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Kiss me and the spell breaks
@pauouo​ asked: Hey again :v i love your art omg <3 And i was thinking, could you do some merthur with donkey Arthur? It would be so cute i think, i dont know, i love your draws<3

lost prince merlin au

so i’ve had this story rolling around in my head for like, idk, 3 or 4 years but i’ll probably never get around to writing it

nimueh captures baby arthur a la sleeping beauty and hides him away. she gives him to a sterile couple who’d so desperately wanted a child, and they’re so grateful. nimueh, who at this point is a good witch, a kind person, says that all she asks for in return is that they raise this boy with respect for the olde ways, and that they name him arthur. the couple happily agrees, and thats the last they see of this kind witch.

uther rages - he’s lost his wife and his son and his hatred of magic is even more intense. nimueh returns and has a giant fight with uther and he tries to slice her head off but instead she gets the sword from him, plunges it into the stone steps in front of the palace, and says uther is unworthy of his title of king, since he’s so willing to murder so many of his loyal subjects. uther tries to pull the sword out, but can’t, and nimueh says only the true king of camlot will be able to remove that sword, and when her magic shimmers down on it becomes a golden hue, longer and more impressive, and ceases to by uther’s sword but is instead excaliber.

the couple who raise arthur have nothing but kindess and good things to say of magic, and his father who used to be in their lord’s army shows him how to use a blade, says that magic is just the same as steel - it can be a plow that provides for your family or a sword that cuts down your enemies.

so arthur grows up a farmer’s son, but he’s smart and talented and soon he’s practicing with the nobles’ sons, sneaking into their lessons and doing their homework in exchange for getting a chance to read their books. arthur soon becomes a better swordsman than they ever will be. he’s a pitiful farmer, but he’s smart and quick and no one can beat him with a sword in his hands, and soon it becomes clear to everyone, including the noble, that a life working the land is wasted on arthur, while his own sons are good warriors and tacticians but not great.

so the noble makes arthur and his family a deal - he’ll pay for arthur to go to the royal university in camelot, and in return arthur will come back and help manage the family land and finances. and this would breed jealousy in lesser men, but the noble’s son, leon, is a good man and so is his brother, and they love arthur as if they are his own kin. so when they go to camelot to become knights they bring arthur to be a scholar. and because they’ve already shared everything, they teach him the swordsmanship they’re being taught if for no other reason than arthur can do it better, and teach them too. then one day arthur takes a wrong turn in the castle and stumbles into merlin doing a spell and merlin panics and gaius panics and arthur is just like chill i have no problem with this, but also you’re doing magic in the palace are you brain dead???

and merlin and arthur become best friends, and arthur somehow ends up upon morgana as she’s sobbing, and he manages to figure it out, and he reassures her that magic isn’t all bad, a witch gave him to his family, and he teaches morgana what he was taught, that magic is nothing more or less than a tool to be wielded. and everything’s fine up until one day uther stalks down to practice and leon sees uther and arthur side by side and is like ????

and eventually leon and merlin are convinced that arthur is the missing prince and arthur is convinced they’re insane. this all culminates when arthur is practicing with the knights and uther stumbles upon them and loses his SHIT like a commoner is training in MY royal house? and he’s like i’ll show you a real knight, boy, and attacks arthur with his sword. only arthur is really, really good so he and uther end up fighting all the way to the palace steps and they’ve attracted a crowd of peasants and nobles, leon and merlin included

and the king finally disarms arthur and swings to kill him, but arthur reaches for the sword that no one’s ever been able to move and pulls it out

and he swings excaliber up and disarms uther and there’s no putting this genie back in the bottle, because most of camelot just saw arthur pull the sword from the stone, something only their lost prince can do

leon is the first to bow, because something inside him always knew, and then the rest bow and uther is staring at this boy whom he nearly killed and who’s his son and

and arthur is the most beloved in all the land, because he’ll die a king but he was raised a commoner, and he intimately knows the struggles they face. and uther doesn’t know what to with this boy, he’s nothing and everything like the son he wanted so badly, and somewhere nimueh smiles, because she’s gotten her revenge in the best way possible

(arthur marries gwen because no noble lady will lead the people the way he wants them led, but takes merlin as a lover, and gwen takes lancealot as a lover and everyone’s very happy with their choices. arthur’s adopted parents don’t leave their village, and keep farming, but now it’s only because they want to since arthur provides everything for them and visits at least twice a year. merlin is his chief sorcerer, morgana his head priestess, and on the day of his coronation nimueh stands at the back of the crowd and bows with all the rest)


‘  Arthur: What do you mean ‘it might not go the way I planned?’ and why are you telling me this now?

