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Scars Map - A Remus Lupin Imagine part 3

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Okay, here is part three of Scars Map. It’s pretty long though, there’s some crazy action going on. 

Warnings : nothing, really? Blood maybe? No smut this time, boohoo. Maybe in part four, if a part four will be.  

Part 1, part 2.


It’s a full moon tonight. You are aware of it because Sirius told you he wouldn’t be available tonight.
Usually Friday are the days you two hang up together but you are not really disappointed about staying home alone tonight.
Since that night with Remus, you feel guilty. Not because it feels like you cheated on Sirius, anyway you two were never exclusive. But you feel that way because it crushed Remus. You remember the look on his face and it destroys any happiness you’d feel every time you’d think back of that night spent in his arms.
Okay there might be a little bit of guilt towards Sirius too.
You never planned to fall for his friend. You always felt for Remus what you felt for the other marauders: just a true and real friendship. But that night back at Sirius’ flat, when you saw how hurt he was, when you tried to heal his wounds, something happened in your heart. For the first time you felt like you didn’t want to lose him, in a visceral way. You wanted to protect him from any harm. It was more than what a caring friend would feel for someone. It ached your soul.
When you touched his skin, when you saw him at his most vulnerable, trying to hide himself, being too ashamed of who he was, you just wanted Remus to feel loved. You wanted to melt into him. You would take all of his pain if you could. So the burden wouldn’t be so heavy for him. You’d carry it with you, no matter what.
And tonight, he was going to suffer, again.
At least he wasn’t alone. There would be Sirius, James and Peter at his sides, protecting himself from harm. Protecting him from himself… 
Since your plans with Sirius were cancelled, you gladly accepted to take a coworker’s shift at St-Mungos. Night shifts are usually the worst, but it keeps you busy. Seeing all that action taking place. 
As you enter the hospital, you see already how a busy night it is going to be. 
‘Y/L/N!’ there’s a splinch in room 4, can you take care of it?’ says Anna, the healer in charge for the night.
You nod. Entering the small room, you see a young girl crying in pain, holding her thigh. She can’t be older than seventeen and it reminds you that not so long ago, you were her age.
‘What’s your name?’ you ask.
She doesn’t answer. You look at the man beside her. He looks worried and upset.
'What’s her name?’ you ask him.
He looks at you, suddenly noticing your presence.
'Elizabeth’ he whispers.
'Okay, Elizabeth? I’m Y/N. Can I look at your wound, please?’ you say, standing in front of her.
She shakes her head.
'It hurts’ she says between two moans of pain.
'I know, but it’s going to be fine. What happened?’ you say, turning your head towards the man.
'There was an attack - I…’ he says but his voice is smothered by cries.
'Is this your daughter?’ you ask him.
He nods.
'We had to escape and I thought disapparating would be faster but she’s not used to…’
You try to smile.
Attacks. There are more of it every damn days. It was probably Death Eaters and you shake with horror just to think about it.
You need to focus, to give all of your attention to the teenager in front of you.
'Okay, Eli, I can call you Eli? I need to see your thigh if you want me to help you, alright?’
Her hands are covered in blood.
'I can’t’ she cries. 'It’s too painful!’
'I know, sweetie, I know. Just look at me, alright?’
She stares at you with her big brown eyes. She’s so innocent, yet she witnessed such horrible things. She moves her hands away from her severed thigh. It’s not as bad as it looks. You’ve seen more wounds from a crappier disapparating than this one. Still, you know how painful it is.
'When I was your age, the first time I disapparated, I completely tore my hand open. I know how you feel. But see?’ you say, showing her your left hand. ‘It’s fine, like it never happened. I’m going to take care of you.’
You go for a Dittany elixir in the cabinet and start to apply some on her wound. It slowly starts to resorb itself.
'See?’ you say, smiling to her.
Although she seems relieved, there’s still a frightened expression on her face. What she lived tonight, whatever it was, scared her a lot.
'I’m going to let you heal calmly and I’m going to check back on you later, alright?’ you say, holding the door in front of you. 'You’re safe here’ you add, trying to make her feel secure.
'Damn it’ you whisper when you close the door.
Anna, your chief, looks at you.
'Everything alright, Y/L/N?’ she says.
'Fine. It’s just… it’s overwhelming. Her father said they were attacked… I believe it was the work of-’
'HELP!’ interrupts a voice behind you.
You have the curious impression to recall the voice of the man who just yelled. You slowly turn around and you are devastated by the sight of a bloody Sirius, transported into an emergency room followed by a completely ravaged Remus sprawling on a stretcher, not looking responsive at all. Behind them, an out of breath James is running, in total panic.
'James!’ you yell as you see the young man looking slightly relieved at the sight of you.
'Y/N!’ he shouts, hugging you immediately. 'I hoped you’d be there!’
'What the hell happened?’ you say, not knowing who to follow first.
'Everything was fine, he transformed and we tried to keep him calm and, Merlin-’ he says, not able to continue.
'James, I need you to stay with me here’ you reply, hanging on his lips.
'We were attacked, so obviously Moony, he panicked, he totally lost it!’ he continues, messing with his already pretty chaotic hair.
'What do you mean, attacked?’
'In the village, where we went to hide, I recall it was Death Eaters, they burnt the whole place down like it was nothing, Godric, Y/N! Remus was uncontrollable and we feared he’d do something stupid like killing the people who were running from the chaos, or being killed by them or worse, being enlisted against his will, shit-’
You look at the Healers all focusing on Remus as he is still unconscious on the small bed.
'Sirius, he ran after him, they fought, it was bad Y/N, I’m telling you.’
'Why is Remus unconscious?’ you say, terrified.
'When he realized Padfoot was following him, Moony, he turned around and started to chase Sirius and… I had no choice, I had to…’ he stops again, shaking with emotion.
'You had to what?’ you ask.
'I had to stun him, I couldn’t do otherwise, he was going to kill Padfoot. He was going to kill him’ he replies, with tremor in his voice. 'But I stunned him so hard because I was scared and now he’s… There was just a matter of minutes before he’d be human again and this whole thing wouldn’t have happened…’
You try to stay focused but you can’t believe what’s happening in front of you. Anna is bended on Remus as your colleagues are trying to help him.
'You did what you had to, James. You really did’ you say, trying to reassure him.
But even yourself, you’re not convinced.
'Tell me they’re both going to be fine, Y/N. I can’t lose neither one of them.’
Seeing that Remus is in good hands with Anna, and being aware that you’re not really having the expertise to treat his case, you run into Sirius’ room. Two healers, Julia and Liam, are tearing his shirt from him.
'How is he?’ you say, looking at his heavily scratched neck.
'We haven’t seen a bite yet’ says your Liam.
'Y/N, can you help me here?’ says Julia, pressuring Sirius’ neck. 'I need you to put your hands here while I grab the …..’
As she let her hands go of his neck to make room for you, a major bleeding escapes the wound.
'Shit!’ you shout, urging to push your fingers on it.
'It’s a bad lesion, let me put this on him’ Julia says, pouring a blue liquid on the bleeding mess.
It closes immediately. You’re glad there’s some magic in this world.
'Sirius, can you hear me?’ you say to the immobile body.
'You know him?’ Julia says.
You nod.
'He’s a… he’s my friend.’
'You’re going to have to step away then’ Liam says. 'You know you can’t treat a relative. You’re vulnerable to making mistakes.’
'Come on, I’m fine’ you say, looking at him with angry eyes.
'Clearly you’re not! You’re shaking. Send Anna in, we cannot afford making a mistake here. For all we know he might have been bitten by the wolf-’
'Remus’ you say without thinking.
'It’s his name. And he’s not a wolf, he’s a human being.’
'Like I care right now Y/L/N. Send us Anna, she’ll take over!’
'Right now!’
With frustration, you leave the room, hoping Sirius is going to be alright. You go for Anna and join James in the waiting room. He looks terrorized.
'We knew those things could happen but it never was this bad.’
'They’re going to be fine, James’ you say, putting your hand on his.
'Y/N, I stunned him so hard…’
'I told you already. You did what you had to.’
He sighs heavily.
'You know, I’d trade place with him’ James says, after a few minutes. 'He didn’t deserve this.’
'Nobody deserves to be afflicted with such an awful condition’ you reply, thinking how sad it is for Remus to go through these painful stages.
'And this war coming, there’s nothing we can do to avoid it. I feel so useless.’
'James, you’re not thinking straight right now. Why don’t you go home to Lily and get some sleep?’
He sighs again.
'Are you staying here?’
You nod.
'I’ll be by their sides, don’t worry.’
He starts to walk and stops. He turns back to you.
'You know, Sirius can be arrogant and a bit of a prick sometimes. But we all know he’s fond of you. He won’t just admit it.’
You smile weakly.
'He’ll be happier to see you when he wakes up than me.’
'Goodnight, James.’
You’re on your own now. There is so much going on around you but you feel like the loneliest person in the world. You can’t be much help right now, neither for Remus or Sirius. You feel weak, your head is buzzing lightly.
When you decided you wanted to become a healer, you knew you were doing right. You knew it was your fate. You were never really mastering defensive spells of some sort. But you were a caring soul: to heal people, it was what you were supposed to do. 
'Y/N’? says Anna, looking for you.
You turn your head immediately to see her.
'What is it?’
'Mr. Black. He’s awake.’
'Thank you’ you say, while you’re running to his room.
'I’m telling you I’m fine, I don’t need to rest, I need to see my friend!’ Sirius says, trying to get up from the tiny bed. 'Y/N, tell them I’m fine!’
Your colleagues looks at you, not knowing what to do with the prick that escaped death by a hair, claiming he’s fine.
'Stay in bed, Sirius!’ you shout at him, pushing on his chest.
'You know, usually, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, love, but I really need to see Moony-’
'Shut up, Black!’ you say as you push him harder on the bed. 'You stay in this room until we tell you otherwise, is that clear?’
Sirius looks at you, impressed. 

