The Adventures of the Pevensie Children

And she stumbled on out of the wardrobe into a magical land…

Lucy steps through the magical wardrobe and, instead of ending up in Narnia, she ends up in the forest by Camelot. Instead of a faun that worked for the White Witch, she meets a cheerful young warlock who was out practicing magic away from the kingdom that condemns him for having it. He quickly complies to her request to see something magical and conjures up a horse made of smoke. 

EDITION #1479 – FEBRUARY 7, 2016




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Fanfic: In Progress

[M/A] digthewriter: Merlin’s Birthday Party (4/?) (PG-13) 980

With everyone around them, it’s hard for Merlin to get a read on Arthur

[M/A] dirty_bit: Getting Even* (1/?) (NC-17) 954

Arthur gets revenge on Merlin for rejecting him by making him wet the bed.

[M/A] allthingsmagical: Reunited (¼) (PG-13) 2138

Back in college Merlin and Arthur were happy and in love, until Merlin left without a word to Arthur, it is now nine years later and after signing a deal with the new football club Arthur meets the club’s doctor. Merlin. Arthur wants answers.

[M/A] Narlth: It’s A Long Road (½) (G) 1076

Arthur and Merlin have a holiday planned down in Devon, arriving a day early Arthur couldn’t have imaged what would occur to destroy his plans.

[M/A] EternalFangirl: Albion’s Destiny ® 1663

Merlin cannot lose Arthur. And he won’t. What if he had called Kilgharrah a little sooner? What if he had been able to save Arthur’s life? Would we finally get the Albion we dreamed about? An Albion where Merlin is the court sorcerer, sitting proudly at Arthur’s right on the round table? Where Merlin is respected, where magic is finally free? After all, we were promised this from the very start. Arthur has begun to see his manservant in a new light. Will their relationship change when Arthur finally notices the depths of Merlin’s devotion? Or, alternatively, The story that will attempt to fix everything we did not get in cannon. Featuring Merthur being gayer than cannon, and an absence of Guinevere.

[M/A] theanatomyofadreamer: Express Ticket to the End* (1/?) (NC-17) 3747

Arthur Pendragon can’t decide who he hates more: the privileged upper-class company he keeps or himself. Bored, lonely and despairing, he turns his emotions against himself, dead-set on a fast track to the grave. At first, the alcohol and the eating disorder seem like a cliche, but he soon finds solace in the blackout nights and the toxic burn of bile in his throat. Enter Merlin Emrys, professional slacker and occasional sex god, with cheekbones as sharp as tequila and blue eyes that burn almost as much as the bile. And Arthur wonders if this beautiful boy might save him, or whether he’s just a one-way express ticket to the end.

Fanfic: Complete

[M/A] emrys_mk: Not Meant to Be (PG-13) 1000

Arthur thinks about a time when he thought he was in love. Of course, he hadn’t any idea what true love was until Merlin reentered his life.

[M/A] magicalthings: Arranged Marriage (PG) 2623

Uther has told Arthur to stop his affair with Merlin as he is to marry someone he has arranged for him, as the wedding gets closer Uther watches his son from a distance and seeing that Arthur is still with Merlin comes up with an idea…

[M/A] sydneygirl92: You’re My Hero (PG) 10506

When fireman/paramedic Merlin puts himself in danger, he finds more is at stake than he thought.

[M/A] SlitheredFromEden: “Are we out of the woods? Are we in the clear yet?” (RN) 1447

Time to spread the wonderful news to the Emrys family… and then some unexpected news

[M/A] pyrrhical: Kittens in December (PG-13) 949

Merlin’s not particularly sure why Arthur gives him a kitten for Christmas. (Actually, Merlin would question if the kitten was really a Christmas present at all if Arthur hadn’t given it to him by holding out the kitten in question and saying, “Merry Christmas, Merlin.”) When he asks, Arthur replies, “You know, Merlin, it’s usually considered rude to ask questions about the gifts you receive.”

[M/A] reges_criniti: The One About Merlin’s New Coat (G) 799

4x13; Arthur gives Merlin his new coat.

[M/A+] reges_criniti: This Twisted Little Game* ® 1326

Mordred could have it all- could have Arthur’s future written in blood and bound by destiny, but he could never have this.