  Merlin: It doesn’t matter. Look here she comes. Just stand here and,… look charming.

  The original plan was to get you and Arthur close, so when Arthur confesses his feelings for you, you two would be showered in rose petals. It was quiet easy, and Merlin had to pluck every rose petal by himself. But he went the easy way and just plucked a handful. His plan was make them more with his magic when the action start.

  You walked over to Arthur.

  Y/N: So, what’s this urgent thing you wanted me to hear?

  Arthur patted his leg three times, signalling Merlin to start the rose petals.

  Arthur: I wanted to tell you that I think you are great and *here he pulls you close to him* I –umpfh

  You and Arthur fell down by the weight of the petals. It turns out that the spell Merlin used was to make an immense amount of copies. Your face was close to Arthur and it was as red as the roses.

  Arthur: I love you.

  He breathed out and kissed you softly. Then the realization hit him.

  Arthur: MERLIN!!!!!     ‘

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Favorite Merthur Headcanons?

Favorite? Oh, I am so so so so bad at picking favorites in anything. Here are some that I like though (read: I just made up):

  • You know that blue cape Merlin gave Arthur? Yeah, it is Arthur’s absolute favorite piece of clothing. There is a silent rule that nobody is allowed to point out that the king of Camelot has been wearing the same damn blue cape for years now and its not even in fashion anymore. Merlin thinks it is adorable and uses his magic to keep it in the exact condition it was in when he gave it to Arthur.
  • Arthur is actually really fucking impressed with that fiery dragon spell Merlin does. Sometimes, when they’re lying in bed at night and Arthur is feeling sentimental, clingy, in need of general reaffirmation of their relationship, or just plain soppy, he loud whispers to Merlin asking him to do the spell. Merlin doesn’t have to ask which one he means.
  • Gwen straight up slapped Arthur one time because of how much of an idiot he is with Merlin’s birthday. At first, Arthur always missed Merlin’s birthday and even though Merlin never made a fuss, Arthur got in lots of trouble from Gwen because she knew what it would mean to Merlin for Arthur to do something for him for his birthday. Then, after two years of being yelled at (and one goblet of mead in his face), Arthur started remembering. But then he got too into it. Like a challenge. It didn’t help that Gwaine joined in and started making elaborate birthday plans for Merlin to show his bff how much he cares. Arthur kept outdoing himself, but at the cost of Gwen and everyone around his sanity. Well, except Merlin, who was Not Allowed To Know (he always knew). It got so bad that Arthur started getting paperwork ready to declare Merlin’s birthday a national holiday. He even wanted to start talks with neighboring kingdoms to make it a holiday throughout the 5 kingdoms. Merlin’s Day. Gwen put a stop to it when Arthur started talking about building statues.
  • Merlin made up a reason that he couldn’t use magic to open jars because he knows Arthur feels useful and ‘manly’ when he opens them for Merlin. This worked until Merlin was really busy one day and just wante some damn jam on his bread and he thought Arthur wasn’t around so one flash of his eyes and the jar lid popped open. Little did he know Arthur had purposefully tightened the lid so he could pop out of nowhere and be Merlin’s jam hero and use the opportunity to flex because he is like 100% sure his arms got bigger and he is also 100% a show off for Merlin. Needless to say he did not take kindly to the deceit. Merlin had to cancel his tavern plans with Gwaine that night as it took so long to convince Arthur out of his sulk. Don’t worry. Arthur got to flex in various other positions. Some of them even involved jam.
  • Merlin has an Arthur Radar. It is not what you think. He just gets very suspicious around the same time Arthur gets ideas to go do dumb and dangerous things in the name of honor and general arthur-clotpolness. 
  • Arthur low key really likes picking Merlin up. Merlin indulges this because it usually ends with Arthur throwing him over his shoulder and Merlin gets to pinch his royal prat’s bottom.
  • Gwaine is not invited to Merlin’s training sessions anymore because the last time Merlin got annoyed with Arthur consistently beating him with a sword so he used his magic (which was not allowed as the whole point of this was to teach merlin to use a sword well, even though he can just use magic all the time, but melrin just went with it because a training arthur is usually a happy one and also is a lovely sight to see) and when Arthur was sent flying, face first, into mud, Gwaine laughed and patted Merlin on the back. Merlin managed to convince Arthur not to charge one of his best knights with treason, but just barely. Arthur is looking into getting ‘laughing at the king falling in mud’ be put into law as high treason.
  • Merlin takes all the damn covers.
  • Arthur and Merlin are really pda heavy when drunk together. Like Gwen had to separate them before they started dry humping on the damn throne during one Yule celebration. Arthur made it very clear the next day that anyone who brings that up will end up in the stocks. Gwaine has been in the stocks like 7 times. Percival got in it once because he was overheard telling Gwaine not to mention it, but ended up mentioning it just as Arthur walked in to start training for the morning. Arthur doesn’t even bother ordering Merlin to the stocks for it because he’d never get out of them otherwise, and he prefers him in their bed instead of the stocks. Gwaine calls this favoritism. Merlin calls it compensation for having to deal with Arthur’s snoring.
  • Arthur talks in his sleep and one time Merlin got him to admit it was him who ate the pastries Merlin’s mother baked a few days ago before she went back to Ealdor. Arthur admitted to nothing in the morning.
  • Merlin uses Arthur as a blanket of sorts sometimes when on hunts/camping. Arthur thinks its Merlin wanting cuddles and some kisses but really its just he is really fucking cold and its much more pleasurable to have an Arthur blanket than use a simple spell. 
Morgana/You Fic Part One

