merlin is the most adorable thing ever

My x’s and o-o-oh’s they haunt me//open

Sherlock let out a deep breath. he sat in the frost underneath a court yard tree. he liked the numb feeling that came with the chill. made him feel…human. his grandfather had yet to disturb his mind since the incident and there was no sign of remy anywhere. he knew he needed to end what ever weird thing he and the Cajun had. he adored remy in a way but he also knew the other would always be attached to his need for cocaine and his ace would most likely move on to the next client after Sherlock claiming to just want a relationship free of the drug.

he wanted it though. GOOD MERLIN, how he CRAVED it. but after his moment with Spock he knew he had to move forward. try and find a new addiction. but he hardly knew himself these days. how do you start over while you are still the same person you where yesterday? 

My friend told me her boyfriend asked her out via cootie catcher, and I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. Just imagine–Arthur writing “yes” for all of the answers in the catcher, and then asking Merlin to be his boyfriend and telling him to let the catcher decide haha. :’)))

I wrote a short thing to accompany this, because I couldn’t help myself lol.