merlin screening

what do people do if they aren’t in fandoms ??


Mergana : Midnight tryst 

It was a regular occurrence for the two of them. He’d hear her voice ringing inside his mind, telling him to visit her chambers after Gaius’ retirement for the night. Of course, Merlin could never deny her such request. And if he were to be honest to himself, she’d never let hear the end of it if he didn’t come to her when she asked.

Royal Road Trip AU

Merlin Emrys is the crown prince of England. Leaving his teenage years behind, he is becoming increasingly involved in the inner-workings of the federal government, royal proceedings, and so forth. So much so that his social life has dwindled down next to nothing. Arthur Pendragon is noble by birth and Merlin’s closest childhood friend. Increasingly fed-up with Merlin’s lack of time for him, he plans a cross-country trip just for the two of them. All he has to do is convince Merlin to take some time off…

  • Lancelot: [in a crowd and can't find Merlin]
  • Lancelot: [using hands as megaphone] LANCELOT DESERVED TO DIE
  • Merlin: [leaps over table] HOW DARE YOU
  • Gwen: [explodes out of castle] EXCUSE ME
  • Arthur: [draws sword] WHAT'D YOU SAY
  • Gwaine: [bursts out of tavern] YOU WANT TO FUCKING GO
  • Merlin Fandom: [breaks through screen, screaming]
  • Lancelot: ......shit

My Merthur edit! I’m still crying because of Merlin and just…FEELS FEELS FEELS…damn it! I love them sooo much 💘

every episode of merlin ever
  • *dark, shadowy room/forest scene where a cloaked figure is given a small pouch/casts a spell*
  • *as the figure's face is revealed music swells and cuts to title screen*
  • arthur: merlin, i need you to do the thing
  • merlin: (does the thing with magic)
  • arthur: ha! (thinking he did the thing) you're an idiot merlin
  • *cuts to nighttime*
  • morgana: (wakes from a nightmare proclaiming arthur's death)
  • *cloaked figure arrives at palace*
  • cloaked figure: hello yes i am nice
  • merlin: i don't trust him
  • gaius: merlin you can't just go accusing people of this;;,,,;you need proof
  • merlin: (finds damning evidence)
  • morgana: (tells gaius about nightmare)
  • gaius: there is no evidence!!
  • cloaked figure: (clearly enchants arthur)
  • gaius: okay maybe there is one
  • merlin: i must use The Magic,,to defeat cloaked figure!
  • gaius: dont be such a stupid fool do you have any Idea what would happen if the King found out;?
  • cloaked figure: (challenges arthur to a duel he cannot fight bc enchantment)
  • merlin: what do we do?
  • gaius: this cloaked figure is X person and their magic is beyond any you h ave ev er faced...there is only one way to stop k must go and see';;',;.the drAgon...
  • dragon: ah so the young warlock returns (gives easy riddle answer that merlin can't answer) (flies away as merlin shouts)
  • gwen: look at this flower haha sorry oops #inferioritycomplex
  • merlin: (flower gives him the answer)
  • merlin: (saves arthur as he's fighting)
  • arthur: ha! i am a Rich Man and i never fail at anything
  • merlin: (shares homoerotic glance with arthur and the two go in to hug but instead brush it off)
  • arthur: okay, im going to need you to clean my chambers, mend my tunic, polish my armour and...muck out the stables
  • merlin: (look of distaste)
  • *end screen*
After the first screening of Merlin, series 1, ep 1:
  • person 1: that was -
  • capps: what?
  • person 1: well i mean it was good but
  • capps: but what?
  • person 1: 'i'll take you apart with one blow'
  • capps: ...
  • person 1: 'there's something about you merlin'
  • capps: ...
  • person 1: well i mean, it was very... gay
  • capps: ...
  • person 1: you realise that, right?
  • *Murphy in the background making shut up gestures