you told Merlin to lock but he had told you that no one would come through, considering it was very late at night.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Merlin mumbled, pulling away from and turning to face whoever was standing at the door. It was Roxy.

She had the same smirk upon her face as Eggsy did. “Just needed to hand this USB to you, Merlin” she said, handing Merlin the USB, he took it quickly.

The both of you looked at Roxy waiting for her to leave.  “Be safe” she said, before walking out and closing the door.

Merlin then decided to lock the door, he didn’t want anymore interruptions and neither did you. So now that the door was locked, the two of you could finally get down to the business that you had been meaning to finish all day but every single time you were interrupted.

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Hi! I’m sorry, I sent a request for a one shot earlier being new to your account and not realising they were closed - my mistake! But I see your Drabble requests are open so I was hoping I could have prompt 29 and 51 with Merlin? :)

Pairing: Reader x Merlin.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 663
Prompts: “Look at me.” / “Those things you said yesterday… did you really meant them?”

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Number 19 with Merlin if you want??? <3 <3 <3 you're amazing by the way

Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope you enjoy!!

Merlin x Reader \ That’s lovely

Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me”

Pairings: Merlin x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: Gifs belong to the owners, in this case… kingsman-network. I do not own these gifs, they are used with the utmost respect.

Merlin sat at his desk in the command center, typing away in his own little world when you walked in. Every time you came close to him, he could smell your perfume, the shampoo you used on your hair, and he instantly became scattered. You didn’t even notice the nervousness he was displaying as you came to sit down beside him; pens were starting to fall off the desk. Your hand reached for one just as it was going to hit the floor, smiling as you offered it back to him, “You alright this morning, Merlin?”

The trouble was, by all accounts, he was in perfect health. It was you, you were turning his world upside down. He knew you were single because Eggsy had tried to set you both up multiple times. Merlin had canceled the date every time, his excuse? He was ill. Well, for someone who was in ‘perfect health’ he was sick an awful lot.

He gave you a small nod before adjusting his glasses, taking the pen gently from you, “I uh, yes I’m fine. How are you this morning, (Y/N)?”

You knew Merlin, he was calm, collected, and you were noticing now that this wasn’t the case, “You’re not alright, so spill it. What’s going on?” There were beads of sweat forming at the top of his head. It was either really hot in here or he was extremely nervous.

Could he tell you? It would break some rules and make things a lot more difficult in the office but you were worth it and so much more. He closed his eyes for a brief moment before he placed a hand on yours. His large hand covered yours, you could feel the warmth radiating from it.

Your eyes widened at this action and you placed your other hand over top his, “Merlin, You’re scaring me. Are you sick? Did someone die?”

This man was smooth, in one motion he had removed his hand from your grasp and pulled you closer, placing a small kiss to your lips. You smiled and closed your eyes as his forehead lay against yours, his voice was deep but quiet as he spoke, “I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me.

You couldn’t help but laugh, you felt the exact same way, “I always thought I would ruin your life by telling you something similar.” Merlin opened his eyes and sat back with a smirk, “No, no, (Y/N). That would never happen. You couldn’t ruin my life,” he moved in again to kiss her quickly, “You could only make my life that much better.”

You smiled and held back the tears that threatened to fall, “You are amazing, Merlin.”

“As are you, (Y/N).”

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Hc for MerlinxReader? Maybe reader is upset/depressed and Merlin tried to cheat them up?? 💓luv ur work btw ur lit the bomb

oops this turned into a drabble !!!

He notices you’re a little out of sorts over dinner. 

You two had settled on microwave dinners (thanks to coming home late and both of you being genuinely so exhausted that cooking is so out of the question), and certainly wasn’t anything great. You’d been stressed beyond belief recently - the shift from agent to an interim intel-oriented leadership position had you stretched thin. You’re staring into space, pushing your chicken and pasta around with a fork. Merlin sets his drink down, watching you.

“Y’ alright, love?”

“Hm?” you raise your head, blinking before nodding, “Oh. Yeah. M’fine, Ham’. Just… tired.”

Merlin nods, chewing thoughtfully on the last bit of his dinner. “Y’sure y’re just tired? M’ here if you want t’ talk about anythin’, yea?”

You look up from your dinner and his worry hits you hard in the chest. It makes your nose prickle and soon you can feel tears threatening to spill over. It’s been a long week. You’ve been distant and cold and grumpy, but here he is, unwavering in his love and support and –oh, god, now you’re crying.

Merlin’s eyes widen and he stands quickly. “No, no, no, no. No tears. No, shh.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so stressed out, Hamish.”