‘I’m not used to see you bossing around, Y/N.’

‘Well, here, I am your boss. And right now, I’m not allowing you to get up. Liam, can you go and check what’s going on with Mr. Lupin, please?’
Liam shakes his head in exasperation and leaves the room. You turn to face Sirius, hands on your hips.
'You know, you really need to learn how to be kind towards the people who take care of you, Sirius.’
'I’m telling you I’m fine’ he answers, rolling his eyes.
You feel like you want to cry. You’re annoyed with his arrogance but you’re so glad he’s himself, even though he’s behaving like a kid. 
'James told me what happened… he says it was Death Eaters?’ you ask, sitting on the bed towards him.
Sirius, without being conscious of it, takes your hand in his hand starts rubbing it.
'Of course it was. They bloody burned the whole village down. Do you know how a werewolf likes fire? I didn’t! And I’m telling you right now, Y/N, it fucking doesn’t.’
'What were they looking for?
'You tell me! All I remember is a flash of orange light, then feeling like my blood is boiling in my veins. Remus started to run away and there were people coming in our direction, so it appealed him. I ran after him and, being the funny Moony he is, he didn’t like that. We fought. I’m used to it, at some point I always end up having to, but this time, he was really scary.’
'He ripped your neck, you lost a lot of blood.’
Sirius looks away and raises his shoulders.
'I just hope he’s okay. Your nosey colleague-’


‘Liam, whatever, doesn’t seem to be coming back. Can you go check on Moony?’

'Sure. You get some rest, alright? It’s been a long night.’
‘When you come back, can you stay?’ he says, doing the puppy eyes.

‘You’re impossible, you know that?’ you answer, rolling your eyes.

He laughs with his usual lovely bark and you shut the door behind you.
You walk in the halls, feeling a bit lighter. At least he’s alright. He made it.
You pass in front of Remus’ room, where Liam is just coming out.
He looks at you, concerned.
'How is he?’ you ask, feeling like you’re going to be sick out of a sudden.
'He was stunned pretty hard by your friend, but he’s strong. Anna is optimistic.’

‘You’re not?’ 

He shakes his head.
'What do you mean, is there a chance he won’t recover?’
Liam looks away, clearly feeling nervous and not at ease.
'Y/N, he is a werewolf…’
'Okay, and?’
He raises his shoulders and vanishes away. You don’t want to deal with him right now, anyway. 

You enter the tiny room where Remus is laying. He looks sound asleep. He looks quite peaceful though. Like you ever saw him. 

'Remus?’ you ask, standing in front of him. 'I’m sorry I couldn’t come sooner.’
You see him opening a weak eyelid.
'Sirius… is he okay?’ he whispers, coughing, trying to sit down.

‘He’s fine, believe me. Don’t worry. Don’t move, please.’
You take Remus’ hand but he pushes it away from you.
'Hey, you scared me. I was really worried.’
'I don’t remember anything. The healer, she told me I attacked him and I thought I killed him, Y/N. I really thought this was it.’
'Shh, he’s alright’ you say, feeling tears coming out of your eyes. 'Get some rest, okay?’

‘I can’t let them near me anymore. It’s too dangerous…’
Remus closes his eyes. There’s dark shadows underneath it. If he looked peaceful when he was asleep, he now looks more tormented than ever. It makes you feel so powerless. You wish you could just send him all the love you feel for him.
'I can’t stand it, Y/N. I can’t stand it anymore, it’s just…’ he whispers, his voice suddenly cut by the sobs.
'Hey, hey, look at me!’ you say, crying too.
You lay in his bed and take him in your arms. There’s nothing you want more to tell him it’s going to be alright. It’s going to be fine. You both sobs like crazy, until he finally fall asleep in your arms. When you feel his breathing getting slower, you allow yourself to close your eyelids too.
'I love you’ you whisper, maybe more for yourself than for him. 'I love you so much.’

