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My Merlin Fanfiction Masterlist

It was about time I separated out my fandoms.

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I’ll update this list every time I upload something new.

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Conversations - Series, ongoing.

  1. Stranded, Merlin/Arthur, 3.4k, Teen.
    After an encounter with bandits, in which they were outnumbered, Arthur and his knights are injured and trying to make their way back to Camelot. Merlin has only grown more and more tired of the way Arthur treats him as weak and in the way. After the fight, both stressed and irritated, they push each other too far, and stray dangerously close to a conversation they never have.
  2. Wandering, Merlin/Arthur, 6.3k, Teen.
    With their injured party still stranded in the woods, trying to make their way back to Camelot, Merlin struggles to be helpful in their dangerous situation, without revealing his magic. Arthur isn’t helping matters as he continues to edge around something serious when he speaks to Merlin whenever they are alone.
  3. Home, Merlin/Arthur, 8k, Teen
    Arthur and Merlin make it back to Camelot, and Arthur finally tires of talking in circles.
  4. Morning and Night, 6k, Teen.
    With a new dynamic to his relationship with Arthur, Merlin expects everything to have changed, while realising that not much actually has. That should make it easier, but really, it only makes it more confusing to know what he can and can’t do now.

Unchanged, 7.7k, Explicit

Returning to Camelot after a tour of the kingdom that ended in an ambush and a long, exhausting ride home, both Arthur and Merlin are relieved to finally have privacy again. Only, Arthur has things on his mind that Merlin is completely unprepared for.

The Unexpected, 4.2k, Explicit.

What happens in the stream is unexpected. What happens in the castle, is more than Merlin could have ever hoped for.

Watching Him Watch Me, 3k, Explicit.

Arthur likes to watch, close enough to touch, if he so desires.

Merlin likes watching him watch, and the weight of his gaze.

Unburdened, 2.3k, Explicit

After a spell forces Arthur to spill his secrets, the relationship between he and Merlin has become strained. Merlin can’t forget what he heard, nor can he resist following Arthur when he disappears at night.

After all, Arthur said he wanted him there.

Worship the Earth, 1.4k, Mature.

Merlin’s magic is meant to worship the earth, but he’d rather use it to worship Arthur. He’s come to learn, one cannot happen without the other.

BBC Merlin - Season 5

Click to watch. To download, once at the watch screen click the download arrow in the upper-left corner, then click “Download anyway”.

5x01 - Arthur’s Bane (Part 1)

5x02 - Arthur’s Bane (Part 2)

5x03 - The Death Song of Uther Pendragon

5x04 - Another’s Sorrow

5x05 - The Disir

5x06 - The Dark Tower

5x07 - A Lesson in Vengeance

5x08 - The Hollow Queen

5x09 - With All My Heart

5x10 - The Kindness of Strangers

5x11 - The Drawing of the Dark

5x12 - The Diamond of the Day (Part 1)

5x13 - The Diamond of the Day (Part 2)

Merlin Masterpost

Season 1
Episode 1: The Dragon’s Call
Episode 2: Valiant
Episode 3: The Mark of Nimueh
Episode 4: The Poisoned Chalice
Episode 5: Lancelot
Episode 6: A Remedy to Cure All Ills
Episode 7: The Gates of Avalon
Episode 8: The Beginning of the End
Episode 9: Excalibur
Episode 10: The Moment of Truth
Episode 11: The Labyrinth of Gedref
Episode 12: To Kill the King
Episode 13: Le Morte d'Arthur
Season 2
Episode 1: The Curse of Cornelius Sigan
Episode 2: The Once and Future Queen
Episode 3: The Nightmare Begins
Episode 4: Lancelot and Guinevere
Episode 5: Beauty and the Beast
Episode 6: Beauty and the Beast II
Episode 7: The Witchfinder
Episode 8: The Sins of the Father
Episode 9: The Lady of the Lake
Episode 10: Sweet Dreams
Episode 11: The Witch’s Quickening
Episode 12: The Fires of Idirsholas
Episode 13: The Last Dragonlord
Season 3
Episode 1: The Tears of Uther Pendragon part 1
Episode 2: The Tears of Uther Pendragon part 2
Episode 3: Goblin’s Gold
Episode 4: Gwaine
Episode 5: The Crystal Cave
Episode 6: The Changeling
Episode 7: The Castle of Fyrien
Episode 8: The Eye of the Phoenix
Episode 9: Love in the Time of Dragons
Episode 10: Queen of Hearts
Episode 11: The Sorcerer’s Shadow
Episode 12: The Coming of Arthur part 1
Episode 13: The Coming of Arthur part 2
Season 4
Episode 1: The Revival of the Witch part 1
Episode 2: The Darkest Hour part 2
Episode 3: The Wicked Day
Episode 4: Aithusa
Episode 5: To Be Revealed
Episode 6: A Servant Of Two Masters
Episode 7: The Secret Sharer
Episode 8: Lamia
Episode 9: Lancelot Du Lac
Episode 10: A Herald Of The New Age
Episode 11: The Hunter’s Heart
Episode 12: The Sword in the Stone part 1
Episode 13: The Sword in the Stone part 2
Season 5
Episode 1: Arthur’s Bane part 1
Episode 2: Arthur’s Bane part 2
Episode 3: The Death Song of Uther Pendragon
Episode 4: Another’s Sorrow
Episode 5: The Disir
Episode 6: The Dark Tower
Episode 7: A Lesson in Vengeance
Episode 8: The Hollow Queen
Episode 9: With All My Heart
Episode 10: The Kindness of Strangers
Episode 11: The Drawing of the Dark
Episode 12: The Diamond of the Day part 1
Episode 13: The Diamond of the Day part 2