merlin and arthur!!!!!

I can’t wait to meet your Mum,” Arthur said with a smug smirk. “I’ve spoken to her a few times on the phone, remember? She sounds lovely, and her baking is wonderful, and without her I wouldn’t have you, so she is already one of my favourite people in the world.
Merlin Thoughts (1x01)

Okay so I’ve never seen Merlin before, it was on my bucket list a while back but I kind of forgot about it. I will admit I’m watching it for the sheer fact that Katie McGrath is in it.

  • I totally forgot the guy who plays Merlin also played Leo Elster in Humans!
  • The effects are pretty cool not going to lie
  • Morgana there you are
  • I love her already. She’s so pure right now (yes I’m aware of how her character progresses but I’m ignoring that)
  • “the more brutal you are, the more enemies you’ll create” - I spy foreshadowing….
  • The King (who’s name I don’t remember) is an asshole, I already don’t like him
  • Oh shit it’s that witch lady again
  • Oh poor Lady Helen all she wanted was to brush her hair ready for her trip to Camelot.
  • Fake Lady Helen, that’s sneaky
  • Arthur you are are such a jock.
  • I ship it already. Wow Arthur is such an ass.
  • Merlin’s sass levels are off the chart  👌
  • …and he’s in jail, well this is what you get for being a smart ass.
  • Witch!Lady Helen has a very pretty purple dress. Wow.
  • Those kids have surprisingly good aim
  • Gwen <3<3
  • and his sass is back. Wow my ship is alive.
  • Rematch! Merlin’s powers are getting cooler each scene
  • RIP bread stand </3
  • I do not like the King or witch!Lady Helen, they are both shady as hell
  • Merlin using his powers to tuck someone in is honestly the cutest thing
  • HOLY CRAP! Dragonnnnnnn :D 
  • An amusing Dragon who tells Merlin he’s small.
  • Morgana’s having nightmares, someone give this girl a hug.
  • I’d be starstruck by the back of Katie McGrath’s head too friend.
  • So basically Katie McGrath is a professional flirt. Literally every role I have seen her in she is flirty as hell. 
  • That poor unnamed blonde woman who has the voice of an angel. This is so rude.
  • Gwen is so awkward and relatable.
  • Damn that red dress Morgana is in is so nice. I can tell I’m just going to get gayer each episode
  • Is her singing putting them to sleep?
  • Omg it is! This is hilarious. I probably shouldn’t find this that funny but I do.
  • Merlin just saved his boyfriend. I don’t make the rules.
  • There was not enough Katie McGrath in the episode

[Side Note: The Castle is really pretty and I like the set and filming location a lot. As an editor, those fades could be a little shorter but other than that I approve of this!]

anonymous asked:

Hi im looking for a fic in which Morgana and Morgause (?) conjure up a monster of shadows that can only be banished after it revels the truth. Merlin and Arthur go to slay it and the monster revels Merlin's secrets. I don't remember the name but I remember you rec it and I searched your monster tag but i can't find it

Hi. I’m really sorry but I can’t find it, can anyone else help?

Me: The writers are just baiting us, this ship is never going to actually become canon, I shouldn’t get too optimistic or I’ll be disappointed.

Inner me: Let it consume your entire existence