[M/A] violentincest: Laser Tag (G) 208

Merlin and Arthur play laser tag

[M/A] pyrrhical: Not the Strangest Thing (PG-13) 913

When Arthur wakes up to find Merlin in his bed, he is somewhat concerned. Not overly concerned, really, since this isn’t the strangest thing they’ve done late – and isn’t that a fun fact? – but somewhat.

[M/A] pyrrhical: One Where Arthur’s Hands Are Cold ® 2288

Merlin knows that there are a lot of aspects of manly knighthood that he’ll probably never understand. For instance, hitting people when they’ve accomplished something. Maybe this is just a sign of the lack of real male influence in Merlin’s childhood, but he’d not entirely sure why men feel the need to bruise one another to show approval. Injury is another. If the injury is any less than I’m-going-to-need-a-week’s-bed-rest, it can be walked off (or at least the knight can pretend to walk it off while getting manly medical aid elsewhere).

[M/A] cumbercookie81: Sweet Morning (G) 401

They didn’t have many mornings like this; Merlin listened as the rain slightly hit their bedroom window, sighing softly as sleep started to draw him again.

[M/A] pyrrhical: To Be Fools Prepared ® 10065

Arthur is sleeping, soundly, one arm firmly secured around Merlin’s waist underneath a deliciously warm down-stuffed blanket when the first townsperson goes missing. In fact, he is still sleeping, a small puddle of drool soaked into his pillow, when a member of the guard frantically has the lord chamberlain wake the king, gibbering nonsensically about a “giant hog rutting through the village” and “the baker’s girl is gone missing, too, but giant hog.” The puddle has become something of a small lake when the rapping begins on Arthur’s door, and he wakes to a series of just-rising thoughts.

[M/A] AliceFromWonderland: ® 13457

The World War III lasted only for several hours, the time it took the hundreds of nuclear missiles to hit their marks. The humanity has fallen. Survived only those who had time to find cover in the fallout shelter to which the tunnels of London Underground had been turned into. The surface of the Earth became uninhabitable, ruled by the heavy radiation and deformed mutants alike. Merlin spent all his life fearing the darkness of the tunnels and yearning for the warmth of the sun he was never going to see. Now, if he was going to survive, he had to forget about both. Fusion with Metro 2033.

[M/A] Tamasha: At Least I’m Not As Sad As I Used to Be (PG-13) 4924

Merlin and Arthur used to be in a band together, but something changed and they haven’t seen each other in three years. After a show, Arthur is with his new band when he sees Merlin at a cafe. Arthur wants to rebuild the relationship they once had, but can Merlin forgive him his mistakes?

[M/A] Polomonkey: Get Sick Soon (G) 3839

Arthur has been pining for Merlin for so long that he jumps at the chance to go take care of him when he’s sick. But why is his flat so strangely decorated? And what’s that weird noise coming from the bedroom? And did Merlin’s cat really just speak to him?

[M/A] bunnysworld: Best Boyfriend Ever: (G) 359

Arthur drags Merlin to Gwaine’s annual Super Bowl Party.

[M/A] OrigamiQueen: A Shield of Golden Light (G) 3998

After Morgana’s takeover and defeat, Arthur’s in charge of Camelot as Uther is in no shape to do much of anything. Merlin is gone on a short trip to find some magical herbs when Camelot is attacked by cliche magical villains. As usual, Merlin has to step up to protect his prince and their home. Don’t mess with Merlin.

[M/A] Darkdancer1234: The timeless thoughts of Merlin Emrys Drabble (G) 197

The lake was still and shiny as glass, as if he could step on it and walk all the way across.

[M/A] reges_criniti: Overflow (G) 1109

His heart bleeds as he watches his prince slip beneath the murky surface. It breaks as the ripples bounce and grow from the greedy bubbles that pull at the prince, slip him under the hazy surface. This isn’t how this is supposed to end.


And if our main character never got to move on, then how can we be expected to? The last shot of the show established that Merlin is still waiting. Merlin will always be waiting. And so we, the audience, will never be able to fully make our peace with the ending. It will never be okay. Every time we think of Merlin, it will be with that twist in our gut reminding us that Merlin’s story didn’t end happily – it didn’t end at all. [x]