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Katie McGrath’s Characters: Dedicated to @lena-lipbite-luthor and Inspired by her Character Analyses (linked here: x, x, x,) 


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xtestament  asked:

Hey, so this might be a challenge for you, and I loved your responce last time. I am now however, even more curious. In your opinion what are the top 5 - 10 most awesome characters according to each MBTI type?

This is an opinion question so it is totally bias/subjective, but I am so excited to answer this.


  1. Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead
  2. Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation
  3. Elsa from Frozen
  4. Tenzin from Avatar: Legend of Korra
  5. John Clare from Penny Dreadful
  6. P.L. Travers from Saving Mr. Banks


  1. Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit
  2. Marge Simpson from The Simpsons
  3. Astrid Farnsworth from Fringe
  4. Dr. John Watson from BBC’s Sherlock
  5. Gwen from BBC’s Merlin


  1. Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful
  2. Morgaine from The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bredley
  3. Olivia Dunham from Fringe
  4. Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass
  5. Athelstan from Vikings
  6. Will Graham from Hannibal
  7. Zaheer from Avatar: Legend of Korra


  1. Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings
  2. Twelfth Doctor from Doctor Who
  3. Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders
  4. Sembene from Penny Dreadful
  5. Flame Princess from Adventure Time


  1. Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time
  2. Cullen Bohannan from Hell on Wheels
  3. Wendy from Gravity Falls
  4. Bellamy Blake from The 100
  5. Shinya Kogami from Psycho-Pass


  1. Ethan Chandler from Penny Dreadful
  2. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender
  3. Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings
  4. Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead
  5. Sheriff Graham “The Huntsman” from Once Upon a Time


  1. Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender
  2. Rory Williams from Doctor Who
  3. April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation
  4. Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 
  5. Merlin from BBC’s Merlin
  6. Nick Miller from New Girl
  7. Sadness from Inside Out


  1. Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
  2. BMO from Adventure Time
  3. Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd
  4. Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars
  5. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter


  1. Han Solo from Star Wars
  2. Amy Pond from Doctor Who
  3. Brona Croft from Penny Dreadful
  4. Jake the Dog from Adventure Time
  5. Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls
  6. Lance Hunter from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


  1. Bart Simpson from The Simpsons
  2. Darth Vader “Anakin Skywalker” from Star Wars
  3. Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who
  4. Korra from Avatar: Legend of Korra
  5. Finn the Human from Adventure Time


  1. Mabel from Gravity Falls
  2. Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls
  3. Aang from Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  4. Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who
  5. Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time
  6. Rose Tyler from Doctor Who


  1. Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
  2. Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons
  3. Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who
  4. Chandler Bing from Friends
  5. Jim Moriarty from BBC’s Sherlock
  6. Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers
  7. Dr. Walter Bishop from Fringe
  8. River Song from Doctor Who


  1. Sir Malcolm Murray from Penny Dreadful
  2. Lagertha from Vikings
  3. Asami Sato from Avatar: Legend of Korra
  4. Martha Jones from Doctor Who
  5. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter


  1. Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation
  2. Clarke Griffin from The 100
  3. Bolin from Avatar: Legend of Korra
  4. Donna Noble from Doctor Who
  5. King Richard from Galavant


  1. Clara Oswald from Doctor Who
  2. Phil Coulson from Marvel Cinematic Universe
  3. Jessica Day from New Girl
  4. Rapunzel from Tangled
  5. Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club


  1. Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender
  2. Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time
  3. Princess Leia from Star Wars
  4. Regina Mills “The Evil Queen” from Once Upon a Time
  5. Peggy Carter from Agent Carter