merlin and arthur!!!!!

Merlin cares for his clothing and his chambers and his weapons, arms him for tournaments and for hunts and for battle. Merlin’s slept at his side and fought at his back and saved his life. Merlin argues with him and fights for him and doesn’t know that he’s supposed to fear him.

He’s a sorcerer, his fate in Camelot written on the sharpened blade of an axe, and yet he stays, polishing armour and serving wine and risking treason with every breath he takes to protect Arthur. And Arthur can’t protect him; he can’t even make Merlin protect himself.

hey, if any of you guys are planing to go see king arthur just because of katie mcgrath: Pls dont, she only has 7 lines, and only shows up in the first 10 minutes. also, the the movie didnt pass the Bechdel test, and the only important woman wasnt named during the movie, im assuming shes a mix of morgana and Genebra (or guinevere) , im pretty sure they repeat the name of everyone like dozens of time and never hers.

so if you really wanna she katie in a costume, go watch merlin or dracula, cause this movie is no good
A Diamond in the Rough

Author: Polomonkey

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 2k

Summary: Merlin and Arthur are jewel thieves. Not every heist goes off without a hitch…

Comment: This story was hilarious. I loved the mix of fluff and comedy with the slightest hint of angst. I also loved how sassy Arthur was, especially when he described when and why they decided to become jewellery thieves! Merlin needs to work on the type of puns he makes in the heat of the moment though.