merlin the old wife

King Arthur AU
  • Crystal: Holy Grail (healing item but also meant to hold things inside of it)
  • Noctis: Arthur who pulls swords from stones (might also be Fisher king who is always sick but loves fishing)
  • Regis: King Uther (or Wounded King who is injured and in constant pain + stuck protecting the Holy Grail + can't leave the castle so he goes fishing on the river around it)
  • Lunafreya: Guinevere (white enchantress + wife of the king)
  • Ardyn: Merlin (old madman wizard who helps arthur around sometimes and gets in his way in others)
  • shiva: Lady of the Lake (hands out moist weapons, enchants Merlin at some point)
  • Kingsglaive: Knights of the round table
  • Ignis: Morgana (great mage, childhood acquaintance of Arthur or half-sibling)
  • Prompto: Lancelot (raised by Lady of the Lake, in this case Shiva who is located in Nifilheim + has a crush on the king's wife, Lancelot's coat of arms is red and argentum)
  • Gladio: Gawain (popular with the ladies, never breaks the honorable code of knights)
  • Mordred: either Talcott or Ravus (starts off as a kid and later grows up to be a prominent figure, the last member of a royal family in their respective country)