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           Mergana Prompt Month: MarchDay 4
(i changed it to march because real life got in the way)

To all the people who think Emmas become “weak” this season
Here’s Jennifer Morrison herself telling you being badass doesn’t mean being devoid of feelings or punching people 24/7. Emma has gone through so much character development this season.
She’s let her walls down
She’s overcome her fear of telling the people she cares about that she loves them
She’s learned to talk about her problems rather than trying to handle them all on her own
She gradually shed her armor, and even with killian gone she didn’t shut everyone out like she would have done if she was the “season 1 badass Emma”
And if you think undergoing meticulous character development makes a person weak, here’s a list of all the “typical” badass things she’s done this season
1. Let the darkness possess her to save the town
2. Faced off the first dark one and pushed back to tell her that she is not nothing, that she was never nothing
3. Won a fight against Merlin, Arthur AND Zelena
4. Erased her boyfriends memory to save everyone (she wouldn’t have done that If she was weak)
5. Offered to die to save her family
6. Risked being trapped in the river of lost souls to save killian
7. Challenged the lord of the underworld
8. Teamed up with the lord of the underworld to save her family
9. Challenged the lord of the underworld again by trying to break into his retreat
10. Threatened Rumplestillskin
11. Didn’t feel the need to act like a man to be a badass
So no, you can’t dictate what’s badass, it goes against the very principle definition.