merlin and doctor who crossover

Slumber Party

Girl 1: So, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Girl 2: I made out with the total loser at school.

Girl 3: My friends and I broke into a pool and went skinny dipping.

Me: I’ve read a 100k+ multi-fandom crossover crack fiction involving all my favorite OTPs at 4am in the morning.

Everyone: ….What?

The more you ran, the more you wanted to hand yourself over to the guards who have been chasing you the moment that Uther gave the order to kill you from practicing magic, but you knew the moment you gave yourself over, your death will be more deadly than you could imagine.

You had to hide somewhere to get your rest, however, the only place you could find was a blue box that was near the gates of Camelot which remained unharmed and unnoticed by the citizens.

You pushed the doors, closing them as soon as you stepped in. You leaned back on the door, panting, noticing the man who gave you a confused look. 

“Please, hide me. Uther is trying to kill me, I did no harm, I swear,”You plead, tears starting to whelm in your eyes. 

“Hey, hey, hey, I will keep you safe, I promise. Trust me, I’m the Doctor.”