merlin spells

*Beginning of the Campaign*
  • Merlin: So I wanna create a complex fire shield to block all the debris from landing on the party.
  • DM: You can't do that you're barely a level 1.
  • Merlin: Can I do it if I roll a 20?
  • DM: hehe sure.
  • Merlin: *rolls a natural 20*
  • Everyone: *LOUD SCREAMING*

I have a lot of feelings about jily!kissing.

Because we all know James Potter was a gangly, long-limbed boy who couldn’t quite keep his movements graceful, who would trip over his own feet if he wasn’t paying attention. And Lily Evans was this petite little fireball who barely met his shoulders but could match him spell for spell and Merlin help anyone who tried to tell her that Muggleborns couldn’t handle themselves.

But then Lily having to go up on her toes to peck his cheek before class and James blinking in surprise before reaching to cup her face or wrap his arms around her. Lily throwing her arms around James’ neck, feet barely touching the floor because her boyfriend is too adorable for words. And he is utterly mystified that this goddess among mortals chose /him/.

James deliberately standing one step down so that Lily doesn’t have to be on her tippy-toes (even though everyone else on the stairwell is complaining because they are going to be late for class, dammit Potter). But when they kiss like that, James ends up playing with her hair and trying to find ways to pull Lily closer. And Lily finally being tall enough to run her fingers through his hair, causing it to become even more ruffled and messy but neither of them really care.

soulrach  asked:

Hi, I while ago I read a canon!fic where Merlin uses his magic to turn himself into the perfect servant, but he looses his personality and Arthur notices that something is wrong with Merlin, somehow he figures out that Merlin has magic and that he used it to change himself into a copy of George, and he asks Merlin to change back, to undo whatever he did and be the same Merlin, I think that at the end Merlin undoes the spell. Could you please help me find it. I've been looking for it for ages.

Hi there! I’m fairly certain that’s The Easiest Thing by latenightchai.

Summary: When an inadvertent spell changes Merlin from the inside out, Arthur must face Camelot’s latest threat alone – and unravel the mystery of Merlin, or else risk losing him forever.

So I’ve been re-watching Merlin again, and I realized something I didn’t notice before in the Witchfinder. For those of you who don’t remember or just haven’t seen it, the episode starts with Merlin casting a spell out of boredom and gets spotted by a woman who goes to Uther out of fear.

This woman is clearly terrified and somewhat paranoid after seeing real magic. And yet she doesn’t suspect Merlin, despite him being the only other person around when it happened. She thinks it’s weird that he didn’t see it, but she doesn’t think it was him who did it. She has enough reason to, but it never even crosses her mind.

Then later on, the Witchfinder accuses him of sorcery. And the only verbal response is Prince Arthur going “Merlin? You can’t be serious.“

Not as in ‘I refuse to believe my servant and friend is the enemy.‘ But instead, he means it as in ‘I can’t even take you seriously.‘ Not only does Arthur not think Merlin is guilty, he thinks the very idea of Merlin being a sorcerer is just too stupid to be true.

That’s why Merlin never gets found out. Even in other episodes where he is framed (Goblin’s Gold) or even when he outright confesses (The Mark of Nimeh.) The moment it’s ‘proven‘ he isn’t guilty, people just accept it because, well, how could Merlin be a sorcerer? Sorcerer’s are perceived as cunning, clever, manipulative, dangerous beyond imagining. And Merlin is the exact opposite of all of those to other people, even those who like him.

Merlin’s idiocy kept him alive even more than his magic.

imagine that in series 5, instead of blasting Morgana back with magic near the Cauldron of Arianrhod, Mordred keeps talking to her.

imagine that he brings her to the lake just as Gwen is stepping into it, and Morgana enters the water too.

imagine that the spell Merlin casts to free Gwen from Morgana’s control works on both of them. imagine that even after so many years of hatred and fury, the fragile soul of the Morgana they once loved still remains, trembling and horrified as she is released from Morgause’s spell at last. imagine that the others realize what must have happened, and understand.

imagine that they finally, finally bring her home.

“Well done Merlin,” Arthur drawled, “that was a very impressive display of power with absolutely no results.”

“I…I wouldn’t say no results,” Merlin stammered.


“The spell was to make her bigger.”


“Well, part of her is bigger.”

Arthur and the dragon leaned in closer.

“Oh wow!” the dragon breathed.

Jutting out from the centre of the horse’s forehead, was a very small but very distinctive horn.

“A unicorn. You’ve turned my horse into a unicorn,” said Arthur flatly.

“Yes. Yes I have done that.”