merlin fairytale au


CS AU (Merlin Crossover):  In which Gwaine is the worst best wingman ever and uses an enchanted lock to force Princess Emma and Captain Jones together until they work out their problems. Merlin’s just relieved it doesn’t end in bloodshed. It may be Gwaine’s fault, but he just knows the Charmings and Arthur would blame him.

–If they conceive a babe in there, they better name it after me.
–GWAINE. You truly have no limits, do you? And where did you even get that lock anyway?
–Well, I met this cagey lad in the forest the other day…
–STOP. Forget I asked. I don’t want to know just in case this whole thing comes back and bites us in the arses!

For onceuponsomechaos, who reminded me I hadn’t done one of these in a bit! :)