merlin watch it for the plot

So I'm watching Merlin and I'm quickly learning the plot of every episode:
  • Evil witch: does some evil witchy shit
  • People: die
  • The King: Gaius help
  • Gaius: it's magic
  • The King: impossible
  • Gaius: it's magic
  • The King: fine *sentences someone to death*
  • Merlin: talks to dragon
  • Dragon: talks about destiny in riddles
  • Merlin: ignores dragon
  • Merlin: I won't let this happen
  • Arthur: (to king) Maybe this isn't fair idk
  • The King: it is
  • Arthur: ok
  • Morgana: Arthur do the right thing
  • Arthur: ok *appeals to the king*
  • The King: ignores him
  • Arthur: I will do the right thing anyway! and Merlin will help me!
  • Merlin: no
  • Merlin:
  • Merlin: *helps him and also saves Arthur's life probably*
  • The King: wow Arthur u were right who knew

The hardest part of re-watching Merlin is seeing every place things went wrong. Like there are so, so many times that everything could have been avoided. Uther going after the Druid boy. Uther killing Gwen’s father. Gaius refusing to acknowledge her magic. Merlin not telling Morgana that he also had magic and making her feel safe. Merlin not letting her stay with the Druids. Merlin going after her when she was with the druids (and leading Arthur right to them) and Merlin poisoning Morgana are just a few examples. I firmly believe that if even a single one of these events had somehow been avoided, then the whole plot of the next three seasons would have been drastically different. And it’s so sad to watch because at every turn Morgana gets such a raw deal. She gets thrown in a dungeon by her father-figure, has her prophetic nightmares dismissed, is practically drugged up by Gaius, has to watch people like her get executed all the time, has her friends (Merlin) lying to her, finally finds a place she feels comfortable (the druids) and has it destroyed in front of her eyes (by her friend Arthur), and then to top it all off has one of her best friends poison her. I love this show but it’s making me so sad rn. #MorganaDeservedBetter

Just a friendly reminder that, at the end of Kingsman, Merlin:

  • Lost Lancelot, the first Kingsman to be killed in seventeen years;
  • Lost Harry, a friend as well as a colleague, to a coma for several months;
  • Got Harry back;
  • Only to watch Harry slaughter a churchful of civilians before watching Harry get shot in the head through Harry’s own eyes;
  • Was betrayed by the leader of the organization he’s devoted his life to, a man to whom he has directly reported for decades (and if Arthur’s rotten now, who’s to say he wasn’t earlier, and that Merlin hasn’t previously, unbeknownst to himself, assisted the very people he thought he was trying to bring down?)
  • Then got news of that leader’s death (and a plot that will kill millions of people if it isn’t stopped within a matter of hours) from the man who killed him, Eggsy,
  • Who is, along with Roxy, a green recruit with no missions whatsoever under his belt, and yet, along with Roxy, is the only team Merlin takes with him to stop the supervillain and save the world armed only with bravery and a half-assed plan they work up on the fly, because, despite Merlin’s seventeen years of being Quartermaster without letting another one of his men die, despite thousands upon thousands of hours spent perfecting gadgets so they can get out of tight scrapes, hundreds of late nights spent reviewing grainy video footage so he knows what to do better next time, countless early mornings spent talking a terrified, panicking agent through a mission that went FUBAR and multitasking seeing through their eyes and listening to their words and hacking them through security and searching for an exit route and talking, always talking back to them in the calm, deep voice and telling them everything is fine, he’ll find them a way out, they’ll get through this and he’ll bring him home-despite all that
  • The only people he brings with him to save the world are two kids so brand new at this they don’t even have their uniforms yet, who haven’t spent hours on the comms joking and making ridiculous double entendres at him (you do realize this is being recorded, Lancelot?), haven’t spent hours at the pub laughing with him (Absolute bollocks of a match, Percival; a red card for a tug on his kit!?!), haven’t spent long nights in the hospital being looked after by him and returning the favor when necessary (I’ll clear you for a mission, Harry, when I clear you for a mission and not one minute before-and if you take that sling off, I will personally-), who have never killed a man or woken up screaming after missions gone bad or sat beside him and gripped the back of his chair with white-knuckled grips when their best mate’s on a mission gone bad, who don’t even know his real name, because aside from them
  • When the end of the world comes, Merlin is utterly alone.
  • And yet he’s calm and collected, takes charge of both of them and gives them orders and encouragement and guidance when they need it, and when everything is over and he’s all alone in his plane and wondering if any of the men he’s worked with and watched over for so many years are still alive or if they, too, betrayed everything he thought they’d all believed in, he compliments Eggsy and Roxy on a job well done and makes sure they know he’s proud of them, because those are things they need to know.

