merlin is the second gaius

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Hi! I was reading this merthur fic but I was on mobile so I lost it. I was wondering if you could help me find it? All I know is that Merlin is a university student who is an extremely talented piano player and he is being taught by Gaius. And Arthut is this really talented violinist. The first time they meet Arthur is like passed out drunk on Merlin's doorstep. Then the second time is because Arthur's accompanist broke her hand so Gaius has Merlin play for her... Thank you so much!

Pianos are Made for Falling by fishwrites
Arthur is a world class violinist, trapped in Sydney, Australia, by his fear of flying. In the wake of a mediocre concert, vicious critics and with barely a month to go before his next (hopefully reputation-saving) recital, Arthur is almost at breaking point. When his accompanist, Morgana, breaks her wrist in a car accident, Arthur is more or less doomed. And the story begins, when the Maestro at the conservatoire, Gaius Stresemann, recommends his protege Merlin Emrys to step in. Merlin, who plays by ear, as he pleases and really just wants to be a kindergarten teacher.
Well. The story really starts six months previously when Arthur passes out drunk outside Merlin’s shoe-box apartment.