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Random ‘Trollhunters’ Theory

Ok, so in Trollhunters we’re shown in episode 03 how the amulet will not allow the Trollhunter it has chosen to refuse the mantel once it has become bonded to them.  Even if the Trollhunter attempts to reject the amulet, it will always find its way back to them via flight or teleportation.  It seems this is the rule so that there will always be a Trollhunter to ensure the safety of the good trolls and of mankind no matter what.

We then find out in episode 04 that the amulet can/will magically return to the Trollhunter only if the Trollhunter rejects it, and that it cannot/will not return magically if it’s taken away from the Trollhunter by force (ex. when snatched away by a thieving gnome).

So…why is this?  Why does the amulet not return to the Trollhunter magically if taken away by force?

(Spoilers below the cut)

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If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate.

Me on tv shows
  • Me: This show is HORRIBLE it will take your emotions, stomp on them, chop them up, shoot them 84 times with a bazooka, throw them in a blender, eat them (without silverware!), shit them out and then tHROW THEM IN YOUR FACE
  • Friend: ...
  • me: *watch a whole season in a day*
  • me: oh god what am I doing with my entire life ?!?!
  • me: *watch another episode*

Yeah, none of us on Tumblr do this.

Do you ever get stressed out because there’s so much music to listen to

and so many series to follow

and so many books to read

and so many seasons to watch

Things you must never say to the fandoms
  • Doctor Who Fandom: I stopped watching that after David Tennant left
  • Sherlock Fandom: You only have nine episodes?!
  • Supernatural Fandom: I don't ship Destiel
  • Merlin Fandom: Knights, castles, magic, aren't you a little old for that
  • Hunger Games Fandom: The fight to the death concept is stupid
  • Divergent: That's just a Hunger Games rip off
  • The Mortal Instruments: Vampires, werewolves, I know Twilight when I see it
  • Harry Potter: I love those films, no I haven't read the books, no I don't plan on reading them
  • Percy Jackson Fandom: I love those films
  • The Big Bang Theory Fandom: I don't like Sheldon
  • How I Met Your Mother Fandom: I don't like Barney
  • Disney Fandom: Aren't you a little old for kids films
  • Me: Go sit on seraph blade, you pudding brain

Really I don’t understand…

Merlin Theory - The Once and Future King has Already Returned

Right, so. My name is Kayla, I’m a new fan of Merlin, blah, blah, blah. 

I have recently fallen in love with Merlin (the show, the person, the actor, the figure, everything.) And like everyone else, I have some feels about that final.


I was actually surprisingly okay with Arthur dying. I mean, Kilgharrah said he was the Once and FUTURE King and that when Albion needed him, he would return, right? So, considering he died, I still had hope that he wouldn’t be dead forever. That he would come back for everything he left behind.

And then they left us with this. 

So we’re left assuming that Arthur has not yet returned. Even now, even in modern day.

Except that Camelot and Albion are both long gone (Albion is usually meant in a historical context. Thanks, Google.)  So their need for the Great King Arthur is already ceased. And even though he “hasn’t come back” he still has gone down in legends (I mean, obviously.) While what he accomplished while he was King was GREAT, he still didn’t a) bring back magic or b) unite Albion. He could possibly still have gone down in legend for what he accomplished by the time of his death or … . maybe not. 

Because what would be an even greater legend? If he had returned, come back to life, when Camelot and Albion was in need. 

Maybe, before we saw Merlin walking around in modern day, he wasn’t still waiting for Arthur. Because maybe Arthur had already returned and we just weren’t around to see it. And maybe, part of the reason why King Arthur is still a well-known legend today is because Merlin just won’t let his image die. (I mean, could you? Look at that face, the good hair. Oh, yeah, and all his good deeds.) 

Maybe Arthur came back for his Kingdom, his friend after all.



Shall we?

Normal Girls VS Fangirls
  • Girl: Oh my God. I'm such a nerd! I've been spending so much time on Netflix lately, like you don't even understand! I'm such a fan!
  • Me: How many shows do you watch?
  • Girl: One. Gossip Girl, but like I was up for three hours watching it last night. All the way until ten o'clock.
  • Me:
  • Girl: What about you? What do you watch?
  • Me: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Merlin, Attack on Titan, The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Knight, Vampire Diaries, MARVEL Agents of SHEILD, The Walking Dead... Oh, yeah, and I've seen Gossip Girl too.
  • Girl:
  • Me: Don't even get me started on my ships.