merlin knows

two underrated scenes no one ever talks about:

  • where uther has the audacity to fucking ask “have i wronged you in some way??” and merlin (in disguise) responds by saying uther has wronged so many ppl in so many ways and that he’s a tyrant. bc he fucking is!!!!!! and merlin is fucking angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • also the part where merlin (still in disguise) is being led to the pyre for his own execution and he uses magic to escape.

and tbh it doesn’t rlly matter if merlin is in disguise bc we, as the audience, know who it is. we also know that merlin values his own life and dying like that is one of his biggest fears????? just fuck me up

Listen………. I’ve been laughing at this for 10 minutes now, okay? That time Merlin straight up murdered someone for dramatic effect. The guy wasn’t even in his way! He’s just a maniac. Running around throwing people off archways… #averagemonday 

The funniest thing is everyone around him just acts casually like this is an everyday event. there’s a pileup of bodies in the courtyard.  

arthur dreams about merlin

this is not a headcanon, this is solid canon:


let’s not forget about that one time merlin sent a message to arthur while he was asleep

“it didn’t feel like one of my usual dreams with merlin, it felt real, like a message”


Obvious excuses, gentleman
Woah, lucky boys! Could have been them… but of course Merlin and Arthur are waaaay to smart to get caught *pfffft*. For @atributetotheclassicmovies
because »Perwaiiiiiiine«. I swear I have prattled about poetry way too aften by now. But this one just had to be done xD

okay, this is just pure fluff and cute shit for the sake of being cute

but i bet eggsy and harry would, like, give jb a “voice”. you know how people do when they have pets? give their pet a voiceover? but eggsy makes jb sound like a gruff tough guy while harry makes jb sound like something out of “pride and prejudice” lol.

like, a scenario. eggsy is in a bad mood and is kinda sulking. harry picks up jb and kinda hovers the pug by eggsy’s face and goes, “oh, my dearest father. why are you so upset? won’t you tell me, your most faithful and lovable son?” and jb’s licking eggsy’s face. eggsy cracks a smile and is like, “you know that’s not jb’s voice.”  and harry’s like, “nonsense, we all know he is a little gentleman.”

and if you switch it around, it’s eggsy’s holding jb by a sulking harry’s face and going, “oi mate, what’s with the long face, eh? you wanna tell jb all about it? want me to go bite someone for ya? i’ll do it mate, swear down.” and jb’s happily panting on harry’s face. harry cracks a smile and takes jb from eggsy to give him a good scratch behind the ears. and harry being like, “that’s not how he sounds like.” and eggsy’s like “nah, he’s my tough little guy.”

actual canon lines in bbc merlin
  • “Tell me, Merlin, do you know how to walk on your knees?”
  • “(moaning) Arthur…Arthur, go faster…”
  • “I’ll have YOU for breakfast!”
  • “I have to pee. Sorry, unless you want to watch me.”
  • “Merlin can’t even find his own backside.”
  • “Three’s always better than one, eh, Merlin?”
  • “I’m always peeing, ask Arthur.”
  • “You’re not Merlin.”

Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”

Asexual!Merlin - Merthur AU mini series

Chapter 1

Arthur is an english literature student. It is the beginning of yet another term, although this time Arthur notices a new boy in the classroom. He finds the boy (way too much) attractive, even though he is not one of Arthur’s usual types. 

Professor Morgause Garlois, one of the scariest teachers Arthur has ever met in his humble opinion, starts the lecture. The time she starts talking about the semester project, Arthur has no idea he could be so lucky (Morgause wasn’t really that scary after all) and get THE BOY as his partner. 

It doesn’t take long to discover Merlin is a huge geek and Doctor Who fan (something Arthur can relate to) and they have a very lovely conversation, Arthur finds Merlin very easy to talk to and they spend the rest of the day talking about their favourite episodes, Doctors and companions. 

Arthur cannot help it, he’s fallen for Merlin like a ton of bricks.

When they reach outside of the canteen, they are spotted by Arthur’s sister Morgana and her friend Sophia (who happens to have a bit of a crush on Arthur)… 

To be continued

You can find all chapters here


As soon as Merlin’s magic is revealed, Arthur’s response is Don’t be ridiculous, Merlin.” “This is stupid, why would you say that?”, he refuses to believe what Merlin says it’s true. He knows Merlin. He would have told him. Arthur would have noticed“I would know!” he says, and starts crying.
After seeing Merlin’s magic his expression changes from heartbroken to afraid. Reality hits him, who is this person?
Merlin’s confession turns Arthur’s world upside down. “I can’t let you die” means little to Arthur though. Merlin could just be loyal to the crown, to Camelot’s heir. 
The first positive response happens after Merlin admits “There will never be another like you, Arthur”. Arthur’s eyes are full of warmth and he even smiles a little. There will never be another like him for Merlin.
One of my favorite scenes in 5x13 is the next one, when Arthur asks “Why did you never tell me?”, and Merlin replies with “You’d have chopped my head off.”, Arthur barely moves, he doesn’t even look at Merlin. 
“I’m not sure what I would’ve done.“
“I didn’t want to put you in that position.” That sentence is what makes Arthur recognize his Merlin for the first time in that episode (not just a good man, but someone who cares about him, someone who loves him). “That’s what worried you”, he says, while staring at Merlin’s lips.
Any doubt of Merlin saving his life out of duty goes out of the window when Merlin says “It’s not why I do it” and looks directly into Arthur’s eyes. 
Like I said before, Merlin doesn’t spend 5x13 showing Arthur magic is good, because sometimes it’s not and Arthur has seen that (maybe that’s why he’s afraid at first of Merlin’s true motives), he assures Arthur he’s still the same person, that he doesn’t have any hidden agenda, he just cares for Arthur’s well being.
Last, but not least: “I don’t want you to change. I want you… to always… be you.”, he knows this Merlin, he doesn’t make a joke about Merlin’s many imperfections (because he loves all those little things about him, his clumsiness, the fact that he can’t shut up, how he’s always late…), he says he wants Merlin to always be him, to never change. Because magical or not, Arthur Pendragon loves every single thing about Merlin, his manservant, and it’s been that way for years.