It was a rough night. But you’re relieved he’s okay. There will be more scars, but nothing you can’t handle.


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Prompts: “I like your laugh”

“What other hidden talents do you have?”

“Would it be okay if I kissed you?”

“Are you sure it’s safe going out in the wood’s today?” Merlin asked as he trailed closely behind you as you both walked down the corridor from Gauis’s workroom. “Gauis said we’re supposed to get a storm.”

You looked over your shoulder to him and smiled, throwing your cloak over your shoulders and tying the red string.”Merlin, I don’t think a little rain will kill me.”

“Perhaps I could go with you?” He offered, moving sharply to stand in front of you, blocking your pathway.

Your eyes went wide for a second when he suddenly appeared in your sight but you gave him a sideways look. “You’re acting very strange,” You pointed as you took a step towards him, placing the back of your hand on his forehead. “Are you feeling well?”

Merlin’s eyes met yours and his cheeks suddenly heated up, adorning them with a light pink hue. “N-No?” He said with an embarrassed laugh.

“You’re warm, perhaps you should go back to Gaius,” You suggested as you withdrew your hand. “I think you might have a fever.”

For fear of embarrassing himself further, Merlin nodded silently and quickly walked passed you, tripping on his feet as he did so, causing you to send him another worried look.

“…I meant to do that.” He covered quickly, straightening himself up and clearing his throat as he walked away at a fast pace.

Merlin kept his gaze locked on the ground until he was safely out of your eyesight before he crashed into the nearest wall, leaning his head back on th cool stone and placing his hands over his eyes as he sighed.

“Well,” A voice called obnoxiously, causing Merlin’s eyes to shoot open as he saw Prince Arthur standing a few feet away from him with his arms folded and a knowing smirk on his stupid face. “That was pitiful.”

Merlin groaned as he pushed himself from the wall. “How much of that did you hear?”

“All of it,” Arthur said as he gave him a look. “I also thoroughly enjoyed the part where you tripped on your own two feet.”

Merlin adverted his eyes and toyed with his scarf, opting to stay silent instead of making the whole situation worse for him.

Arthur raised an eyebrow at the absence of some clever remark that usually came after his teasing. “Come along, I have a coat that needs to be mended.” He called as he turned around and started walking in the other direction.


Though Merlin was grateful for distraction in repairing the many tears on the seams of Arthur’s hunting coat, he could help but be worried for you. The wind had already started to pick up and howl against the panes of the castle windows.

The clouds were swirling in a more moody shade of grey, and after only a few moments, rain started to fall and leave wispy patterns on the clear glass.

“Then whenever you’re done you can take my sword to the armory and-” Arthur stopped talking whenever he realized Merlin was staring blankly at the window. “I suppose I’m talking to myself then?” He asked as his voice rose.

Merlin’s attention slowly snapped back to the blonde prince and he blinked. “Sorry, we’re you talking to me?”

Arthur looked at him sideways. “No, actually I was referring to the unicorn in the corner of the room.” He said with a sarcastic tone. “Yes, I’m bloody talking to you. You’ve been giving sad eyes to the windows since you stepped foot in this room,” He stood from his chair and walked to the other end of the window. “So, tell me what’s wrong with you.”

Merlin’s eyes shot to his for a moment before they drifted back to the window. “It’s (Y/n), she’s out in the woods collecting some herbs for Gaius, and I can’t help but worry.”

“Because you fancy her?” Arthur asked, although he was well aware of the answer.

Merlin’s nervous laugh escaped his throat as he scratched the dark hair at the back of his neck. “I-I dunno if I’d call it that, but I do worry about her well being.”

Arthur rolled his eyes at the awful attempt of a lie his friend was trying to pull. “I highly doubt a little storm could hold back our (Y/n). You have nothing to worry about.”

Merlin smiled and was about to thank him when a large roll of thunder sounded in their eyes and lighting flashed clashed across the sky. Now it was Arthur’s turn to laugh nervously. “I’m sure she’s on her way home now, don’t worry.”


Merlin didn’t say much for the next hour, trying his best to quickly get all of his work done so he could go see if you had returned safe and sound. Arthur must have noticed the nervous fidget of Merlin’s movements because it didn’t take long for him to dismiss him and practically push him out of the door of his chambers and telling Merlin to say hello to you on his behalf.

Merlin jogged his down the staircases and corridors until he was finally at the door of his and Guias’s room. He took the opportunity to catch his break and fix his hair, making sure his clothes looked presentable and pulled open the door.

Unfortunately to his dismay, Merlin was greeted with the empty room instead of you sitting by the fire with Gaius as you read another book listening all the medical herbs in the kingdom.

“Gaius?” Merlin called out as he stepped inside, checking for any signs of you being there.

“Here!” Came his voice from the adjoining room. “You’re early.” The older man said as he dropped a pile of books onto the wooden work table.

“Arthur let me out early.” Merlin said as he walked further into the room, trying to hide the fact that his mind was racing and trying to figure out where you could be.

“Before you ask, no she hasn’t returned since I sent her off.” Gaius said as he raised a hand and sat down on his bench.

“But shouldn’t that worry you?” Merlin asked his hands tightly wound together and apart as his mind went.

“She’s a grown woman who is more than capable in handling herself, sit down and wait with me.” Gaius said as he opened one of his books. “Light a few candles for me and try to calm yourself.”

Merlin quickly set about his task, shamelessly using magic when his hands kept fumbling the matches. Thought he eyes darted to the door every time he heard a noise, thinking you would appear.

Gaius continued to assure him of your safety, explaining you often liked to take your time in the forests regardless of the weather, once even telling him how in nature is where you felt the most at peace and calm.

Merlin finally came to rest as he sat down opposite Gaius and rested his head in his folded arms, head facing the door so he could keep watch for you.

Time passed and Merlin felt his eyes growing heavy as the fatigue from the day started to catch up with him. His eyes were closed for a maybe a minute or so when the door finally creaked opened.

Merlin was up in an instant and his heart leaped when he saw the embroidered swirls in the deep crimson of your cloak and the woven basked you always carried brimming with colorful flowers and plants.

You turned around and looked at them. “Sorry, I’m so late,” You said through breathless pauses as you dropped the basket next to Gaius. “But I was able to find everything you needed and then some.”

Gaius let out a delighted chuckle as he searched through the herbs. “I must say, you are the best at what you do.”

You removed the hood of your cloak and Merlin finally realized the state of your appearance.

Your hair was dripping from the rain and strands of it stuck matted to your forehead. Your cheeks were rosy from the cold and he could see the rise and fall of your chest as you caught your breathe.

