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Name: Kiera
Age: 16
Country: England

Hey, so I’m a little awkward and I find it weird to make friends/talk about myself but here I go.
I’m into a number of things, but my favourites are Percy Jackson, Merlin, Supernatural, Batman, Mass Effect/Dragon Age, to name a few.
I love to write fanfic for those fandoms, and I freaking love cute family relationships, with the occasional romance. I’m really into drawing too and this September I’ll be going to college and studying fine art, English language, and early modern history. I’d love to meet somebody who also likes to draw so we can work on things together.
Like I said I’m a little awkward and it usually takes me a long time to make friends. My personality type is INFJ if that means anything to anyone. I’d really love to meet a friend who I can chat to regularly and just get to know and stuff.

Preferences: Preferably 14-18ish, though as long as you’re friendly and kind I don’t really mind.

O k a y  I’m just going to get a lil emotional for a second here. In the past year that I’ve been on tumblr and in this fandom, I have met so many wonderful people, developed incredible friendships, joined awesome networks, and had an overall excellent experience. Being a part of the most amazing community on tumblr is a privilege, and I hope this milestone will be followed by many more years and opportunities to come. With that being said, thank you all so much for over 2,000 followers on this blog! I will love each and every one of you until the end of time💖

Alrighty then! I’ve been working on a collection of saved URLs for a while, and I have finally completed a page dedicated to them (Mostly in celebration of 2k)

These URLs are from many different fandoms and are all listed on the page here.

Thank you once again and don’t forget to read the guidelines on the page before messaging me!

ID #41009

Name: Charlotte
Age: 17, almost 18
Country: England

Hey! I’m Charlotte and have been looking for a penpal for quite a while. I love shows like Game of Thrones, Brooklyn 99, Merlin ect. and reading mostly fantasy or thrillers, tho I’ve been struggling to read as much as I’d like to recently because of school. I’m a huge history nerd, especially medieval and classical, and will (hopefully) be starting an archaeology degree in september.
I also love dogs and can turn pretty much any conversation into one about dogs.

Preferences: 16-20 year olds please :) Would love snail mail after a little while too

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The first two glimpses at our holiday trip on the trial of the Arthurian Legend! ;))) Welcome to Tintagel, the supposed birthplace of our beloved Summer King! (I KNOW the first pic isn’t quite accurate then. If he really should’ve been there at all, he was only a babe… But I couldn’t resist… My phone has a photo taken in Pierrefonds showing Bradley James as Arthur from Merlin BBC for skin! (Photo credit: bleucitron) More pics from our journey are about to come - but there are choices to make, because they’re so many - and that’s a hard one.  It’ll take time.) Anyway, enjoy these for now! ;D

Since we don’t really know all that much about the origins of Billy Braddock, AKA Spider-UK, thought I would come up with a theory. We know he is from a universe where he acts as both Spider-Man and Captain Britain, so it would make sense if his origin story was a mixture of the two. Here is my idea:

Billy Braddock, aristocratic science enthusiast, attends a science demonstration in London where a spider is accidentally irradiated and bites him. The irradiated spider venom begins to mutate his DNA, but unlike the Spider-Man of Earth 616 it is too much for Billy’s body to handle and it starts to kill him. On his death bed, Billy is visited by beings from another dimension: the great Wizard Merlin and his Daughter Roma. The two beings present him with a choice between two mythical objects which could save his life, the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might. Being a man who has always valued intellect and morals over brute force, Billy chooses the Amulet of Right, transforming him into the Captain Britain of Earth 833, thereby saving his life and stabilising his mutations through the Amulet’s magic. Fully cured, Billy begins to use his newfound spider-like abilities to save those in danger both in his own world and in others under Merlin and Roma’s guidance as a new member of the Captain Britain Corps.

What do you think?


OK, I have to say something after having watched a TV show … that I didn’t expect to like so much. The five seasons of “Merlin” (BBC series) made me laugh a lot, and I was very happy to meet again the Arthurian myths. I love these legends, it was the first topic I remember being passionate about in my childhood.

The Merlin played here by Colin Morgan is exactly the one I have always imagined. I was never really fond of the old magician we often see : something important happened when I read Stephen Lawhead’s book “The Pendragon Cycle”, because in the second volume he tells the childhood and early life of Merlin. And when I read this book (I was completely in love with it), I imagined Merlin just as the character from the BBC show.
So I’d say that not only Colin Morgan is a great actor, but he also totally matches the image I had of Emrys. This may be the main reason why I loved this show, along with all the funny scenes it contains and the dragon (it is both cute and wise, I loved this character !).