So, I finally got to watch Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (spoilers)

Look, let’s get it right out of the way; Kingsman 2 isn’t as good as the first movie. As of writing this post, it’s sitting at 50% critics approval on Rotten Tomatoes; I think it probably more deserves it’s 71% audience approval rating. Not great, but good, enjoyable.

As such, things I liked/thought were good;

1. Eggsy and Harry’s relationship and how it still stays a massive part of the heart of the movie. In the second movie it’s Eggsy that has to believe in Harry, a good twist on their relationship in the first movie. It’s down right heart warming to see them hug when Harry finally gets his memory back, and watching them fight together like a well oiled machine was terribly satisfying after the first movie denied it to us.

2. Merlin’s death. Now wait, let me explain. Absolutely, I’d have preferred if Merlin survived (and if there is a sequel and he’s shows up with prosthetics then I’m all for it), but Merlin’s death was movie death done right. It was a meaningful sacrifice that impacted the characters, the plot, and was true to Merlin’s character. It was an active decision, and having him sing Country Roads was brilliant and sad and inspired.

3. Eggsy and Tilde’s relationship. I was never really in the crowd of people who found the anal sex joke too outrageous in the first (I kind of found it strangely sex positive for her, and also I was pretty okay with the church massacre so I felt like the line was already probably crossed?) but when I heard that she was going to continue to be part of the sequel, I was a little wary. But honestly, her relationship with Eggsy was sweet and understated. Tilde - and Eggsy’s relationship with her - end up serving the important purpose of showing that Eggsy is still different from the Kingsman of old, something that since he’s now a suited gentleman, was going to be hard to portray. The fact that he has someone he does love and how that impacts his character is a nice contrast between someone like Harry, who had no one and had died with that regret, and it was good to have in the movie.

4. Julianne Moore’s Poppy. No, she wasn’t as good as Samuel Jackson’s Valentine but jeez that wouldn’t be fair to hold against her. Jackson’s character was a tour de force and although Moore never reaches that level, her villain was fun and engaging. Her “legalize drugs” was a decent follow up to the first movie’s “save the environment” villain scheme, and although it wasn’t quite as fun of a plot, the story was fine, with enough mystery to be interesting.

5. Soundtrack was still amazing. Those fights in Poppy Land to Word Up and Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting weren’t the church scene, but they were still pretty damn good.

6. Harry’s handicap. I’m not sure if they specifically meant it this way, but it was kind of great to watch Harry’s troubles after he’s regained his memory, not just because they were hilarious, but also because if he’d lost an eye he would have lost his depth perception, and that’s the problems he was having. Also, watching Whiskey fuck up that bar while Merlin and Eggsy totally ignore him in favour of counselling Harry was great.

7. Elton “fuck you!” John. Look, Elton John was absolutely the best part of this movie, something I did not expect to be saying. If you’d told me I needed to watch Sir Elton John kill a guy with a piano dressed in rainbow feathers and glittery go-go boots I’d have wondered what drugs you were on. But he was hands down the most fun part of the movie, and his rescuing Harry (and more subtle anal joke) were absolutely fantastic.

That said, there were certainly some things that could have used some improvement.

And thus, in no particular order, the things I wasn’t that crazy about/needed some work;

1. Roxy’s death. Unlike Merlin’s death, Roxy’s death was pretty disappointing. Roxy was a secondary character, true, but she was, in many ways our tertiary protagonist (after Eggsy and Harry) and as a character, she deserved a death better than what she got. Her death was passive, in that it happened to her and she had no agency in it, it was the same death as all the other Kingsman we’d never met, and although it had an emotional impact on Eggsy, it really just served to let the story of “Eggsy and Merlin are all that’s left” happen, which is disappointing. Absolutely nothing would have been lost if Eggsy, Merlin and Roxy had been the ones to go the the USA and it’s too bad we couldn’t have had that happen.