Though despite that the smile was ever clear on your face and Merlin could see the glimmer to your eyes.

Gaius cleared his throat when he saw how intently Merlin was looking at you. “My dear! We should get you a warm cloak and I’ll have Merlin make you something so you won’t get a cold,” He said, taking your arm and pulling a bench closer to the fire.

Merlin immediately went to the draft cabinet without having to be told and found exactly what would help you before taking Gaius’s place beside you.

“I shall be in the other room if you need me.” Gaius said as he handed Merlin a dry brown cloak to give you as he let yours up to dry.

Merlin turned to you and handed you the medicine. “Did you have any troubles on your adventure?”

He heard a soft laugh leave you as you downed the earthy-tasting liquid. “Not at all, it was nice to clear my head.”

Merlin smiled and moved to stand behind you as he placed the cloak over your shoulders. “Now let’s hope you don’t catch a cold.”

“Would you take care of me if I did?”

“Of course, m'lady.” Merlin mused as he bowed to you. “I live to serve.”

That brought out a proper laugh from your lips and it made it heart jump.

“I rather like your laugh.” He thought aloud and you both shared a tender smile before his eyes caught sight of your hands.

They were a little dirty and you had several cuts on the knuckles of your fingers. “What did you do?” He asked in a concerned tone and he gently sat down again, taking your hands in his.

“Oh just a few small scratches from some thorns, don’t worry too much.” You said before laughing at the expression he gave you.

“I’ll have to patch you up then, won’t I?” He asked before assembling some gauze and few soothing salves before quickly returning to your side and tending your hand.

You watch him carefully wrap up your fingers without trying to hurt you. “You’re good at this, any other hidden talents?”

Merlin laughed and shook his head as he tied the final piece of gauze. “If I ever figure them out you’ll be the first to know.”

He examined his work, and without realizing it he had lifted your hands and kissed the bandages, something his mother often did when he injured himself.

You didn’t mind but the instant Merlin realized what he’d done he apologized profusely before you calmed him down.

“I really didn’t mind.” You said to him with an assuring smile before you turned your attention to the fire.

Merlin’s heart fluttered in his chest and his head felt dizzy. Had he just really kissed you? Sure it was simply on your hands but that still was an act of affection he bestowed upon you.

In his adrenaline rush, Merlin turned to you. “(Y/n)?”

You hummed to let him know you were listening, and it wasn’t till your eyes met that he asked you something that had been on his mind for some time.

“Would it be alright if I kissed you?”

You were taken by the question at first, never really expecting him to say it you of all people. And before you could even open your mouth, he was stuttering over apologies.

“Wrong moment-I have horrendous timing, I’m really sorry, forget I mentioned it-”

You couldn’t help but smile before you leaned over a placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. “No, I don’t think I’d mind it at all.”

Merlin had the most shocked look you had ever seen on a man and you had to stifle a laugh. “I hope you have a good evening, and tell Gaius I shall return his cloak tomorrow.”

He didn’t say anything but his eyes followed yours as you approached the door.

You turned around and smiled at him. “Goodnight, Merlin.”

Merlin waited until he was absolutely certain you weren’t coming back his hand found the place where your lips made contact on his skin and a smile appeared on his face that was bright even the rain clouds couldn’t dim.

The Old Days

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Request: Heeey :) Are you taking requests? Could you maybe write a Merlin x reader where they were friends as kids and later her parents died and the king of another kingdom adopted her. Later she is the Queen and Arthur invites her because Uther and her adoptive father used to be really good friends and she sees Merlin and a lots of fluff with happy end? :) hope it’s not too long ❤

Author’s Note: This is for @createdbytinyaddiction. I love this request and the idea of it and hope that you enjoy this little One Shot 😊

Your childhood was great, you had a best friend, the best parents and lots of fun every day. You would always run around the village with Merlin and play hide and seek or tag or you would lay down in the grass. When you found out about his magic, you were ecstatic. He would always make you laugh with it, loving how happy you were with his magic.

But everything changed, when you parents died of an illness and you were left an orphan. Of course Merlin’s mother took you in, but not even Merlin was able to make you smile with his magic. You lost your parents and felt so alone, even though you weren’t. Merlin was there for you, holding you at night, when you couldn’t sleep and cried all the time. He was the best friend anyone could ask for. After months he finally got a smile out of you, but it soon disappeared, when a king visited the village and heard of your story. He thought of you as very beautiful and charming and because his queen and himself couldn’t carry a child on their own, they took you with them. You were happy to have a family again, but devastated that you lost your friend.

Years later you faced the same destiny again. You parents passed away, but not of an illness but of their age. They had a happy life with you and you were thankful for everything they did for you.

Now you are the Queen and a loved one as well. You never forgot your routes and therefore make sure that every last village of your kingdom is doing well, visiting them yourself, making sure they are safe and have enough supplies.

The same day you got an invitation of King Arthur of Camelot, asking you for a visit to renew the old bonds between your kingdoms. Your father and Uther were good friends after all. It was hard for your father to hear that Uther passed away and now that Arthur heard of yours, he wanted to make sure, that you two kept the good relationship.

Soon enough you are on your way to Camelot and pretty excited to see your longtime friend Arthur again. You two didn’t see each other very often in the past, but when you did, you always had a good time together.

You arrive in Camelot and Arthur greets you immediately helping you of your horse, giving you a big hug. You hug him back, glad to see a close friend after everything. You two pull apart and you can’t resist it but bow for him.

“Your majesty.” You say with a big smile.

“My queen.” He answers smiling and bowing down.

You two laugh and you link your arm with his and make your way inside.

“How was the way here?” he asks.

“Very long, I don’t remember it to be this long.” You say and smile  at him.

“You just never paid attention to the way.” He says simply.

“True. How have you been Arthur?” you ask him sincerely, you haven’t spoken since Uther’s funeral.

“Pretty good actually. A lot changed to the better here. I do things very different than my father used, too.” He said.

“I knew you would, I only heard good about you. I’m afraid I’ll lose my citizens to Camelot.” You chuckle, making him laugh, too.

“Oh trust me, with you as Queen, I should be worried about my kingdom.” You both smile at each other and make your way inside the dining hall. That’s when you stop right in your tracks, looking at the clumsy looking boy filling up the goblets.

“Are you alright?” Arthur asks you concerned, looking in the direction you are looking at.

“Merlin?” you ask looking straight at him. The boy turns around and looks at you. Recognizing you, he lets the goblet he just filled fall down to the floor. A smile reaches your face and you run towards him. He moves towards you, too with open arms. You fall into him and hug him as close as you could and he tightens his grip around you.

“I missed you so much.” He mumbles in your neck.

“I missed you, too.” You say happy tears rolling down your face. He pulls back and holds you at arm’s length. He cups your face with his hands and wipes away your tears.

