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Well damn the lighting shit but I have been harping on for MONTHS about how I wanted to remake my Knight of Camelot cape and this weekend I did! My old one was fine, but I wanted one with more swoosh and perhaps a closer colour to the ones on the show.

I made it with the wine red linen look fabric from Minerva Crafts (joined their craft club, £20 a year and you get 10% off your orders). Those series 5 promo pics of Arthur with his cloak all billowed out were incredibly helpful because through that I found out it looked like they used French seams (definitely the best way to go, they look really good).

The Pendragon emblem and fastening were purged from the old cape (RIP old buddy) and I’m just really proud of this!

i am so on board with the idea of percival being a giant softy

he was adorable with the lamia (at least until the enchantment turned all the knights against each other)

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but consider:

  • percival being a massive hugger. he hugs everyone if he thinks they’re having a bad day. once he hugged arthur without thinking and there was a stunned silence and then arthur joking appointed him the Official Court Hugger, and he takes it very seriously
  • they send percival if they need to rescue a child or someone very afraid. he talks to them real quiet and gentle and every time he returns with them riding double on the horse, clinging to him
  • once they found a baby in an devastated village and he insisted on being the one to carry it home. he wrapped some cloth into a sling and rode into camelot like a proud mama
  • the castle is crawling with cats after he rescued one and it had kittens. they nap in the armory and keep merlin company when he cleans arthur’s armor. they all sleep in percival’s room and at night you can hear them purring
  • the mothers of camelot all adore percival and give him an abundance of baked goods as thank yous. he always comes home with muffins and bread and sweet buns and one time, an entire cake that gwaine stole pieces of
  • he likes to knit and no one questions it. it relaxes him, plus all the knights now have lovely sets of winter hats and scarves

‘  Y/N: Why is it so cold here? Should have brought more blankets.

  Y/N said as she snuggled to her green blanket. She sighed and put his bowl down to the floor. The sound of the knights and Arthur’s bickering was cut off and Merlin was clearly failing at keeping himself from bursting into a laughter. She looked up to see them looking directly at her.

  Y/N: What? Did I said something wrong?

  Arthur: No, no you didn’t. But if you’d like to you can get my blanket.

  Y/N: Oh no, sire, I can’t.

  Elyan: Y/N is right, your highness. We can’t risk you getting cold. But perhaps she would accept my offer?

  Y/N: I am not going to take anyone’s blanket and that’s final. What if one of you catches a cold.

  Percival: Honestly Y/N, it’s not even that cold.

  Gwaine: I can give you mine if you’ll take care of me when I catch a cold. That’s a fair deal isn’t it? *winks*

  Y/N: Gwai-

  Leon: Obviously one of us have to keep Y/N warm at night. I can if you’d like?

  Mordred: Well you are only one person maybe I can also help you out?

  Arthur: If someone’s going to accompany Y/N at night that should be me. I could protect her better than you two.

  Y/N: I-I *desperately looks at Merlin who is enjoying himself a little more than he should*

  Lancelot: You said no blankets right? But no one said anything about cloaks.

  He said as he wrapped his cloak around you.

  Merlin: Good thinking Lancelot.

  Suddenly you were drowning in cloaks. Seven cloaks layered on top of you. You started to get warmer by second.

  Y/N: Thank you guys…

  Merlin: Problem solved.          ‘