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I was recently watching Merlin and every semi merthur scene I kept thinking "kiss. Just kiss" lol. Your art gives me life when the show producers weren't brave enough to put in a merthur scene.

How to use the bucket
Arthur likes to use every opportunity to kiss Merlin from above (because no way Merlin is a few inches taller)

If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate.

Me on tv shows
  • Me: This show is HORRIBLE it will take your emotions, stomp on them, chop them up, shoot them 84 times with a bazooka, throw them in a blender, eat them (without silverware!), shit them out and then tHROW THEM IN YOUR FACE
  • Friend: ...
Favorite Male Characters in Tv

1. Castiel ( He turned my whole world upside down  💘 💘 💘)

2. Crowley

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3. Dean Winchester

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4. Sam Winchester

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5. The Doctor 

6. Sherlock Holmes

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7. Jim Moriarty

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8. Mycroft Holmes ( because Mark Gatiss rocks!!! )

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9. Will Graham

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10. Hannibal Lecter

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11. The Master

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12. Jack Harkness

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13. Fox Mulder ( my first tv character crush, i was so in love!!!)

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14. Captain Malcom Reynolds

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15. Gaius Baltar

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16. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

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17. Merlin /Emrys 

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18. Arthur Nielsen

19. Dr. Spencer Reid

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20. Tyrion Lannister (the only reason i watch game of thrones)

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21. Magnus Bane

22. Walter Bishop

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23. John Locke

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24. Harold Finch

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25. Dr House

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26. Sheldon and Leonard

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27. Dexter Morgan

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28. Adrian Monk

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29. Morgan Jones

30. Chandler Bing

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  • me: *watch a whole season in a day*
  • me: oh god what am I doing with my entire life ?!?!
  • me: *watch another episode*

Yeah, none of us on Tumblr do this.

You must know sometimes I enjoy watching the Merlin series in my native language dub. The translation mistakes tho xD but everytime I get reminded that their german voices…

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… are also their german voices:

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… and then I crack myself up xD

1) Matthew Vaughn mentioned that the 3rd Kingsman movie is in development

2) So, as we all know, Merlin died in the film. BUT if he is not dead, then he probably lost his legs.

3) Even before the trailer of the Golden Circle, I’ve seen some photos from the film shooting, where Mark had bright green socks, which are obviously chromakey
Does this mean that Merlin will be alive in the 3rd movie?

  • sirius black is a massive nerd
  • he reads books for fun
  • but never really admits it until james discovers a hoard of books under his bed
  • and sirius is like wOW hoW diD thEy GEt ThERe
  • he can Cook. Like Really Good
  • but doesn’t brag about it
  • okay maybe a little
  • who am i kidding he’s The Worst
  • can speak french
  • knows the names of birds???
  • ‘if i wasn’t snuffles i’d be a chiffchaff because they wag their tails’
  • thinks it’s a conspiracy theory that merlin was called merlin, and that merlin’s animagus and/or patronus was a merlin bird
  • casually knows random trivia facts?
  • ‘rome wasn’t built in a day, sirius’
  • ‘quite right james - it took approximately 1,009,491 days’