merlin is the blue and yellow one


Where Lovers Are Made
➝ A Merthur fanfic.
AO3 | FF ]

Word Count: 15.2K
Summary: When Arthur takes his nephew, Mordred, to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear Workshop, he meets a certain blue-eyed, dark-haired employee with a seemingly perceptual grin; but it turns out Merlin isn’t always smiling.

When he’d cut through the tape and unfolded the cardboard flaps, he was presented with a teddy bear of the same golden color as the one Mordred had made for him. Only, this bear wore a felt, yellow crown with the ends velcroed together in the back and a red cloak around its neck. The certificate in the box had the Build-A-Bear logo on it, and it named the bear King Arthur.

Arthur gaped at the stuffed animal. He picked it up out of the box, a bit unsurely, and squeezed it between his hands. It was soft and plush, and he actually found himself wondering if the satin heart inside was a solid red or had a checkered pattern.

He stood up from his desk and crossed the room to place the bear on the windowsill. The Thames sparkled behind the glass, and London’s cityscape stretched on for miles. The bear, with its crown and regal cape, looked like a monarch observing his lands.

Arthur snapped a picture of it on his mobile and sent it to Merlin.

First to Rock|| James and Peter

“Where the hell are the other two?!” Peter exclaimed happily, giving one knock on the side of the door frame, though the flat door was already wide open. He was wearing a red and yellow sombrero and under one arm was a little pinanta in the rough shape of a rat- though the artist clearly lacked any “art skills.” It was also clear that the drinking had started on his long walk over.

“Jamie-boy, where we hanging this thing.” he pulled at the string so the big blob of blue papermache danced around in the air. He glanced around the empty flat and made a face. “First oneee,” he sang to himself, slipping out of his backpack and tossing it on the couch. 

“Merlin’s moustache, if we’re late again and I miss the start of the match, lads nights are over..” he continued, content at talking to himself.