merlin in the tavern


Merlin doesn’t know why he waits till the last minute.

Maybe it’s the idea of betraying people who fight for a cause he believes in.  Or maybe it’s because because he doesn’t want to believe that Morgana could lie to him about something so important.

Either way, the look on Val’s face when Merlin finally says no is dangerous, but the look on Arthur’s face had been far worse. Merlin already knows what he has to do.

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Merlin: Y/N time to wake up.
Y/N: Please five more minutes Merlin…my head is killing me.
Merlin: What did you even do last night?
Y/N: Maybe I had a few drinks with Gwaine in the tavern.
Merlin: With Gwaine? Really? Well anyways…TIME TO GET UP Y/N!!!
Y/N: Merlin please for the love of god just shut the hell up!
Merlin: *laughs* I’m sorry but it was funny.
Y/N: Well now we aren’t talking.
Merlin: Oh come on I said I was sorry.
Y/N: …
Merlin: Do you want me to get Gaius to bring you some medicine?
Y/N: Yes please.
Merlin: Okay I’ll be back soon.
Y/N: Thank you Merlin.

  • Lancelot: [in a crowd and can't find Merlin]
  • Lancelot: [using hands as megaphone] LANCELOT DESERVED TO DIE
  • Merlin: [leaps over table] HOW DARE YOU
  • Gwen: [explodes out of castle] EXCUSE ME
  • Arthur: [draws sword] WHAT'D YOU SAY
  • Gwaine: [bursts out of tavern] YOU WANT TO FUCKING GO
  • Merlin Fandom: [breaks through screen, screaming]
  • Lancelot: ......shit

ok but imagine merlin not drinking for years after arthur’s death because whenever he thought of alcohol he thought about how they (merlin, arthur, the knights) had gone to the tavern before camlann and it’s one of the last times he was genuinely happy and arthur was alive and well and teasing him. additionally, it reminds him of how arthur always thought he was in the tavern when he was really off protecting his king from people who wanted him dead. either way merlin can’t drink without wanting to throw up because he misses arthur with every fiber of his being.

【Arthur to Merlin:】

If it was you who’d disappeared, Merlin, I wouldn’t bother.

【Arthur to Gaius:】

Gaius. Have you seen Merlin? I can’t find him anywhere.

He’s in the tavern, isn’t he?

【Arthur to Gwen:】

I want Merlin back, where is he?
I am a bit worried.
You don’t think something’s happend to him, do you?

You are not going to change my mind.
I have to go.
Do you really expect me to accept that? Just to sit here and take their word that Merlin’s gone?

【still Arthur to Merlin】

Merlin, I’ve been looking for you.

Merlin, what the hell have you been?

I thought we’d lost you!

I came back because you’re the only friend I have, and I couldn’t bear to lose you.

when merlin's missing
  • what gaius says: I think he said he was going to the tavern
  • what merlin says: I was collecting some herbs for gaius...
  • what arthur thinks that happened: so you have a girlfriend...
  • what really happened: merlin went to the valley of the fallen kings to help a druid who turned out not to be a druid and kinda died because morgana tried to poison him but then he had to call his friend dragon and he flew but then he got hit by an arrow and had to use his magic to stop some guys- all of this, in order to save arthur pendragon
Merlin realizes, about six weeks after Gwen and Lancelot leave, that Arthur does as he does. If Merlin is up late in the council chamber, still picking over a plate of dinner well after midnight and working until nearly dawn, he hears from the cook the next day that the boy who brought Arthur’s breakfast found him asleep at his table with most of his dinner gone stale and cold. If Merlin goes to the tavern with Gwaine and eats more food than he can stand before staggering off to sleep for ten hours, he wakes to find Arthur rested and the cook beaming. It’s a horrible form of blackmail, Merlin decides, and starts doing it right back.