merlin has taken over my life

I just finished the entire Merlin series. Who wants to flail with me?

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The random thoughts that are flying through my head:  

*I actually empathized for Morgana.  Ultimately, she was only looking for someone to love her for who she was.  I imagine living under Uther’s rule after her father’s death had to be difficult even before she discovered she had magic.  After she discovered her powers, she was still looking for love in all the wrong places.  The story about her her spending two years in a living grave broke my heart.  I think she’s one of the more tragic villains on any TV show ever.  

*The show loves filming up people’s noses.  YIKES.

*Merlin summoning the Great Dragon is the hottest thing ever.   I would have loved to see the look on Arthur’s face when Merlin did that. 

*Merlin’s powers are confusing, especially towards the end of the series.  They called him the greatest sorcerer to ever walk the earth, but he could never heal wounds and used his magic in ways that weren’t always consistent.  I wish he was more badass with it. There were a lot of inconsistencies, and that bugged me.  It was one of the only issues I had with the show.  The overall writing was amazing.  

*I wasn’t entirely thrilled by the series finale.  I always questioned why they called Arthur the once and future king, but I didn’t understand how or why he would come back when he was needed.  Did Merlin enchant him?  I was hoping “once and future king” meant Gwen would have a son and name him Arthur and the prophecy was all about making sure he was born.  I also hated that Merlin waited until Arthur was dead to summon The Dragon.  

*I still can’t get over Anthony Head aka GILES playing the evil king Uther!  I LOVE him.  He’s got a great voice.  And he’s actually British, which I did not know.

*I’d like to have Colin Morgan’s babies.  He’s a phenomenal actor who can literally do anything.  Everyone is amazing in all honesty.  

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*Camelot is being ruled by a brown queen!  I’m obsessed with that!  I loved Arthur and Gwen’s courtship and marriage.

*I wish Merlin could have shared his secret with one of the secondary characters like Gwen or Gwaine.  Everyone who found out about it died 5 minutes later.  

*I’m still not over Lancelot’s death.  And don’t even get me started on Arthur.

*I wish that Arthur could have been there more when Merlin was hurt.  He was poisoned, run through with an arrow, ambushed and thrown off a cliff and basically had to conceal all of it.  

Discuss?  Anyone?