Morgana/You Fic

Part One: The Dragon’s Call


Words: 6200+

Originally posted by missmysteriousm

This chapter won’t have a lot of Morgana until closer to the end because I’m going by the flow of the show. There will be more Morgana action in the later part because of what happens at the end of this one. These parts for this fic will be long most of the time because like I said I’m going by the show.

I didn’t change a lot from what happens in the show in this part because there really wasn’t any need to. For most of the dialog in the beginning I went straight from the transcripts so if you haven’t seen Merlin you can still read this.

One last thing, should (Y/N) have she/her pronouns and such or stay neutral? It might be harder to stay neutral in later chapters, but if that’s what you guys want I can make it work.

- Admin Cam

No young man or woman, no matter how great, can know their destiny. They cannot glimpse their part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, they must live and learn, and so it will be for the young warlocks arriving at the gates of Camelot. Two siblings that will, in time, create the legend. Their names: Merlin and (Y/N).

Your brother, Merlin, and you enter Camelot as King Uther addresses a crowd of people in the square. You both curiously continue towards the crowd.

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Day 1: Tricks

happy spooky countdown! look who actually wrote something and participated!



it’s like 1.2k ish. have fun

Holidays had always been the perfect excuse for Baz to play tricks on Snow. Floating sheets, strategically placed mistletoe, seran wrap on the toilet (he didn’t talk to Baz for days after that one, even though it had been Penny’s idea).

So Baz decided that the week leading up to Halloween would be perfect to play some new tricks on his unsuspecting roommates.

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I Didn’t Need To See That

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merlin x Reader

Plot: I love your blog! Could I request a Merlin X reader where they’ve been dating in secret for a while, and one day Arthur and Gaius stumble upon them in bed or kissing or something and it’s really awkward and fluffy? Thank you darling xox

Warning: None

“You know that I love you right?” Merlin whispered to my lips, making a shiver run down my spine.

“Yeah, I just wish that we could be open about it.”

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Morgana/You Fic Part Two

Morgana/You Fic
Part Two: Valiant
Words: 8000+

Here is the second part of the Morgana/You Fic! We hope you guys like it! - Admin Cam

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In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of two young siblings. Their names: Merlin and (Y/N).

