merlin lost

seriously though, in order for there to be any relevant plot in the Kingsman threequel they have to bring back Merlin.

Because without him this organisation consists of a one eyed man who is notoriously late, one Lancelot who is recovering from a missile attack (SHE LIVES FIGHT ME), one hillbilly that thinks wearing a denim suit to a royal wedding is an accaptable thing to do, and a guy who’s side job is being the prince of fucking Sweden.

Bring back Merlin or the world is fucking doomed.

Favorite Male Characters in Tv

1. Castiel ( He turned my whole world upside down  💘 💘 💘)

2. Crowley

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3. Dean Winchester

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4. Sam Winchester

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5. The Doctor 

6. Sherlock Holmes

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7. Jim Moriarty

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8. Mycroft Holmes ( because Mark Gatiss rocks!!! )

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9. Will Graham

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10. Hannibal Lecter

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11. The Master

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12. Jack Harkness

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13. Fox Mulder ( my first tv character crush, i was so in love!!!)

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14. Captain Malcom Reynolds

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15. Gaius Baltar

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16. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

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17. Merlin /Emrys 

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18. Arthur Nielsen

19. Dr. Spencer Reid

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20. Tyrion Lannister (the only reason i watch game of thrones)

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21. Magnus Bane

22. Walter Bishop

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23. John Locke

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24. Harold Finch

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25. Dr House

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26. Sheldon and Leonard

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27. Dexter Morgan

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28. Adrian Monk

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29. Morgan Jones

30. Chandler Bing

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I wanted to add more but it was getting too big

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anonymous asked:

I am looking for a fic that I read a long time ago. I am pretty sure it was a Modern Royalty AU. Arthur and Merlin were seeing each other but it was a secret. The part I most remember is that Arthur is in the hospital for some reason and his bodyguard sneaks Merlin in to see him. It's not the Student Prince or Not In This Land Alone because I just read both of those.

Both mods have tried to find ONE fic that had all these details you mention, but for some reasons we couldn’t agree on one!
So, here’s a list of 3 greats fics that feature royalty au, hospitals and bodyguards :P
Drastically Redifining Protocol by rageprufrock, Same River Twice by kianspo and Missed Connections by tourdefierce.

Hope you recognize the right one!

Liberty and Justice (NSFW)

Eggsy Unwin x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Kingsman/Avengers AU - The Avengers are a branch of the Statesmen located in New York, Eggsy and Merlin have come to the states in search of Harry and you have been assigned to work with Eggsy to help find the man who may have kidnapped him causing Bucky (Sergeant) to get a little jealous.

Warnings: Smut

A/N: DONE! If there are any glaring grammatical errors just let me know and I’ll fix it in the morning. I’m too tired right now. I pulled these images off google to make this gif so I don’t know who the original artists are. If you do let me know and I’ll credit them. Glad I finally managed to write this because I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to do it at first but I’m (sort of) pleased with the result. Also, this is still a reader fic but because everyone in Kingsmen and Statesmen going by code names the reader and the Avengers go by code names. Just trust me on this.

“Are you fucking serious? I have to go back there?” Eggsy groaned, throwing a small tantrum.

“Yes Eggsy, you and I have to go back to see the Statesmen, they are the only ones who can help us find Harry.” Merlin sighed. “But don’t worry, we are going to see the New Yorkers this time, not the mid-westerners.”

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Why Does Golden Circle End in a Wedding?

So, the ending of The Golden Circle is still super fucking weird to me. Specifically the Eggsy/Tilde wedding. Like half of me feels like they just did it so the Golden Circle title could, well, come full circle so to speak.

Because here’s the thing- it goes against everything these movies have been building toward. Eggsy has demonstrated throughout both of these movies that Kingsman is the most important thing in his life. He demonstrates that Kingsman is more important than Tilde to him when he goes through with the Clara mission. 

And I think his conviction in that belief would be even stronger by the end of the movie. It’s wildly out of character that he gets his mentor back from the dead, loses everyone else he cares about, and says you know what? I’m done with this. And even though he could very well still be a kingsman, marrying a princess publicly kind of implies that he’s stepping down.

It would have made the most sense, cinematically, and the ending I was expecting, if Eggsy had said, Look Harry, I can’t go back to Tilde and get married and pretend everything is fine. A year ago I thought you were dead. I lost Roxy, Brandon, my fucking dog. We lost Merlin. And if Kingsman, if giving her up, can prevent other people from losing their Harry Harts or their Merlins then I can’t walk away.

And I spent a long time trying to ask myself why. Like why would they choose to leave us with the main character abandoning the mission of rebuilding the thing that’s become the most important to him? The focal point of two whole movies?

And I think it’s solely because the movie backs itself into a corner. Because if Eggsy doesn’t get married and distance himself, they’ve killed off everyone else, and the narrative only has one place to go.

It’s just Eggsy and Harry, with no one else to rely on but each other. And Eggsy would give Harry anything he asked, and he doesn’t want to lose him again. Harry has nowhere else to turn, no other way to cope with his grief and no way out.

TLDR; Eggsy had to get married because otherwise it would have been just him and Harry being the most important things in the world to each other and that’s too gay for mainstream cinema.