Meanwhile Arthur stands there dumbfounded and looks between Merlin and you, not being able to believe what is going on at the moment.

“Can someone explain to me what all this is about?” he asks.

“Oh Arthur, I’m so sorry. Merlin and I know each other since forever. We grew up together.” You say, smiling at Merlin, still keeping an arm around him.

“The village you got adopted from, was Merlin’s village?” Arthur asks.

“Yes” you and Merlin answer in unison and then chuckle.

The rest of the day you spend with Merlin, catching up on everything you had missed in each other’s life the past years. Arthur was sulking the whole time until he finally gave up and left the two of you alone. After a while Merlin and you went for ride outside of Camelot and soon enough you two are lying in the grass and Merlin makes you laugh with his magic, like in the old days.

“I missed this.” Merlin said, rolling to the side, smiling at you.

“I missed this, too.” You said.

“I could’ve needed this from time to time.” You said and Merlin nodded. With Merlin around you totally forgot that you are a Queen. It send you right back into childhood. Not worrying about anything.

At some point at night, Arthur has had enough and starts searching for Merlin. He looks everywhere but can’t find him. He makes his way to your room and knocks.

“My lady? Are you there?” he asks. Nobody answers, so he lets himself him.

“Hello?” he asks, peaking through the door.

What he sees makes him smile. He knew about this best friend of yours from you childhood, but he never knew it was Merlin. He is very happy, that you found this very important person again. You needed this.

Honestly, he invited you to make sure you were okay. The refreshment of the good relationship between the kingdoms was just an excuse. He knew how hard it was on him, when his father died and it wasn’t your first time to lose your parents.

He smiles and gets a blanket, to cover the two of you. He would make sure nobody would disturb the two of you.

Merlin and you were laying on the floor cuddled up in each other on lots of blankets and pillows and feathers. You two always wanted to make a pillow fight, but never had the chance to. And it sure wore you two out.

Both of you with a smile on your lips, slept soundly together on the mess.

Arthur blows out the candles and quietly closes the door behind him. But still he would have to talk to Merlin tomorrow, about his unpolished amour.

Absolutely Giddy

Fifth-year SnowBaz for the Carry On Countdown


Love is supposed to be good.  It should feel like an adrenaline rush and a tranquilizer at the same time, a combination of fuzzy warmth and a thrilling buzz.

           Admittedly, it almost was like that for me, right at the very beginning.  In the moment that I realized I was in love with him my face split into this dumb grin and my head spun, and I was absolutely giddy.  When I saw him my heart raced and it made me want to smile again, to beam at him and spin him around and tell him the truth, that I loved him so much.

           Unfortunately for me, the day that I realized I was in love with Simon Snow was the day that Simon Snow began dating Agatha Wellbelove.

           I’m still not sure which of the two events came first.  Did I fall in love of my own volition or because suddenly I couldn’t have him?

           I mean, I never could have had him, but now I really couldn’t have him.

           Ever since, I’ve been doing that thing where I realize how in love with him I already was, I’ve always been.  Our first four years are shifting into place.  I love him, I love him so much…

           Only this love isn’t good.  It isn’t nice.  It’s like sharing a room with an open flame, and no matter how hard I try to stay away I keep stepping nearer and nearer, and the flame burns hotter and fiercer, until I can’t even look at it without getting burned.  Nevermind the added bonus of vampires being flammable.  No matter what happens, it will end in flames.


By far the worst thing about teenage couples is the complete disregard of public decency.  It’s disgusting enough when a random pair starts snogging in the hall, but when it’s Simon and Agatha…  I couldn’t look.  I couldn’t even walk past them.  I had to turn around and try to keep my shaking legs from running.  Not that it matters, they were certainly too busy to have seen me.

           Now I’m pushing open the door to my – our – room at the top of the tower, dreading the sight of him.  I’ll only see her, all over him like a stench.  His hair is perfect and golden; it doesn’t need the embellishment of her pink fingernails.  His eyes should never close like that with her, or with anyone. Maybe me, but that will never happen.

           Simon is sitting on his bed with a textbook and his wand.  I drop my eyes from him, I can’t look at him, not right now, but I feel his gaze on me.

           “Where were you?” he asks.

           “Why do you care?”

           “I was just asking a question.”  He sounds hurt.  How dare he sound hurt, after what he puts me through every day?

           “Whatever,” I grumble and sit down on my bed with a book, my back to him.  I feel his eyes boring into my neck, and I burn.  The second hand on my watch ticks away, too slow and too loud.

           The springs on his bed squeak, and then suddenly everything on my desk goes crashing to the floor.

           “Hey!” I shout, on my feet in an instant.  He’s standing by the desk, wand out, a look of concentration on his perfect face.

           “As you were,” he enunciates.  Nothing happens.  “As you were,” he tries again to no avail. The pens and pencils stay on the floor.

           “As you were,” I murmur, pointing my wand lazily at the mess.  One by one every last pen and pencil floats back into their cups, and everything rights itself on the desk as though they had never moved. Simon glares at me, and I look away. I can’t hold eye contact with him. I haven’t been able to since… well, since the giddy feeling.  I stare at the floor.

           The cups crash down again.

           “What the hell, Snow!”

           “As you were.”

           “Oh, for the love of Merlin!” I groan, stomping over to stand behind him and grabbing his wand arm before I can stop myself.  “Try it now.”

           “What are you doing?”

           “Say the spell again.”  His hair smells fresh, like summer.  Of course it bloody does.

           “As you were,” he says, slower than how he was saying it before, a little quieter. As he says it I move his wand arm in a gentle swoop, making sure it points directly at the pencils when we stop. I feel my hand go hot, unnaturally hot, and I almost jump back in surprise.  Simon’s magic has always been particularly warm.  There’s probably other reasons for me to heat up, though, for instance the fact that I can’t remember the last time I touched him.  It’s making my heart pound in my ears.  I don’t even register the fact that everything is back on the desk as it should be.

           “What happened?” he asks.

           “Just try making that same motion when you cast.” I plop back down on my bed and open my phone, giving myself something I can appear to be interested in. Hopefully he won’t see me watching.

           “Do you think…”  Simon trails off.

           “Do I think what, Snow?  Use your words.”  I don’t even look up from my phone.

           “Could you, I mean… help me?”

           I glance up at him, raising an eyebrow. Simon looks embarrassed, probably for asking his arch-nemesis for help with magic.  

           “Aren’t you supposed to be the Mage’s Heir?” I can’t help but sneer, even though I hate myself for doing it.  “Why do you need my help?”

           “I just do.”

           Did he just… blush?

           I should take advantage of this.  Simon Snow needs my help.  How deliciously ironic.  I should kick the wand out of his hand and leave with another cutting insult, make him cry for good measure.