“Good morning, my lady!” You say, opening the curtains letting the bright sunlight in to wake up Morgana. You set Morgana’s breakfast out on the table as she sits up and stretches.

‘How can someone be so beautiful after just waking up?’ you think.

“Good morning, (Y/N). What has you so happy today?” The brunette asks yawning.

“I get to work for you, my lady, and I had a lovely night with you last night. Well, except for the part where you almost died….” You say trailing off, and Morgana gets out of bed and walks over to you.

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i dreamt that Merlin saw Gwen doing magic and he was so stoked about it that he immediately and without hesitation told her about himself

like he’s so totally ecstatic about this it’s adorable and ridiculous

Merlin: “GUESS WHAT i saw someone special today~!!”

Gwen: “ohhhhh?”

Merlin: “it’s you!!! you have magic!!! so do i!!! this is amazing!!!!”

Gwen: !!???!?!!!!

and Arthur thinks Merlin has suddenly & inexplicably fallen head over heels for Gwen but it’s just that he’s just SO HAPPY to have someone he can share this with

Arthur: “what’s gotten into you?”

Merlin: *basically glowing hearts and rainbows of happy* “nothing! I’m just in a good mood!!”

Arthur: “u were cranky this morning ok SOMETHING happened”

Merlin: *obviously looks at Gwen* “nope everything’s just fine!!”


and Merlin and Gwen share spells and tricks that they each use for different things and Gwen knows stuff Merlin doesn’t bc she learned from different sources and nothing went wrong and it was a Great dream

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Hartwin & "T - Coming into contact with a curse" for the Horror/SciFi AUs ❤️

“Tell me,” Valentine says, “what do you wish?”

Harry leans forward, his expression a careful picture of desperation and uncertainty. With Merlin’s talents, Harry’s appearance is that of a slightly older man with greying hair and blue eyes, dressed in tattered clothes. Valentine allowed no weapons in his tent, and Harry took care to leave his sword with Valentine’s assistant, a young woman with dark hair, a cool gaze, and silver legs. Rumors had it that the woman, Gazelle, had lost her legs after an attack on her village, and Valentine had transformed two broadswords to replace them. 

They were feared equally, though, so Harry took precautions. He still has a dagger strapped in his boot and a few protection spells cast upon his person, and he’s careful to appear meek and unassuming to Gazelle watching him from the shadows. The wizard himself seemed to have bought it, smiling eagerly in anticipation for his wish. 

“I’d like to be young again, enough to fell trees and carry the lumber without my hands and knees aching. It’s been a hard winter, and I can’t manage the farm by myself, nor dig up enough coin to hire help,” Harry says, adding a wizened note into his voice. “If you could shave off a few years, that will mean very much to me.” 

Valentine considers, then shakes his head. “I don’t see that. No offense, but I don’t. That’s not your wish.”

“I beg your pardon,” Harry says, not having to pretend to be startled. He’d never heard of Valentine refusing anyone’s wish, no matter how gruesome or selfish. “But this is my wish.”

“No,” Valentine replies thoughtfully. “it isn’t.” 

Harry has to resist the urge to start cursing. “What do you mean?” he asks instead, appropriately baffled. 

“You want something else,” Valentine says, playing with one of the silver rings glinting on his fingers. “Yeah, you want to be younger…who doesn’t? But that’s not your heart’s desire, and my job is to grant those heart’s desires.” He leans across the table, the long sleeves of his purple robe trailing on the red velvet tablecloth. “You want something else.” 

“What do you think that is?” 

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1. Things you said at 1 am, Merthur, obviously 💕💕

Peace should have been easier. After all, the kingdom was safe, and had been for a year now. Morgana was defeated, Mordred was dead, the Saxon army had retreated back to the north to lick their wounds (not that they wouldn’t be back sooner or later under a new leader). Treaties had been made with the neighboring kingdoms, and a promise of protection had been made the druids. The ban on magic had been lifted, much to the chagrin of the older noblemen that had served Uther.

In all, Camelot was flourishing. And Arthur didn’t know how to deal with that.

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