You are more than the son of your father, you are the son of the earth, the sea, the sky. Magic is the fabric of this world, and you were born of that magic, you are magic itself, you cannot lose what you are.

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Very late holiday art! Happy New Year! Inspired by Hana’s Merthur aesthetic, for which i have no chill. ILU bb! uvu *hold hands* <333

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This was supposed to be a little sketch tribute that predictably turned into a tiny monster. Dx Thanks to Demi, Hana and OBQ for the extra push!

Inspired by Emrys Ascending by tricksterity, which I enjoyed tremendously. (Please please please update soon please. *grovels*) 

Uh… hello? He muttered in his mind.
Merlin Emrys! I- what are- what an honour! The Hat stuttered, and Merlin suppressed a laugh.
The honour is all mine, he replied. So… sort me, I guess.
But where to put you? You possess every quality of each house in massive quantities, you would easily belong in any house you wished! It squeaked out.
So you mean that I can just choose any house? You’re not going to sort me? He asked it.
I-Well, I didn’t exactly mean that, the Hat stuttered again.
Let’s start from the bottom then, shall we?

“Maybe what I crave

is something more than a friendly hug

or a gentle kiss on the cheek from you.” 

A/N: Just something I've done for a Merlin Fanbook. The story took place in the Victorian era, in which Arthur was an promising artist of some repute but suffered from artist’s block for quite a long while until the day he met a beautiful young nobleman called Merlin. 

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For the Merlin Art Fest’s 2014 Advent Calendar.

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Title: The First Nowell the Angels Did Say (G)
Pairing / Characters: Merlin x Arthur
Media: Digital
Summary: High Fantasy AU. Arthur gets to his feet as soon as he hears the sounds of Merlin’s dragons landing in the courtyard, but Merlin is already at his window.
Notes: I’d like to thank Deminos for swooping in to hold my hand so that I could get this (somewhat) ready on time, and coming up with the one title that could plausibly tie this in with Christmas Day, haha. *sobs* Thank you so much for looking and have a lovely holiday! <333

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PS. These songs are very important:

  • Touched by VAST. Touched, you say that I am too / So much of what you say is true / I looked into your eyes and saw a world that does not exist
  • The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?) by Snow Patrol. A perfect halo of gold hair and lightning / The silver forked sky lit you up like a star that I will follow / Be the lightning in me that strikes relentless
  • Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin. Just a trick of light to bring me back around again / Those wild eyes, a psychedelic silhouette / Let the band play out as I’m making my way home again

PPS. A list of 1k Merlin fics that are very beautiful:


011014; arthur & merlin (as students!); BBC Merlin

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Arthur just really likes the new transfer student, okay. 

Something simple and less stressful this time. I prefer shaggy-haired Merlin.<33 Meant to be a doodle though I got a little enthusiastic about unnecessary things (like the stickers on Merlin’s notebook & Arthur’s jacket). Just wanted a reason to draw glasses!Merlin, really. Lol. (He’s a prodigy and is rapidly becoming the darling of all the professors). Ahhhh I’m sorry for their weird expressions and weirder anatomy and oh god, I can’t do backpacks, apparently. Coloured with markers and Photoshop-cheated with the paneling. 

Finally got around to finishing my flowery ot4 sketches!

Ok so flowery headcanons (I know I know I have headcanons for literally everything i’M SORRY):

Gwen often goes out to pick wildflowers for Morgana, humming as she walks along, occasionally sticking a few of them in her hair (and blushing when she comes back and Morgana tells her that the flowers look prettier in her hair than in a vase).

Morgana likes to clip flowers from the palace gardens (against Uther’s wishes but she could care less) and string them into delicate flower crowns. She makes them for everyone. Maids, royals, even some of the knights who bow and say “Thank you, my lady” with a goofy smile and don them proudly.

Arthur often gets told to wear said flower crowns and he acts all miffed about it but he secretly likes them and how it makes Merlin stare at him like he’s a magical fairy child. Merlin even teases him one time and says “What a handsome princess you are” and Arthur gets so flustered and red he stutters his retort and then stomps off in embarrassment when Merlin starts laughing.

And Merlin conjuring magic flowers cause he can. 

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Look, I made a fake Damien fanart! 8D It’s actually Merlin as John Constantine and Arthur as the Antichrist. I’m dark!Merthur trash and in need of an apocalypse!AU where they’re prophesied to end each other amidst a sea of hellfire and brimstone maybe. It’s practically a WIP but I just had to get this out of my system in order to start working on my Big Bang art. c:

PS. If you enjoy dark Merlin AUs or dark fanworks in general, please vote here to help teekettle decide whether or not to run the Merlin Horror fest on Halloween this year. Thank you so much! <3


Where Arthur finds out about Merlin’s magic and channels his inner Bradley.

i. Bonus cuddles after Arthur lets Merlin off the hook.

ii. Extra bonus: Merlin doesn’t let Arthur off the hook.