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Kiss me and the spell breaks
@pauouo​ asked: Hey again :v i love your art omg <3 And i was thinking, could you do some merthur with donkey Arthur? It would be so cute i think, i dont know, i love your draws<3


‘  Arthur: What do you mean ‘it might not go the way I planned?’ and why are you telling me this now?

  Merlin: It doesn’t matter. Look here she comes. Just stand here and,… look charming.

  The original plan was to get you and Arthur close, so when Arthur confesses his feelings for you, you two would be showered in rose petals. It was quiet easy, and Merlin had to pluck every rose petal by himself. But he went the easy way and just plucked a handful. His plan was make them more with his magic when the action start.

  You walked over to Arthur.

  Y/N: So, what’s this urgent thing you wanted me to hear?

  Arthur patted his leg three times, signalling Merlin to start the rose petals.

  Arthur: I wanted to tell you that I think you are great and *here he pulls you close to him* I –umpfh

  You and Arthur fell down by the weight of the petals. It turns out that the spell Merlin used was to make an immense amount of copies. Your face was close to Arthur and it was as red as the roses.

  Arthur: I love you.

  He breathed out and kissed you softly. Then the realization hit him.

  Arthur: MERLIN!!!!!     ‘

Belle is one of the most proactive characters on the canvas...

…and that is what makes this absurd story so ludicrous.

I saw someone reply to an ask about Belle being “inactive” in 6B with the opinion that Belle had been “inactive” for most of her time on the canvas. 


Belle never gets adequate screentime, and she rarely drives the main narrative (THIS SEASON being one of the exceptions), but those two things do not reflect her activity as a character. 

Belle is a character who is almost always taking action, who is almost always problem solving. She NEVER waits around for someone else to take care of a problem, and rarely waits until something awful is threatening her own family (*cough* Heroes™*cough*)

Look at her history: 

  • Tried to save the baby ogre. 
  • Set off on a quest to get back her memories of her mother’s death.
  • Came up with the idea of calling on Rumple for aid against the ogres. (Very likely is the person who actually sent the message, since we saw that Moe was dead set against that plan.)
  • CHOSE to make the deal with Rumple to save her village.
  • Chose to free Robin and then talk Rumple out of killing him. 
  • Encouraged Rumple to open up to her. 
  • Went after the yaoguai by herself.
  • After reuniting with Rumple after the curse, challenged him to open up to her
  • Tried to protect Ruby after George framed her.
  • Tracked down Hook’s boat on her own, rescued Archie, brained Hook with an oar, convinced Rumple to spare him.
  • Was moping a bit in 3A (because she thought Rumple didn’t need her) but immediately rose to the challenge of getting him Pandora’s box, including freeing herself and Ariel, tracking down the Darling brothers, and defeating them–and then telling Ariel to ask Rumple to help them. 
  • Rumple hadn’t been dead 12 hours before she was looking for ways to resurrect him. 
  • Under the second curse, came up with a project to inventory the shop contents and return them to their original owners.
  • Researched and discovered what Zelena’s evil plot was. 
  • Tried to reach Rumple even when he was under Zee’s control.
  • Even in 4A, when she was mostly written out of her own story, Belle did her best to discover where Anna was the moment she learned she was in danger.
  • Found out about the Shattered Sight spell from Rumple, researched possible remedies, and worked with the fairies to defeat the curse.
  • Saved Killy’s worthless life.
  • Researched and figured out how to save the fairies (with the “help” of Killy throwing impotent tantrums).
  • Went to Camelot to help Emma
  • Researched with Regina how to free Merlin.
  • Came up with a spell that Merlin didn’t know!
  • Figured out how to wake Rumple from his coma.
  • Fought the “heroes” and went off to rescue Rumple herself
  • Chose to leave him at the well
  • Chose to COME BACK to him and reunite
  • Fought Zee to protect the Bean, leading to her being dragged into the Underworld.
  • Fought like the devil to save Gaston (even though he didn’t deserve it).
  • Came up with the idea of dosing herself with sleeping curse and went through with it.
  • Chose not to reunite with Rumple on “Morfetus’s” advice.
  • Decided to leave town with the baby, and sent Aladdin and CY to steal from Rumple. (Was this a bad, rash, unjustified decision? You betcha! But it was a proactive one–she was not going to wait around and see what Rumple might do.)
  • Made the decision to send her baby away for his own protection–the decision upon which THIS ENTIRE HALF SEASON is based. 