He sighs, crouched at one knee as he holds your hands and frowns. Swiping at a stray tear as you try to pull yourself together, Merlin presses a kiss to your knuckles as an idea springs to mind. “Here, why don’t y’ finish yer dinner, love. I’ll run th’ bath. Y’ can take a break from it all fer a bit.”

You love him. You do. So much.

He does just what he says. Long legs carry your better half through the kitchen and into your bedroom and the sound of running water coming from the other room is enough to calm you down already. When you finish your dinner, you ditch the microwave plate and fork into the trash and hobble into the bedroom. Merlin is perched on the edge of the tub, legs stretched out in front of him. His socks peek out from under his slacks and you notice they’re the ones you got him for his birthday. They have little German Pointers on them. Like Tessie.

His eyes soften when you cross the threshold of the bathroom. A hand extends and you knot your fingers with his happily. He tugs you between his legs, hands moving to rest on your waist as he looks up at you from his spot on the edge of the tub.

“You’re beautiful, y’ know tha’?” he mumbles, smiling a bit, “Yer gunna get in th’ tub an’ m’gunna get y’ a glass of wine and m’gunna sit here an’ yer gunna vent t’ me.”

A smile slips onto your face. It’s the first one all day.

“I don’t like seein’ y’ upset, love.”

You kiss his brow, hands brushing his jaw. “You make it all better, Hamish.”

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Can I request a Merlin fic where reader is a techie and he’s just pining so hard for her but she’s oblivious ( and maybe harry or eggsy are like jc women you have glasses how are you still blind to this shit)

<3 Thanks a bunch for the request!

Merlin x Reader \ You’re So Blind

Pairings: Merlin x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: Gifs belong to the owners, in this case… turibulum. I do not own these gifs, they are used with the utmost respect.

You adjusted your glasses and got ready for a normal day at Kingsman HQ. You’d have Eggsy hit on you, as usual, and you’d have your trusty teacher Merlin at your side. He brought you coffee everyday and today was no different, “Thank you Merlin, much appreciated!” You gave him a smile and a wink before taking a sip of the delicious morning goodness. Your wink made Merlin blush and he sat down, avoiding your gaze.

“Ay, good morning you two..” Eggsy was being a shit this morning, “You’re looking mighty cozy, say.. are you guys dating?” You heard Merlin almost choke, spitting his coffee out on the floor. His face blushed red and you could see him stare daggers at Eggsy who pretended not to notice. While Merlin cleaned up the mess he made, you questioned Eggsy, “Why would you think Merlin and I would date?”

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a prompt for merlin, which you can totes delete if you want to. "where'd you get that shiner?" "door frame." "... y' sure?" because like how would he handle it if his lady friend he adored was letting her own ass be kicked at home? and he'd probably just be so *gentle* about it. i'd lose my mind.

He first starts to notice the bruising come the summer months. 

You wear long sleeves despite the stifling heat. He finds it odd, but you dismiss him when he asks claiming that the air conditioning in the London HQ has been acting up in your office. 

Merlin notices that you rarely wear your wedding ring. 

He supposes that’s a matter of preference, but on the days you do wear it, you’re more shaken than usual. Merlin notices that when he touches you, innocent and professional like a touch on the shoulder, you flinch. It worries him.

It’s not until the day you come in with a black-eye that he pieces it all together. 

It’s purple and blue and green around the edges and though you’ve tried to cover it up with make-up, you fail miserably.

Merlin knows the answer to the question before he even asks. “Where’d y’ get the shiner?”

You’re in the break room when it comes up. Side by side, you both stir your mid-afternoon tea. He’s tearing open a sugar packet as he asks. The question jars you from the contented state you’re in beside him and you knock your tea. It spills. You flinch, Merlin notices, as you quickly move to hurriedly wipe up the tea. “I wasn’t watching where I was going is all.”

It’s curt. Rehearsed

He doesn’t want to press. But, worry has flooded his chest and watching you cower over spilt tea is enough to spur him on. “… y’sure?”

Your head snaps towards him then, eyes wild with panic. His jaw clenches. Anger is building. You open your mouth to speak but nothing comes out. He watches you shrink. His voice is soft, eyes almost pleading. “Stay at my place tonight. Please, love. Y’ need t’ get away from him.”

“How could you tell?” you voice is meek, eyes trained on your tea. His hand meets yours and this time, you don’t flinch. Trust is there. Warmth, too. 

“M’ not just a pretty face, love.”