           I stand.  I go to him.  I take his wand hand again.  I meet his eyes properly for the first time in months.  They’re so blue that everything in my periphery takes on a colder hue, and yet I feel warm.  Buzzing. Absolutely giddy.

           Even after he has the hang of it, we keep shoving everything off the desk.  Over and over.

mang-o  asked:

merwin, #22 or #40 for the drabble please?

22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

He’s just opened up his novel on the history of brewing when his glasses chime. Sighing, Merlin lifts up his right hand and presses one of the buttons installed just along the outer rim of the lenses. “Yes?” he asks, wondering if HQ could ever function without him for a full day. 

A familiar voice replies, "Yeah, Merlin, I just finished my mission.” 

“Congratulations, Galahad,” he says, and he means it. After V-Day, Eggsy had strings of missions that involved propping up collapsing governments and rising major criminal syndicates that were rising to take advantage of people’s losses, and it’s only now that he’s begun taking on the more conventional tasks Kingsman normally did, rescuing foreign diplomats and speeding through London in flashy cars. “I trust everything went according to plan.” 

“Indeed it did,” Eggsy replies. “Enjoying your day off?” 

Something in Eggsy’s tone implies that there’s more to his question, but Merlin answers it as normally as he can: “Yes, I am.” 

“Good. Yeah.” Eggsy then pauses, and the slight static on the end indicates he’s running his fingers along his glasses, fidgeting. “I…uh, want to stop by now.” 

“You do know that our debriefing is scheduled for tomorrow, yes?” Merlin says, surprised. What does Eggsy have to say that can’t be kept until the next day?

“I know that, sir,” Eggsy says, and the deliberate emphasis on that last word makes Merlin give a pause. This isn’t a teasing tone with a cheeky wink or a serious one with a solemn nod. It’s almost a sneer, something directed towards sneering goons or a disdainful aristocrat. “But something has recently come to my attention.” 

Merlin closes his book. “What exactly are you saying?”

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

He’s suddenly very, very lucky that he and Eggsy aren’t face-to-face, so he’s easily able to close his eyes, count to twenty, and steady voice. “What of it?” Merlin asks coolly. 

“What of it?” Eggsy snaps, tone clearly annoyed, perhaps even a bit furious. “You want me, don’t you?”

“And you want Harry.” The words have always been in his head, but saying them out loud somehow makes it all true. He remembers Eggsy standing in front of him in the suit Harry commissioned for him, voice cracking ever so slightly when he said, “Feeling good, Merlin.” Everything in that moment confirmed what he needed to know, along with what little he’d been able to gauge from Harry, Harry who believed himself subtle in his affections. He doesn’t know what they did during their twenty-four hours, but has thought about them: the sneaky glances, the coy touches, the confessional whispers. Each and every scenario had played in his mind every time he looked at Eggsy: no, no, he is not yours, was never yours. 

“Yeah, I did,” Eggsy says, “but now, I want you.” 

“No, you don’t,” Merlin says, then more firmly: “You don’t. You miss him. And it’s close to the anniv - “ 

There’s a pause. “You really think…I’m just going to use you? As what, a warm body? A substitute?” 

Merlin doesn’t reply, letting the words hang in between them. 

“You really don’t know me at all, then,” Eggsy says, sounding defeated. “Fuck.” 

“Eggsy,” he begins, then there’s words scrolling in the lenses of his glasses, a message from HQ: Missile Incoming. Locations: shop, manor, knights’ residences. EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. 

“Merlin?” Eggsy’s voice in his ear is a relief, and Merlin tries his best to temper the panic rising in his chest.

“Eggsy, where are you?” Merlin asks, slipping into handler mode. He needs to stay calm, be absolutely calm so they can survive this, and he’s already out the door, racing down the street with his Kingsman umbrella. “Tell me where you are now.”

“Near the shop, I was just - “

“Eggsy, you got to get out of there right now, right now; Kingsman has been compromised.” How he knows this, he doesn’t exactly know, but in his heart, he knows that this is no accident or coincidence. Who else knows about the shop, the manor, the agents’ houses? “Run as fast as you can, don’t go home, I repeat, do not go - “ 

That’s when the ground shakes, heat hits his skin, and an ear-splitting boom drowns out Eggsy’s name on his lips. 

Send me a pairing and a number, and I’ll write you a drabble

Who’s ready for some bullshit thoughts on why Merlin can be “Summoned?”

Yes, yes, I know– I always seem to swoop in with absolute bullshit Merlin meta whenever anyone asks a question about him within my general vicinity. I apologize. I just love that man.

Anyways. Let’s discuss a few theories I have. As a foreword, sorry for any formatting issues or anything like that, tumblr really fucked with it hardcore and I did my best to fix it up but. Also ignore any typos ect ect. Whatever. Merlin meta under the cut because I got REALLY longwinded:

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The Same Side of the Coin

Requested by Anon

Summary: “The reader is someone from Merlin’s past, and he comes across her fighting off an evil Druid. Once the Druid turns on Merlin, he realizes who the reader is, and just how powerful of a Sorceress she’s become. After the Druid flees, Merlin asks if the reader is who he thinks she is, which of course she is. Some fluffy campfire side magic and kisses happen, where Merlin learns where the reader had been. He invites her back to Camelot with him.”

Warnings: Borderline smut

A/N: Sorry for so much of a delay, but I’ve come down with a serious case of writer’s block. I didn’t want to post this one until I had at least started the next request, but, eh, here it is anyway.

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I always thought the show should end with a long conversation between Merlin and Arthur. A face to face where they’d talk about everything on their hearts and all secrets would finally be revealed. The last episode is like that. Colin and I were able to play all the nuances of the relationship between these two men that are the best friends in the world despite their differences. These scenes have been very emotional for me and it was a way for me to say goodbye to Colin.
I love this guy, even though I made fun of him and even hit him on set all the time!
—  Bradley James
Some Merwin nonsense that hit me in the shower.

But can anyone else imagine Merlin having to walk into an actual store to buy the Jeremy Scott stuff for Eggsy’s NLP mission? Like Charlie and Roxy probably either packed things or were able to have Merlin “send home” for their clothing. And when he asked Eggsy about what he’d like to wear to a posh-as-fuck nightclub in central London, Eggsy gets this kind of pained wistful look and describes his perfect outfit, from the plaque jacket to the winged shoes, something he saw in a magazine once. But he just shakes his head and says that he’ll figure something out, and Merlin’s heart just kind of cracks.

So he digs up the magazine picture and proceeds to browbeat any and all store clerks or managers who “try to help him” into getting everything exactly right. Like maybe they had a hard time finding the shoes and Merlin seriously drives to some middle-of-nowhere store to get the last pair he could source in a 100 km radius. But the look on Eggsy’s face, the slowly creeping golden glow of a smile when he finds the boxes at the foot of his bed…

It’s worth it.

