merlin masterpost

Master post!

I’ll add more if needed!


Amnesia (Loki x reader)

Can’t sleep (Loki x reader)

Stars and raindrops (Nightcrawler x reader)

Mistakes (Thor x reader)

Jealousy (Gambit x reader)


Worrying (Sam x reader) 

Star Wars 

You’re all I need (Kylo Ren x reader)

Protective (Hux x reader)

Don’t give up (Chirrut Imwe x reader)

Cuddles (Bodhi Rook x reader)

I trust you (Kylo ren x reader)

Secrets and flames (Kylo Ren x reader)

Kylo Ren x kind naive reader headcanons 

Harry potter 

Injuries (Draco x reader)


Dating Merlin headcanons pt.1 

Dating Merlin headcanons pt.2

BBC Merlin - Season 5

Click to watch. To download, once at the watch screen click the download arrow in the upper-left corner, then click “Download anyway”.

5x01 - Arthur’s Bane (Part 1)

5x02 - Arthur’s Bane (Part 2)

5x03 - The Death Song of Uther Pendragon

5x04 - Another’s Sorrow

5x05 - The Disir

5x06 - The Dark Tower

5x07 - A Lesson in Vengeance

5x08 - The Hollow Queen

5x09 - With All My Heart

5x10 - The Kindness of Strangers

5x11 - The Drawing of the Dark

5x12 - The Diamond of the Day (Part 1)

5x13 - The Diamond of the Day (Part 2)