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You know what we are missing in the Kingsman fandom? Bodyswap fics

Like give me the silly bodyswap fics where for some reason Eggsy wakes up in the body of the fit as fuck tailor that regularly comes into the coffee shop he works in and what the fuck is this a gun??? Never mind the fucking gun is this a stuffed dog in the toilet??? What the fuck was in his drink last night??? And Harry wakes in the body of the handsome barrista he’s been low-key flirting with for months and he has to convince Merlin that he’s really Harry and not someone Harry has paid to mess with him.

Or Merlin and Roxy body-swapping and both freaking out because their bodies couldn’t be more different? And they totally lose all their intimidating powers because they don’t know how to make their face do the scowling the other usually do.

Or Percival and Lancelot being the one caught in the body-swap, scaring the shit out of people because Lancelot isn’t supposed to be that silent and stoic and Percival isn’t supposed to be that ball of restless energy. And they are both HATING it, because why did it have to happen to them? They couldn’t be more different! And then of course they learn about each other’s private life and sure they are different, but they understand each other now, why they are the way they are and really they aren’t all that bad. The fact that they can both bound over how horrible their situations is kind of helping.

Or oh, imagine Eggsy and Merlin body-swapping when they still thought Harry was dead. And Harry having been in a relationship with Merlin, so when he gets “back to life”, of course he’s going to kiss his partner, not knowing that he’s kissing Eggsy… And well him and Merlin had discussed about their mutual attraction for Eggsy but they hadn’t been counting on the bodyswap making even more a mess of everything.

Or imagine Michelle and Harry being the ones stuck in that situation. Imagine both their horror, even if they have burried the hatchet and are starting a tentative, well friendship might be too strong a word, but respectful acquaintanceship?

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I totally posted this in the Adventure Zone Group on FB so expect some more viewers and volunteers :D One question was asked: Any plans to offer multi-lingual scripts? Such as Spanish?

Thank you so much!
yes! Someone just volunteered to start a spanish translation! If anyone else thinks they can contribute with other languages or help with the spanish translation, send us a message! It’s such a cool idea and ur all so talented

<3 Devon

Merhartwin plot-bunny

Okay no but imagine Harry and Eggsy are starting to date, but since they both are busy it’s little things like getting take-out together at the office and Merlin doesn’t know they are on a date at first because that’s something they often do, so he kind of date-crash the first one without knowing.

But the thing is, they have lots of fun and after discussing it, Harry and Eggsy find out that they actually want Merlin to be part of it. Except they don’t really tell him because for Harry it’s kind of awkward to bring about that “hey i never had any interest in you before (or didn’t think i had) but since i’ve seen you in a date capacity with my kind of boyfriend, I want you to be my kind of boyfriend too?” and for Eggsy well he doesn’t think Merlin would actually be that interested no matter what Harry tells him.

And I don’t know I just want Merlin unknowingly “date crashing” many small outings when it’s actually planned by Harry and Eggsy. Like Merlin is visiting a museum on an off day (because yes, contrary to popular belief, he does take off days) and it so happens that Harry is taking Eggsy there too and bumps into him and well Harry doesn’t really like that museum but Eggsy never went and Merlin is just “if you really want to enjoy it follow me” and they both do.

And I want Roxy and Percival and the others Knight to have caught on, or at the very least thinking the three of them are knowingly dating. So like when Harry and Eggsy goes to the opera and have a ticket for Merlin and Merlin is still working Roxy is just “what the hell, why are you still here, you’ll be late and they’re gonna be waiting for you!”

And I want some angst when Merlin realised he’s been date crashing because they both deserve some happiness without him spoiling their fun. They might not have said anything, but he’s clearly overstepped and how sad and pathetic he must look like if they didn’t say anything.

And he tries to back off, but Harry and Eggsy don’t let him and he kind of realise that every gesture of affection they have for each other (quick peck on the cheeks, hugs, chaste kiss) they have for him too and bloody hell, he’s been dating them all along, hasn’t he? The Knights’ behavior makes more sense now.

But instead of confronting them, Merlin plans a date that will sweep them both off their feet because if for some crazy reason they’ve decided they wanted him too, well he’s more than okay with that because he can’t deny he loves them more than he’s willing to admit out loud to anyone (except to them, they get a free pass because for fuck’s sake, they’ve been dating for months now)

And it ends with the three of them being happily together

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Ok so what if instead if trying to kill Eggsy's sister while under valintines spell Eggsy's mom kills her self leaving eggsy to take care of the baby and he expects Harry and Merlin to be unsupportive of his sudden father hood. But secretly Merlin always wanted kids


*coughs* Sorry for the outburst, but just… YASSSSS

Okay so let’s say Harry and Merlin have been in a relationship for a long long time and while Merlin has always wanted kid, he knew that with their kind of job, there was no way in hell they could get to adopt one, so he never speak of it to Harry. As for Harry… Well he isn’t against the idea of children, but Merlin never mentioned wanting any, so he never gave it more than a passing thought.

Fast forward after V-day. Eggsy gets back to his mum’s only to find her dead and hears Daisy’s cry from behind the bathroom door and of course he’s fucking devastated about his mum, but his sister needs him right now.

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Kingsman plot bunny

Okay so I saw that adorable art of kid Harry and Eggsy done by seymour-madmatics​ earlier today and was struck by a “what if” idea the wonderful dianyx liked so I’m writing her a plot bunny :)

So imagine Kingsman in a kindergarten/daycare!au where everyone is a kid except for Chester and Valentine and that day they’re playing spies.

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