2. The portrayal of America, in general? Look, I’m not American I’m Canadian, but I honestly felt a little uncomfortable with the portrayal of Americans in this movie. Apparently all American’s are southern cowboys and rednecks in this universe, which was kind of unnecessary. It worked in the first movie because we all understood that the church was a clear stand in for the West Borough Baptist Church and fuck those guys. But in this movie other than Halle Berry we didn’t get a single American character who wasn’t a huge “redneck” joke, and that joke got pretty tiring pretty fast.

3. Introducing the Statesman. Look, I get that the movie had a lot of plot to cram into its run time but seriously, I’d like to have had some of that time devoted to actually developing the new characters. The first movie had great secondary characters; Tilde, Michelle, Dean, Charlie, Roxy, Chester King and Gazelle all felt like they had personalities and real character. The Statesmen were at best, one note, and at worst, embarrassingly blank. Ginger Ale wants to be an agent. Champagne is an honourable guy who doesn’t drink (and is also 100% just Jeff Bridges). Tequila is a newer agent “bad boy” who does drugs (and spends most of the movie frozen). And Whiskey. Whiskey has a tragic back story that gets shoved in at the last second and that’s about it. These characters could have been so much more, but the movie never takes the time to develop them, and so you’re never really invested in what happens to them.

4. Whiskey and Eggsy’s dynamic. They mostly didn’t have one, and that’s the problem. The movie really misses a grand opportunity to have a contrast between how Harry and Eggsy’s mentoring relationship contests with Whiskey and Eggsy’s…mostly because they don’t have one. Sure, they complete a couple of missions together but even they don’t don’t really work together at the festival or the lab; they’ve got no real banter, no relationship. Instead of having Eggsy and Whiskey build a relationship of trust that goes against Harry’s style - maybe have them both be risk takers that go against Harry’s more traditional style - the movie forces conflict by having Harry shoot Whiskey, which Eggsy naturally responds with appropriate anger. That said, they don’t even do anything with that because Eggsy immediately forgives Harry and it doesn’t really impact his trust of Harry at all. That in turns makes Whiskey’s betrayal fall pretty flat at the end, and it’s a real shame because it wouldn’t have taken much to add a real emotional dynamic to that.

5. Would it have killed them to have had a scene with Eggsy’s mom and baby sister? Yes, Michelle was there for 1 second at his wedding but seriously, his mother and his sister were major parts of his character and his arc in the first movie. I’m not saying she had to be a part of the plot or anything, but it would have been nice to have them there and continue that motive of how important family is to Eggsy.

Honestly, Kingsman 2 was probably never going to be better than the first, for the same reason Men in Black 2 wasn’t better than its first movie, or really any other movie that hinges on the mentor/protege relationship. By the end of the first movie Eggsy was a Kingsman and so that dynamic with Harry that was so core to the heart of the movie was gone. That said, Kingsman 2: the Golden Circle tried admirably to capture a new twist on that relationship while still staying true to its original’s themes and while it’s certainly not flawless I think it succeeds more than it fails. I’d definitely recommend it for a watch if you enjoyed the first one.


Give me that role reversal AU with Prince Merlin where Arthur doesn’t have magic, is a deposed Uther Pendragon’s son and somehow becomes Merlin’s fakely magical manservant with a bitchy Gaius in tow. Arthur is the one who has to hide his identity as Once and Future King because… his friend Merlin is Crown Prince.

Give me Arthur pretending to have magic through science and sheer problem solving ability. Or how he doesn’t get credit for doing difficult things because he’s supposed to have magic anyway. And how much he adores watching Merlin do frivolous, beautiful magics  that he can’t even dream of doing.

Give me Arthur hiding Excalibur in his room when he’s not using it to defeat Undead Knights or plotting High Priestesses. Tell me about Merlin not knowing he’s Emrys, and just being a chilled out Prince who doesn’t know that Arthur has no magic at all and is actually in constant danger All The Time.

And bonus chalice, because Nimueh and Morgause are the evil queens of Camelot who don’t want to see the prophecy come true.

