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S1E10 Commentary with Bradley, Colin, Angel, and Katie

Bradley: There’s one of my favorite bits coming right up here. Colin didn’t like it, but I was a particular fan. You’ll see why in a minute

Katie: Is it because your feet are in his face?

Bradley: Aww yeah, we’ve spilt it now haven’t we

Katie: No, I’ve spoilt it

Bradley: Oh, terrific (sarcastically)

Bradley: Definitely my favorite bit!

Angel: Did you do that in rehearsals at all?

Bradley: No

Angel: Just sprung it on him?

Bradley: I waited until it was Colin’s take and then Colin complained to the director and made me do…

Angel and Katie (to Colin): Did you?

Colin: No I didn’t!

Angel: Colin wouldn’t complain to the director

Bradley: Well he did, he did it in a Colin way

Colin: I didn’t complain. I was like, it’s a special moment do you know what I mean, in this bit…

Katie: Obviously David [the director] didn’t agree with you because he kept it in

Bradley: He did it in a Colin way of [imitates Colin but sounding like an Irish leprechaun], “Uh David, would it be alright if we didn’t do this, but try it as well?“ So basically we did one without so they had both, but obviously David saw-

Colin: -liked the foot in the face

Bradley: - saw the brilliance of the moment. How did it smell, my foot?

Colin: Like chicken

Bradley: My feet smelled like chicken?!


The cutest things you realize in the commentaries are how Bradley and Colin finish each other sentences all the time and that they keep talking to each other even when others are continuing on with the commentaries. I mean, Colin considered this sleepover scene ”A SPECIAL MOMENT!“ It’s so freaking adorable.

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