merlin fun facts


this is the first time arthur talks about his mother, the first time merlin mentions his father and the first of many conversations between them near a campfire


CS AU (Merlin Crossover):  Now that the princess and her suitor have themselves sorted, Sir Gwaine needs a new source of entertainment. Issuing a challenge to the new couple not only brings out the fun in the once sour Captain, but it also delays the completion of their official business matters (thus prolonging their stay). Arthur is less than amused. Merlin, of course, gets blamed for everything.

–So not only have you delayed the finalization of a very important trade agreement again, Merlin, but you have shamed Camelot by losing a horse race to a girl and her sweetheart. Just how have you managed to grow even more useless since you’ve been promoted?
–Gwaine is at least half to blame, Sire.


here is a bit of a merthur sketchdump because i have come across a scanner and i didn’t want this opportunity to go to waste (lol); anyways here are the better few of the many, many merthur sketches i have in my sketchbook

- the first one is inspired by ingberry’s fic “when you’re not watching”

- the one with aithusa was drawn with the idea that arthur would get jealous of all the attention merlin would give her and pout ‘till merlin snuggled him too hehe


servant!gwen or queen!gwen, asked by mysmileispureandblood-stained