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Do you have any tv show recs? Anime or otherwise? I'm running out of things to watch and you seem like a good person to ask. :)

Hmmmmm okay here’s some of the stuff I’ve watched and enjoyed:

  • Owari no seraph (the anime adaption comes straight from the manga and the manga is very pretty)
  • Kuroshitsuji (the manga only, its beautifully drawn and has an interesting plot!)
  • Soul Eater (I really liked the anime, the manga was sort of confusing to me)
  • Inuyasha (A CLASSIC)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (ANOTHER CLASSIC)
  • Pandora Hearts (MANGA ONLY. This series is over now but god I loved it so much ;;___;; its my favorite manga series okay)
  • Avatar (I really hope you’ve already watched this bc if not you’re really missing out and this is the first thing you need to watch)
  • Shadowhunters (it looks stupid BUT ITS NOT OKAY. Its so great and cool and has representation and amazing relationships I LOVE IT)
  • BBC Merlin (this is already over too, but its such a great show. I watched it every single time a season came out a+++)
  • Miraculous Ladybug (the animation is BEAUTIFUL. And the fight scenes are always so unique and cool. Very good show.)
  • Game of Thrones (bloody. Very bloody. But so damn epic.)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (its really funny and different. The sibling bond is excellent. I just watched this and I loved it.)
  • If you like reality tv: House Hunters, MasterChef, Four Weddings, Chopped…

Okay I think I got it all XD I hope you enjoy these, anon! Thank you for the ask!!!

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Medieval times AU

I thought you meant the restaurant at first XD ((Good times; I loved going to that place as a kid…))

But anyway, barrio in medieval times! Okay! First, I’m a bit torn as to whether or not to make the Rosario family royalty or make them a Blacksmith family or the people who tend the horses. I don’t think it matters, but let me try to make something out of this. So, job-wise, I think Usnavi would be a grocer, or baker, something like that. Benny would be a knight, and I think Vanessa would be too. Only since this is the middle ages, she has to sneak her way into knighthood; in reality, her family are probably just simple farmers. Benny would be a knight, definitely, and Pete would be his squire. Daniela and Carla would probably be tailors, unless the Rosario’s are royals, in which case I would make them servants in the castle, and Abuela would be the tailor (if not, Abuela works with Usnavi and Sonny). Sonny works with Usnavi, but his story arc is that he wants to be a squire so he can be a knight but of course, Usnavi doesn’t want that at all, but Sonny finds a way. And maybe he manages to become Vanessa’s squire and he becomes one of the few who she trusts with her secret of being a girl. This gives Usnavi the connection to be able to meet Vanessa (cause maybe Sonny brings Vanessa out of uniform to their place to rest sometimes so Usnavi and Vanessa can have some quality time there). And with Benny, of course, we can have the same star-crossed lover thing with Nina, and maybe winning her and Kevin’s approval is why he became a knight in the first place. I’m not sure where plot would go after that. We could have the usual, with a black knight invading and have tournament stuff and the like. I like the idea of Vanessa maybe saving Usnavi in uniform at one point in time and Usnavi feels something, like he knows this mysterious knight and can’t stop thinking about that knight who saved his life (maybe putting more pressure and conflict in Vanessa about how Usnavi will react if he finds out) and maybe Sonny and Pete can have their own little squire adventures (hijinks ensue), and if we wanna make stuff more interesting, maybe one of the characters can secretly have magic (maybe Abuela or something)

This whole thing honestly reminds me of this old fantasy AU that my buddy thought up a while back :)

Lucky Number S7evin AU

A case of mistaken identity puts young Eggsy Unwin in the middle of a turf war between crime bosses Valentine and King, as he is mistaken for his old friend Charlie Hesketh. Hesketh is nowhere to be found, and owes considerable sums to both Valentine and King. Both men now demand that Eggsy pays his dues, refusing to believe that he is not who they think him to be.
While under the watchful eyes of detective Kennington and well-known assassin Merlin, Eggsy has to devise a plan and play both sides to save his neck, all the while romance seeks him out in the form of Charlie’s charming neighbour, Harry Hart.

Spoilers for the movie under the cut.

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Day #5 Body Swap

“Can you fix it?” Eggsy asked, tugging at his cuffs.

“Yes,” Merlin replied “in about a week.”

Eggsy rolled his shoulders. His as in Harry’s, because Harry was watching himself from Eggsy’s eyes as Eggsy ran his fingers over his face and hair and neck. It was on a pass over his lips that Harry gave up all pretense of paying attention to Merlin in favor of plotting. Much as he did love stopping evil, he was stellar at a good plot. The world ought to be thankful Kingsman had recruited him. Eggsy, now - Eggsy would be bearing the brunt of this one.

