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(This is a short little fic I wrote a few years back featuring Arthur and Merlin. I edited it a bit and decided to share it. The characters are, of course, not mine - they belong to the BBC show Merlin.)

Premise: Arthur got stuck as a butterfly from a curse that didn’t go quite to plan. It was intended to shorten his life so he would die a seemingly natural death, so technically speaking, it worked. His transformation into a butterfly drew far too much attention to the plot, thus foiling itself. Merlin has found him and magicked him to be able to speak. He is about ready to change him back into a human.


In his tiny, outraged butterfly voice, Arthur cries, “Merlin, you dollop-head! Stop laughing and change me into a human! This is not how I am supposed to be, dammit!”

“Fine. Say it, and I will,” Merlin retorts, his boyish face stubborn with a glint of humor in his eyes and a quirk at the corners of his lips.

“No. No! I will not say it. You are such a bloody prat, Merlin. I am your liege, now just change me back.”

Merlin crosses his arms over his chest. “Not until you say it.”

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For King & Country by @solarrift

Beautiful Kingsman medieval!au pieces done by the brilliant Solarrift. She does amazing prompt worthy edits. This is one of my favourites, second to the pacificrim!au that she made. You can view this collection here:

See her best works here ©solarrift and send her lots of love.

[ I dedicate this to alfred-f-jones-world-hero, since you seemed particularly sad about the scarcity of Steampunk!America. My darling followers, if you ever are seeking fanwork for a specific AU, you should run it by me, maybe I know where to find it >wo and maybe you can find me BBC Merlin/Hetalia crossover fanworks and then I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER

Art by Pie ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✨✩ Go Steampunk Air Marshal!America!! ]

Inspired by this post, this is the evolution of all the Merlin fanworks (fics, art, etc.) on AO3. I’d say our fandom is still growing nicely! (click the picture to enlarge)

There was 10,602 fanworks created on AO3 since the series finale, which is more than the half of the total number since the series begun.

EDIT: We still need invitations to have an account on archiveofourown, as of December 7th, 2014.

Merlin Femslash Week 

(September 13th - 20th)

1) An eight day fest devoted to fanworks celebrating romantic and/or sexual relationships between cis women, trans women and non-binary identifying characters on BBC Merlin. These can include fanworks based upon canonical such characters on Merlin, in addition to characters whose sex and/or gender identity has been changed from canon for the purpose of the fanwork.

2) Open to all pairings and characters, including RPF, as long as they fit the main criteria of the fest. And all queer headcanons about Merlin characters’ sexual and/or romantic orientation are accepted and encouraged, even and especially if they diverge from or are ambiguous in canon.

3) Prompts (one for each day) will be given out two weeks prior to the start of the fest to participants that sign up in advance, and then posted the week of the fest for anyone else who wishes to participate. Participants need to make at least one fanwork (or obviously they won’t be participating) but can do as many as they wish.

4) Any type of fanwork (fanart, fanfic, edits, gifs, fanmixes, etc.) is accepted, as long as it is original work. Participants will post them on their own blogs, making sure to tag them #merlinfemslashweek, and all works will be reblogged on the main blog.

5) No character or pairing bashing, wank, queerphobia, etc will be tolerated. And please be respectful of fellow participants and their work!

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Mods: Sanna and E.

Questions? Contact us and track #merlinfemslashweek or follow merlinfemslashweek for more updates.