For better and for worse, the only times Belle isn’t proactive are when she’s emotionally controlled by Moe, kidnapped, chained to a wall, amnesiac, brainwashed, or has her heart stolen…

…UNTIL NOW. When the stakes are higher for her than they have ever been (her child’s life and soul on the line, and likely her husband’s as well), suddenly we’ve got a Belle who is content sitting on the sidelines. Wandering around doing who knows what (except change into snappy outfits) rather than tracking down and talking to her son. BABYSITTING while another person fights HER enemy! (In a, I say again, preposterous plot-induced incident.)  We don’t even get the sop of her having a stack of huge books in front of her, or of telling Rumple she’ll join him in research/go to the library. 

This is a total turnabout for Belle, and frankly insulting to the character and her fans.

i dreamt that Merlin saw Gwen doing magic and he was so stoked about it that he immediately and without hesitation told her about himself

like he’s so totally ecstatic about this it’s adorable and ridiculous

Merlin: “GUESS WHAT i saw someone special today~!!”

Gwen: “ohhhhh?”

Merlin: “it’s you!!! you have magic!!! so do i!!! this is amazing!!!!”

Gwen: !!???!?!!!!

and Arthur thinks Merlin has suddenly & inexplicably fallen head over heels for Gwen but it’s just that he’s just SO HAPPY to have someone he can share this with

Arthur: “what’s gotten into you?”

Merlin: *basically glowing hearts and rainbows of happy* “nothing! I’m just in a good mood!!”

Arthur: “u were cranky this morning ok SOMETHING happened”

Merlin: *obviously looks at Gwen* “nope everything’s just fine!!”


and Merlin and Gwen share spells and tricks that they each use for different things and Gwen knows stuff Merlin doesn’t bc she learned from different sources and nothing went wrong and it was a Great dream

I Didn’t Need To See That

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merlin x Reader

Plot: I love your blog! Could I request a Merlin X reader where they’ve been dating in secret for a while, and one day Arthur and Gaius stumble upon them in bed or kissing or something and it’s really awkward and fluffy? Thank you darling xox

Warning: None

“You know that I love you right?” Merlin whispered to my lips, making a shiver run down my spine.

“Yeah, I just wish that we could be open about it.”

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lost prince merlin au

so i’ve had this story rolling around in my head for like, idk, 3 or 4 years but i’ll probably never get around to writing it

nimueh captures baby arthur a la sleeping beauty and hides him away. she gives him to a sterile couple who’d so desperately wanted a child, and they’re so grateful. nimueh, who at this point is a good witch, a kind person, says that all she asks for in return is that they raise this boy with respect for the olde ways, and that they name him arthur. the couple happily agrees, and thats the last they see of this kind witch.

uther rages - he’s lost his wife and his son and his hatred of magic is even more intense. nimueh returns and has a giant fight with uther and he tries to slice her head off but instead she gets the sword from him, plunges it into the stone steps in front of the palace, and says uther is unworthy of his title of king, since he’s so willing so murder many of his loyal subjects. uther tries to pull the sword out, but can’t, and nimueh says only the true king of camlot will be able to remove that sword, and when her magic shimmers down on it becomes a golden hue, longer and more impressive, and ceases to by uther’s sword but is instead excaliber.

the couple who raise arthur has nothing but kindess and good things to say of magic, and his father who used to be in their lord’s army shows him how to use a blade, says that magic is just the same as steel - it can be a plow that provides for your family or a sword that cuts down your enemies.

so arthur grows up a farmer’s son, but he’s smart and talented and soon he’s practicing with the nobles’ sons, sneaking into their lessons and doing their homework in exchange for getting a chance to read their books. arthur soon becomes a better swordsman than they ever will be. he’s a pitiful farmer, but he’s smart and quick and no one can beat him with a sword in his hands, and soon it becomes clear to everyone, including the noble, that a life working the land is wasted on arthur, while his own sons are good warriors and tacticians but not great.

so the noble makes arthur and his family a deal - he’ll pay for arthur to go to the royal university in camelot, and in return arthur will come back and help manage the family land and finances. and this would breed jealousy in lesser men, but the noble’s son, leon, is a good man and so is his brother, and they love arthur as if they are his own kin. so when they go to camelot to become knights they bring arthur to be a scholar. and because they’ve already shared everything, they teach him the swordsmanship they’re being taught if for no other reason than arthur can do it better, and teach them too. then one day arthur takes a wrong turn in the castle and stumbles into merlin doing a spell and merlin panics and gaius panics and arthur is just like chill i have no problem with this, but also you’re doing magic in the palace are you brain dead???