New headcanon, both happier and sadder at the same time, inspired by wondering just how Eggsy knew when/how to tune in for the church scene.

When Harry arrives in Louisville or wherever, he calls Eggsy. He apologizes for the awful things he said, and so does Eggsy. Harry promises again to make things right with Eggsy and Kingsman, and then says that they will be all right. “When I get back, we will have a lot to talk about.” And they’re both smiling, and feeling better about everything.

Then Harry gives Eggsy the password to his computer and says he’s about an hour away from the church. They won’t be able to communicate, but Eggsy can at least watch what happens. “Just don’t tell Merlin. He’s been after me for years for my password.”

And Eggsy just laughs, so happy.

So they make up before the end, and are looking forward to a brighter future. Except…

Part Three of "An Ode to the Insane Talent of Colin Morgan"

3. “There can be no place for magic in Camelot.” Merlin, The Disir (S5, Ep5), 2012

Of course, you can’t talk about Colin’s insane talent without spending significant time on his most iconic role. There’s no possible way to cover all the things that are amazing about Colin’s portrayal of Merlin in one post, so I will add in his Merlin moments via scene. Like the one mentioned above.

If there is any one moment in the series of Merlin (before the series finale, that is) that made people want to cry, scream, and throw things at their telly, it would be this one.

Finally on the cusp of being able to reveal himself to Arthur, to be able to realize his destiny…but it was not to be. Merlin instead chooses to deny the ONE THING he wanted most in his entire life in order to try to protect Arthur from his horrible fate.

Say what you want about Bromance vs. OTP, but there can be no denying that Merlin loves Arthur soul deep; more than he even loves himself or his magic. Merlin gave up literally everything for Arthur here, and, in the end, Merlin’s choice turned out to be the wrong one. His decision ended up causing The Disir, as punishment, to spare Mordred’s life instead of end it, thus sealing Arthur’s fate at the Battle of Camlann.

Good GOD, the emotions Colin puts into this scene! He hardly says a word until the end, but his face! No one does acting with just their eyes and facial expression better than Colin Morgan. Seriously, I can’t think of anyone.

Jily- Happy Birthday

So I have about 1000 headcanons but this might be my favorite. Bear with me.

The summer after sixth year was much needed. It was the perfect opportunity for Lily to spend time with her family (and away from the noise and hatred that seemed to spread to every facet of Hogwarts life nowadays). Lily’s birthday was right in the middle of that break, and so it tended to be a very quiet affair.

Not this year, however. The morning of her seventeenth birthday, Lily woke up to the sound of rocks pelting her window. Looking out, who else would it be but Marlene and Mary and, of course, the Marauders.

“We’re takin’ you out on the town today, Red” 

“Sirius, for Merlin’s sake-” but it was no use. She dressed quickly, kissed her bemused mother on the cheek (Petunia was nowhere to be seen) and left with the others.

It was a wonderful day of laughter and merriment (and Sirius getting kicked out of not one, but seven different muggle shops) and towards the end came the presents. It was excellent- books from Remus, everlasting flowers- lilies, of course, from Peter, and a beautiful enchanted diamond necklace from Mary and Marlene- one that turned colors whenever Lily wanted it to. Then came Jame’s present- James, who surprisingly had been pleasant all day. He gave Lily three little slips of paper. On each, neatly printed, were the words, 

The bearer of this slip is entitled one full day of absolute silence from James Potter”

Silence, really?” and here, Lily wiped away a fake tear. “It’s wonderful”

“Well, it’s real. 24 hours- I won’t talk to you, I won’t talk about you, and I’ll let you have some peace and quiet.”

“Really? Even if…say, Sirius is on fire and you’re somehow unable to cast a spell to help him and I’m the only one who can, and I say I will save his life only if you ask?” At this, James looked more than a little alarmed.

“Well- I- I mean, er….yes?” At this, Lily nodded, and turned away to hide the inexplicable smile that would not leave her lips.

Flash forward- it’s December of Lily’s seventh year at Hogwarts and she has a serious problem: she really likes James Potter. She has no idea what to do- she’s never really felt like it about anyone, and somehow it’s obvious to everyone except James. She can’t decide if there’s a chance that he likes her back, and so she decides to do something crazy, impulsive, and overall very un-Lily-like. 

It’s 3 a.m. on the night of December 19th, and James is sitting in the common room (he hasn’t been able to sleep lately, his dad’s dead and his mom’s in St. Mungo’s and everything is just utter shit) and that’s exactly where Lily finds him- sitting at his favorite armchair, staring at the fire. She marches up to him, and he has exactly enough time to say “Evans, what’re-” and then suddenly she’s kissing him.

She’s kissing him and she tasted like toffee and sunshine and dew and her hair is all over his face and Merlin, Lily Evans is kissing me 

Finally she breaks away and he’s left there, unable to move or breathe or think properly and then she’s gone, up the stairs to her dormitory and he was going to call out to her, ask her why or do anything, and then he realizes that she’s put something in his hand. He looks down

The bearer of this slip is entitled one full day of absolute silence from James Potter”

“god DAMNIT, Evans!”

((someday I’m gonna make a full-fledged fic but that is not today, my friends))

For the Merlin 2-year anniversary, I recorded a song cover “Midnight Starlight” by Jason Walker. Imagine Merlin waiting for Arthur one night.


Midnight Starlight

It’s dark and there are people everywhere
It’s loud and there are noises in the air 
All around these buildings look so cold
And they look down on one more story left untold
And one more sunset that won’t turn gold

Cause this lonely is killing me
And I don’t see what I can’t quite reach
And I won’t be able to come to shore
When I’m lost floating like a boat in the ocean 
The midnight starlight won’t shine anymore (yeah, anymore)

This town everybody seems far away
And I found that everything that I try to say 
Falls down on the ground beneath my feet
And I just want something that makes me feel like
I’m not crazy, there’s something real

‘Cause this lonely is killing me
And I don’t see what I can’t quite reach
And I won’t be able to come to shore
When I’m lost floating like a boat in the ocean 
The midnight starlight won’t shine anymore (yeah, anymore)

I’ve tried to figure it out
I’ve tried but I don’t know how
And I’ll do anything to turn it around
If somebody could help me now

This lonely is killing me
And I don’t see what I can’t quite reach
And I won’t be able to come to shore
When I’m lost floating like a boat in the ocean 
The midnight starlight won’t shine 

Oh, lost floating like a boat in the ocean 
The midnight starlight won’t shine
Oh, lost floating like a boat in the ocean 
The midnight starlight won’t shine anymore, anymore

I’m waiting here for you
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anonymous asked:

Thank you for those comments about Island. It's a flawed film, yes, but the cinematography, music, and the performances are spot on. I also think Colin Morgan really likes playing complex, flawed, damaged, and, more often than not, somewhat unlikeable characters. I haven't watched Merlin, which seems to be the standard by which a lot of tumblr fans seem to judge him.