“Thank fuck. This is fucking weird,” Eggsy said, and Merlin seemed equally unsettled that it was Harry’s voice and face the words came from.

Harry felt rather gleeful as he folded his hands and sat with perfect posture, making sure to speak with the easy accent Eggsy had yet to quite master. “I don’t mind all that much. Do take your time Merlin, there’s no rush.”

Merlin frowned at him, then picked up the offending ray gun and started back to his lab “Try not to do anything too much like yourselves in the next seven days,” he threw over his shoulder.

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Can you recommend some tv shows with good whump episodes? (Preferably ones on Netflix or Amazon prime) or movies are good too!!

Oh. Oh shit. There are going to be so many better lists than the shit I’m about to give you, but hell! Here we go! 

For Anime: 

-Natsume (just…. I’ve never seen a show with so many sick episodes) 

Some Netflix shows/movies: 

- The Walking Dead (i’m biased bc it’s one of my favorite shows, but there’s like a half-season dedicated to a really bad flu and there’s like a good bit of whump episodes per season soooo…..)

- Daredevil (i haven’t actually watched it yet, but I hear it’s got good whump) 

- The Finest Hours (so, this is a movie where it’s winter and this guy goes on this little boat with a crew to recuse a bunch of people out at sea. Whump wise- there’s one character who is sick in it (bless his heart I love him) and it’s just a really good movie tbh) 

- Versailles (almost forgot this bad boy right here! pretty sure there are a couple of sick episodes (if i’m remembering correctly) but i mean there’s gay, pretty men, pretty ladies, drama.. it’s the whole package really) (also Les Mis fans: GBlags is the lead!) 

- Turn (I haven’t actually watched all of this, but I do remember there being some whump in it!) 

- Merlin (fucking Merlin. That is all I have to say)

- Boys Over Flowers (my fav kdrama tbh and there’s a lot of fucking whump in this even though it’s just the usual romance plot)

Some Amazon Prime Shows/Movies:

- Me Before You (it’s a sob fest, but I mean.. there’s whump) 

- Vikings (Fucking Vikings. Love the hell out of this show! Good whump. Powerful ladies! And for my Les Mis peeps: more GBlags!)

- Teen Wolf (/shrugs. I haven’t finished it, but it definitely has some good whump)

- Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (ya’ll i watched the shit out of this when I was a kid, and it’s a doctor show, so you know there’s gonna be some prime whump!)

(ya’ll please add to this! I am not the person to ask since I just rewatch shit constantly omfgggg. But, I hope this list helps some!)

Dance of the Duchess

Day Five of B’s Twelve Days of Christmas!

For day five, reply with your favorite part of The Nutcracker Ballet. Is it the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy? That’s my favorite.

Requested by Anon

Warnings: None.

Summary: The reader is cursed by an evil inventor to appear like a mechanical doll during the day. When the sun goes down, however, you’re allowed to be yourself. Merlin discovers you and vows to break the curse.

A/N: It’s just like The Nutcracker! This is a super great request and I had so much fun writing it. Oh, and some of the pronouns got a little wonky while writing a few scenes, so please ignore that. It’s semi-intentional. Merlin’s point of view uses she/her/hers and when he realizes you became human it switches to second person.

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I gotta say, I'm loving all of these merlin and merthur anons. Everyone go watch it on netflix and get them to make a s6 where Arthur returns in modern day. thank you. goodday.

Ooooh yes Netflix!! AND YES I NEED A MODERN REINCARNATION PLOT PLEASE. Seriously, I cannot stand the thought of Merlin waiting for thousands of years, heart-broken, staring out at the Lake, time passing him by ;_; 

(have you ever read the fanfic “Modern Manservant”?? It’s the best. Please go read it ooooo mah gawd)

okay so, what if after arthur died, he never really left? instead he hung around for millenia, following merlin, watching merlin mourn for him, watching merlin try to move on, watching merlin wait for him, all the while completely unable to reach out to him? to tell him he was there, that everything would be okay? that he wanted to come back to him? 