and merlin and arthur become best friends, and arthur somehow ends up upon morgana as she’s sobbing, and he manages to figure it out, and he reassures her that magic isn’t all bad, a witch gave him to his family, and he teaches morgana what he was taught, that magic is nothing more or less than a tool to be wielded. and everythings fine up until one day uther stalks down to practice and leon sees uther and arthur side by side and is like ????

and eventually leon and merlin are convinced that arthur is the missing prince and arthur is convinced they’re insane. this all culminates when arthur is practicing with the nights and uther stumbles upon them and loses his SHIT like a commoner is training in MY royal house? and he’s like i’ll show you a real knight, boy, and attacks arthur with his sword. only arthur is really, really good so he and uther end up fighting all the way to the palace steps and they’ve attracted a crowd of peasants and nobles, leon and merlin included

and the king finally disarms arthur and swings to kill him, but arthur reaches for the sword that no one’s ever been able to move and pulls it out

and he swings excaliber up and disarms uther and there’s no putting this genie back in the bottle, because most of camelot just saw arther pull the sword from the stone, something only their lost prince can do

leon is the first to bow, because something inside him always knew, and then the rest bow and uther is staring at this boy whom he nearly killed and who’s his son and

and arthur is the most beloved in all the land, because he’ll die a king but he was raised a commoner, and he intimately knows the struggles they face. and uther doesn’t know what to with this boy, he’s nothing and everything like the son he wanted so badly, and somwhere nimueh smiles, because she’s gotten her revenge in the best way possible

(arthur marries gwen because no noble lady will lead the people the way he wants them led, but takes merlin as a lover, and gwen takes lancealot as a lover and everyone’s very happy with their choices. arthur’s adopted parents dont leave their village, and keep farming, but now it’s only because they want to since arthur provides everything for them and visits at least twice a year. merlin is his chief sorcerer, morgana his head priestess, and on the day of his coronation nimueh stands at the back of the crowd and bows with all the rest)

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Hi, I can't remember a fic but maybe you know it. It's a reincarnation story where Arthur dies in each lifetime but Merlin stays alive and Merlin tampers with his memory to forget about him but when Arthur reincarnates he always finds Merlin and once they see each other Merlin remembers but one time when Arthur finds Merlin he doesn't remember and it takes Arthur a bit of time to make him remember also if it helps the last time Arthur died or was a motorcycle accident. Hope you find it! Thanks!

Hiya anon! That reminds me of Dandelion by tinylilremus.

Summary: The routine has been the same for centuries: Arthur begins a new life in wherever they are in time, he and Merlin meet, Merlin’s memory spell lifts, Arthur’s memories eventually flood back, the idiot has a chuckle at his expense, hugs him senseless and then cries for a bit when it hits him that Arthur’s really with him again. After that they pick up from where they left off until Arthur’s life in that time ends and it all starts again in his next life.

Except this time, when Merlin’s memory spell proves too strong to be lifted simply by their meeting, Arthur is forced to win Merlin over the hard way: with small-talk and dandelions.

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1. Things you said at 1 am, Merthur, obviously 💕💕

Peace should have been easier. After all, the kingdom was safe, and had been for a year now. Morgana was defeated, Mordred was dead, the Saxon army had retreated back to the north to lick their wounds (not that they wouldn’t be back sooner or later under a new leader). Treaties had been made with the neighboring kingdoms, and a promise of protection had been made the druids. The ban on magic had been lifted, much to the chagrin of the older noblemen that had served Uther.

In all, Camelot was flourishing. And Arthur didn’t know how to deal with that.

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merlin reveal were hes sick/drunk, or something that basically gives him no filter and hes just like "arthur noooooooo dont leeeeeeave" and magics arthur closer or the door shut or SOMETHING to make him stay and hes to out of it to even realize he just revealed himself

Merlin can’t hold his liquor well, let that be said. For all the time Gaius lies about him being in the tavern, he doesn’t have any time to indulge in alcohol. Which means he’s a total lightweight.

He went out drinking with Arthur and the knights after a successful voyage out. It was not a good idea, but one of Merlin’s spells had been responsible for laying down the biggest beast (though no one knew it) and he was feeling pretty good about it. 

He was not feeling so great now. He’d partied far too long into the night, had at least four ales and something the bar wench had called firewhiskey. That burned going down, and he had a feeling he was about to learn how it felt coming back up. He and Arthur walked back the castle along the wide front street, Arthur’s strong arm supporting Merlin as he struggled to stay upright. 