I wholeheartedly agree with all of the above.

Yes, Island is a flawed film, but not nearly as bad as it was being made out to be. If anything, the storyline gets a bit muddled and lost. I mean, that might have been on purpose to illustrate Nikki’s unstable state of mind, but that plot device works much better in a book than it does onscreen. But Colin’s work in that movie was actually quite stellar.

I think you’re right about Colin liking to play complex, flawed, damaged and/or unlikable characters…but you forgot one other key component to that list: tragic.

It’s also understandable that a majority of his tumblr fans know him from Merlin and may expect him to play more roles in that vein. But if you look at his career the way that his CV does (with Merlin reduced to a one line blurb), the vast majority of what he’s done has been much more complicated and dark (warning, spoilers ahead):


Nothing to Confess: This monologue he did as part of a play done at The Arches Theatre in Glasgow during his RSAMD days is certainly dark and the character flawed and, while he starts out likeable enough, by the time the monologue is over, the viewer is more horrified than anything else. He does amazingly well with his portrayal of a girlfriend-beater in denial.

Vernon God Little: His character did a lot of things he wasn’t supposed to do, but the one thing he didn’t do what what he was accused of, and he was executed for it. So, his character was decidedly gray, but his death was tragic.

All About My Mother: Another story where his character Esteban dies tragically and his mother goes on a quest to let his father know. The story that ensues finally brings us to where we meet Esteban’s father, who has been living as a transvestite for the past 20 years.

A Prayer for My Daughter: Jimmy Rosario was in custody, accused of murdering an old woman with his partner. He also was a drug addict. So, not exactly of the lily-white variety. There was also a part near the end of the play where he was full-on naked for an entire scene, and what ensued was way more suggestive (on the policeman’s part anyway) than anything they dreamt up against that jukebox in Mojo.

Our Private Life: Carlos is a depressive, compulsive liar and tries to blame his homosexuality in part on sexual abuse he received at the hands his father that he’s not sure whether he remembers. By the end of the play, we’re still not sure how much of Carlos’ tale is truth and how much of it is fiction.

The Tempest: This may actually be an exception to the rule, as Ariel’s plight is not all that tragic, as he is released by the end of the play. However, it is a play that Colin was intimately familiar with (having played Ferdinand in it while at RSAMD), and he was fulfilling one of his self-confessed acting dreams by performing at the Globe.

Mojo: So yes, let’s talk about Mojo. Yes, there was a lot of talk about the jukebox scene…but what many failed to recognize was the threat and malice and top-dog vs. little-dog adversarial power play going on throughout the whole play, but most especially then. And, moreover, that Baby had some legitimate reasons for feeling threatened by Skinny Luke.

Skinny was trying to set himself up as Mickey’s second-in-command in the way that Baby supposedly was to Ezra (and Baby paid for that position with the sexual abuse he suffered at his father’s hands). Skinny might not have known about the conspiracy against Ezra, but he was actively trying to discredit Baby in an effort to make himself more important.

And, while his death was tragic and sad, don’t forget that he was not a really likeable character, and in fact was antisemitic.


Jethro Cane: While being the only human on that craft that could keep up with the Doctor, he was also gave in to his more base emotions: he teased Sky while she was possessed, saying “Six six six!” just to make her repeat it. He also gave in to fear and peer pressure in the end and actively starts assisting his father and the Professor in trying to drag the Doctor out of the craft.

Jimmy Minor: While Jimmy showed an obvious care of and attraction to Phoebe, there was precious little else to recommend him. His manners were rather crude (eating, drinking, and smoking simultaneously or not knocking before entering April’s apartment). He makes fun of Isabelle’s age, April’s loose ways, and Patrick’s ethnicity. He laughs with the other coroner over the jumper’s death and concern about Phoebe’s closeness with Patrick comes off menacing instead of worried.

While he shows moments of being really human and caring (not wanting what he says about April to be repeated to Phoebe because he knows how Phoebe feels about their friend, comforting Patrick at the end after the details of April’s death are revealed), overall, Jimmy is a pretty self-serving guy and not that likable of a character.


Cathal O'Regan: It’s easy to remember that he was a fun and funny guy who ultimately made a big impact in a positive way in Fred’s life. However, he was still a guy who used drugs to compensate for what he couldn’t deal with and ended up committing suicide via drug overdose. Complex, dark, flawed, damaged, and tragic all apply in Cathal’s case.

Calum MacLeod: I went over this in my earlier post about Island, but…Calum may be simple-minded, but he also has a violent temper, and by the end of the movie, has forced sex on his half-sister (although at the time he didn’t know they were related AND she was encouraging him to like her) and kills his own mother in a fit of rage.

Victor “Tah” Richardson: We haven’t seen the movie yet, but as it is based on a real life biopic story, it is easy to figure out that this character easily falls under the helm of “tragic”.

One of a group of four men that Vera, the main character is close to (the others being her brother, her fiance, and another friend of theirs), he is there for her to lean on after her fiance’s death (the scene they were filming in Oxford). But the only reason why he is still in England at that time is because he contracted cerebrospinal meningitis, a disease that should have killed him but did not. This makes his death a year and a half later, after it looked like he would survive after being shot in the head and blinded particularly tragic.

Frankie Shea: This film hasn’t even finished shooting yet, but as it’s another biopic film, we are able to extrapolate some of what we will see. Frankie was certainly not an innocent. His father had made money running one of those crooked clubs in Soho in the 50’s. Frankie was a thief, and he also worked for Reggie Kray for several years. He was also the one responsible for introducing Reggie to his future wife, Frankie’s sister Frances.

How much of this we’ll see in the movie, I don’t know, but, after Frances leaves Reggie, moves back home and is hospitalized after trying to kill herself, she moves in with Frankie and his wife rather than back home with her parents. He is the one who discovers her after she commits suicide.

And even Merlin, which is the role for what Colin is best known for, is a very complex, flawed and somewhat dark character by the end.

If you can leave the whole “Merthur” thing out of the equation for a minute, Merlin had to do some pretty dreadful things in defence of Arthur and had to make some pretty awful decisions that changed him forever. The mistakes he made were HUGE and ultimately came back to haunt him. And the kind-hearted boy that believed the best in everyone was sadly gone by the end. He’d learned how to be ruthless. Say what you will, but Merlin utterly failed Morgana and helped make her what she was. If he had intervened early on as he had wanted to, then perhaps she might have been saved. He was also willing to forsake everything he was meant to do as Emrys (bring magic back) in order to ensure Mordred’s death. While that coin of judgement was given to Arthur, Merlin was being just as tested…and it was his failure that ultimately doomed his king.

And who would not consider Merlin being stuck on this earth, immortal and never able to get to his other half tragic?