Sketchtember dayyyy 14 (I’m only still keeping count to keep track of it lolol)

Harry and Merlin have just finished some gym sessions topped off with a slightly-too-competitive spar (they never agree on who won btw)

merlin lost his shirt somewhere probably, and Eggsy is enjoying the show just out of shot with Roxy sighing indulgently over his complete loss of focus on their spar. 

lost prince merlin au

so i’ve had this story rolling around in my head for like, idk, 3 or 4 years but i’ll probably never get around to writing it

nimueh captures baby arthur a la sleeping beauty and hides him away. she gives him to a sterile couple who’d so desperately wanted a child, and they’re so grateful. nimueh, who at this point is a good witch, a kind person, says that all she asks for in return is that they raise this boy with respect for the olde ways, and that they name him arthur. the couple happily agrees, and thats the last they see of this kind witch.

uther rages - he’s lost his wife and his son and his hatred of magic is even more intense. nimueh returns and has a giant fight with uther and he tries to slice her head off but instead she gets the sword from him, plunges it into the stone steps in front of the palace, and says uther is unworthy of his title of king, since he’s so willing to murder so many of his loyal subjects. uther tries to pull the sword out, but can’t, and nimueh says only the true king of camlot will be able to remove that sword, and when her magic shimmers down on it becomes a golden hue, longer and more impressive, and ceases to by uther’s sword but is instead excaliber.

the couple who raise arthur have nothing but kindess and good things to say of magic, and his father who used to be in their lord’s army shows him how to use a blade, says that magic is just the same as steel - it can be a plow that provides for your family or a sword that cuts down your enemies.

so arthur grows up a farmer’s son, but he’s smart and talented and soon he’s practicing with the nobles’ sons, sneaking into their lessons and doing their homework in exchange for getting a chance to read their books. arthur soon becomes a better swordsman than they ever will be. he’s a pitiful farmer, but he’s smart and quick and no one can beat him with a sword in his hands, and soon it becomes clear to everyone, including the noble, that a life working the land is wasted on arthur, while his own sons are good warriors and tacticians but not great.

so the noble makes arthur and his family a deal - he’ll pay for arthur to go to the royal university in camelot, and in return arthur will come back and help manage the family land and finances. and this would breed jealousy in lesser men, but the noble’s son, leon, is a good man and so is his brother, and they love arthur as if they are his own kin. so when they go to camelot to become knights they bring arthur to be a scholar. and because they’ve already shared everything, they teach him the swordsmanship they’re being taught if for no other reason than arthur can do it better, and teach them too. then one day arthur takes a wrong turn in the castle and stumbles into merlin doing a spell and merlin panics and gaius panics and arthur is just like chill i have no problem with this, but also you’re doing magic in the palace are you brain dead???

and merlin and arthur become best friends, and arthur somehow ends up upon morgana as she’s sobbing, and he manages to figure it out, and he reassures her that magic isn’t all bad, a witch gave him to his family, and he teaches morgana what he was taught, that magic is nothing more or less than a tool to be wielded. and everything’s fine up until one day uther stalks down to practice and leon sees uther and arthur side by side and is like ????

and eventually leon and merlin are convinced that arthur is the missing prince and arthur is convinced they’re insane. this all culminates when arthur is practicing with the knights and uther stumbles upon them and loses his SHIT like a commoner is training in MY royal house? and he’s like i’ll show you a real knight, boy, and attacks arthur with his sword. only arthur is really, really good so he and uther end up fighting all the way to the palace steps and they’ve attracted a crowd of peasants and nobles, leon and merlin included

and the king finally disarms arthur and swings to kill him, but arthur reaches for the sword that no one’s ever been able to move and pulls it out

and he swings excaliber up and disarms uther and there’s no putting this genie back in the bottle, because most of camelot just saw arthur pull the sword from the stone, something only their lost prince can do

leon is the first to bow, because something inside him always knew, and then the rest bow and uther is staring at this boy whom he nearly killed and who’s his son and

and arthur is the most beloved in all the land, because he’ll die a king but he was raised a commoner, and he intimately knows the struggles they face. and uther doesn’t know what to with this boy, he’s nothing and everything like the son he wanted so badly, and somewhere nimueh smiles, because she’s gotten her revenge in the best way possible

(arthur marries gwen because no noble lady will lead the people the way he wants them led, but takes merlin as a lover, and gwen takes lancealot as a lover and everyone’s very happy with their choices. arthur’s adopted parents don’t leave their village, and keep farming, but now it’s only because they want to since arthur provides everything for them and visits at least twice a year. merlin is his chief sorcerer, morgana his head priestess, and on the day of his coronation nimueh stands at the back of the crowd and bows with all the rest)

Stop haunting me

So yeah, because I can, I wrote a remix of one of my own fics I’m not calling you a ghost. Except for being a remix of that fic, they’re not really linked since the first one was written before we even knew we would get a sequel and this one has been writen after I saw the trailer for the sequel.

Of course we don’t know yet what’s up with Harry in the sequel, but I wrote this under the assumption that wherever Harry is, he’s being held captive by Poppy. That’s pretty much what you need to know.

Thank you to @insanereddragon for putting up with my freaking out about this fic today. tagging a few people I think would like the story @liprouvaire @bouncybrittonie @agentdagonet @dianyx @yoshifics @agent-eggy @lady-mephistopheles @trekkiepirate @hartwinorlose @awesomehartwintrash

Stop haunting me

Harry wakes up in a infirmary bed, feeling extremely sore. His body protests painfully when he tries to move and he abandons the idea quickly.

He’s confused as to his change of location, wonders why he isn’t in his padded cell anymore. Knows better than to believe his recollection of the past few days, that he’s been saved from his imprisonment.

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