“Merlin, you really are worse than a girl, when it comes to drinking.”

“Hey… Morgana can drrink any man oudda ‘ouse and ‘ome.” Merlin slurred, a giggle bubbling out of his mouth as he bumped against Arthur’s shoulder. 

Arthur laughed. “That’s true. I shouldn’t have counted you in with the likes of her.” 

They continued on down the way until they reached Merlin’s quarters. Usually, Merlin could navigate the front chamber with his eyes closed and not make a sound, but tonight he seemed to be all left feet. He directed Arthur with loudly mumbled instructions to “Go right here.” and “Left, left, the pot!”. They bumped into so many things Arthur was sure Gaius was going to wake up and come at them with a broom any second. 

Somehow, they made it through the front room and up the stairs to Merlin’s room without major incident, and Arthur settled Merlin down on his bed, setting a bucket next to his head on the floor. 

“Okay, Merlin,” He took off Merlin’s boots and tried to pull a blanket over him, but the drunk boy was fussy and wouldn’ t have it. “I’m going to leave you now, but remember. Tomorrow, when you feel truly terrible, just remember, I tried to get you to go home hours ago.” He chuckled and moved toward the door. 

“Arthurrrr noooooo, don’t leeave meeee,” He mumbled, another soft spoken phrase that Arthur couldn’t hear. 

The door shut as Arthur reached for it. Arthur turned, confused. The window was shut. And besides, the night had not been a windy one. “Merlin, how…”

A thought occurred to him, something which seemed so crazy but…

Merlin giggled. “Magiccccc!” He said, waving his hand theatrically. A shining rainbow appeared along the path of his hand. He looked at it, his eyes bugging open comically in surprise. “Whoops!”

“Merlin. You’re a… you’re a sorcerer!”

“Shhhhhh! It’s a secret!”

“Merlin, I don’t think you realize how serious this is, I-”

“Shhhhhhhh!” Merlin waved Arthur closer and Arthur obliged, sitting gingerly at the foot of the bed. “You- you- can’t tell anyyyone. Nobudddy knows except-” He pointed to the front room. Gaius. “I only do it to ‘elp you, Arthurrr. Only when you’rrrre in trrrrrouble. Only because I love you, Arthurrr.” He reached up and grabbed Arthur’s hand, dragging him down next to him right before he passed out. Arthur laid awake for a long time, Merlin’s hand keeping its deathgrip and keeping him in place. Eventually he fell asleep, his arm once more tucked around Merlin. Where he belonged. By his side.  

The Wizard Duel

This one is so sorely overdue (I think I posted a teaser like…a month ago or something?). I got so busy with other things that this had to fall by the wayside, but I was able to pick it up today and finish it.

Sword in the Stone is one of my favorite Disney movies. Ever. And the Wizard Duel is one of the best scenes in the movie. I felt it was necessary to commemorate it and I’ve never done an art nouveau style, so it was a win-win!

Hope you enjoy.
Unchanged - FleetofShippyShips - Merlin (TV)
By Organization for Transformative Works

7.7k, Explicit.

Returning to Camelot after a tour of the kingdom that ended in an ambush and a long, exhausting ride home, both Arthur and Merlin are relieved to finally have privacy again. Only, Arthur has things on his mind that Merlin is completely unprepared for.


Merlin poured the last bucket of water into the tub, and looked over his shoulder. Arthur was still lying face down on his bed. Swallowing nervously, Merlin muttered the spell to heat the water more, and dipped his fingers into it. Perfect.

“Your bath is ready, get up.”

“One day, I’ll tire of your insolence and dismiss you, Merlin,” Arthur muttered, as he dragged himself to his feet with a groan.

“Of course,” Merlin said cheerfully, stepping up to help him out of his clothes. “Any day now.”

Arthur glared at him, and then cuffed the back of his head. Merlin only grinned more widely. Arthur’s empty threats only seemed more and more pointless every day.  And more and more amusing that he still made them anyway.

“I can undress myself you know.”

Merlin snorted, and stepped back. “Go on then.”

Arthur set his jaw, and then started pulling at his clothes. Merlin didn’t bother to try and catch him when he fell over, or hide his amusement at the sight of him sprawled on the floor with his trousers around his knees.

“If you say one word, it’s the stocks for you,” Arthur grumbled, holding out his arms.

Merlin snickered, and pulled him back up into his feet.