merlin parallels


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I just can’t see the similarity between Dark Swan and Morgana Le Fay (Merlin) being a coincidence. The outfits are almost identical. AND there’s the Camelot/Merlin reference right there staring us in the face too.

We also know that the Dark One has seer powers of some sort, and Morgana is a seer.

I’m interested to see where they take this, and whether they’re going to have Dark Swan becoming Morgana, of sorts.


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I'm cracking up at these psych quotes, what a great show. And putting them in Merlin context is gold. Keep up the excellent work as always!! :)

Thank you so much!! I love Psych so much - it was my first favorite TV show - the definition of hilarity and my ultimate comfort show. I actually wrote a Merlin Psych AU at one point…I think Shawn and Merlin have some interesting parallels that go beyond humor :) Glad you like the blog!