Some arthurian movies and tv shows

Sometimes I receive a message wondering about where to start with arthurian legends : D and yesterday for the first time someone asked me also about movies, comics, cartoons etc. instead of just books. So I compiled a list of movies with links and I saved it to post it publicy here.

Sadly arthuriana seems to be lacking of real masterpieces in this field, I’ll never understand why. Maybe it’s because everyone tries to make a movie about all the story and they tend to focus always on the same themes instead of changing characters and episodes. These are the most famous ones and also my favourite ones.

The links are not mine, I randomly found them on youtube. If you’d like to buy the dvds or watch the movies you can go on instant video and RENT or BUY them (or buy dvds on or

  • Mists of Avalon (here on youtube) is probably the best one. It has some great actors and Julianna Margulies is as amazing as always, it is also less harsh about religion than the books.
  • Merlin 1998 is also quite good and one of my favourite ones too (watch here). Obviously it focus on Merlin describing his life and his love for Nimue. It has some original twist plot with Galahad too which is probably my favourite thing in the movie/series.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail (watch here) is without any doubt the funniest movie I know and very arthurian accurate (Spamalot is the musical version of it). I has a special place in my heart because I think this is how an arthurian movie should be done now, taking the characters without any presentation from the beginning (don’t we all know that Arthur is the king of the round table and Guinevere seems to have an affair with Lancelot?).
  • My favourite adaptation ever is Camelot the musical. It’s a musical and I know that not everyone love musicals but I think it brings really well to life the drama of Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur. There are different filmed versions, this one is act I and act II of the 1967 movie one while this is act I and act II of the 1982 stage version. The movie version doesn’t have all the songs but it has a wondeful Vanessa Redgrave as Guinevere.
  • Sword of Lancelot is clearly not the best movie, but it has some fun parts. (watch here) Again, this is about Lancelot and Guinevere.
  • The knights of the round table is a great classic also if, in my opinion, a bit slow in some parts but if you are a fan of Lancelot and Guinevere and some Elaine it’s your cup of tea. It was actually quite good to see Elaine in a movie because she is usually simply ignored (watch it here).
  • Excalibur 1981 (which everyone knows and I find a bit overrated).
  • King Arthur
  • Guinevere (1994) is a movie vaguely inspired by Persia Woolley’s novels and which goes quite heavy on the pagan vs Christian thing, rich with pagan queen Guinevere, strangely teen age boy Arthur and pagan lady of the lake Morgana.
  • The First Knight yes well, I think it is still a cute movie, Julia Ormond is a great Guinevere and very human. I know, it’s a bit cheesy.
  • King Arthur, Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (1984), well I wound’t call this a good movie but you should watch it. For fun. Really. So you can suffer as I did.
  • Merlin and the Book of Beasts (watch here) It’s about Arthur’s daughter against Mordred.
  • Merlin and the War of Dragons. Don’t expect too much from this movie, it’s cute, it has a nice Igraine and the Vivian / Nimue story is interesting but nothing more.
  • Merlin and the Sword it’s a very strange movie and a sort of variation on Mark Twain’s story. A tourist woman gets dragged in Merlin’s cave where the magician is trapped with Nimue. There she hears the story of Lancelot, Guinevere, Arthur and Morgana. This is a humorous fanmade trailer. It has also the m erit of bringing to tv for the first time the story of Gawain and Ragnelle (changing it’s main sense, but, well, that’s another matter).
  • There are also an amazingly long number of movies of Mark Twain’s book A connecticut yankee in King Arthur’s court. I wrote something about them here.

About tv shows I think Camelot starz (with Eva Green) is the best one also if it has been canceled (only 10 episodes) and it has some faults (for example I didn’t like too much the character of Arthur and his story with Guinevere seemed to make it slower and more confused instead of giving it drama).

I am also extremely fond of the tv show The adventures of sir Lancelot (some episodes here) because even if I am not a Lancelot fan it is enjoyable and funny without the drama that I am usually used to associate to arthurian legends. And sometimes funny is good :)
Arthur of the Britons is also a good series, very different from the others because it tries to be as historical accurate as possible and it has only Arthur, Ector and Kay as arthurian characters. The tv show has two seasons and a movie (here).
There is also a quite nice webseries about Mordred in french with subtitles (at least the first episodes).
Ah and we shouldn’t forget about Kaamelott! Unfortunately the first three series are only in French, but the next ones are subbed in English on dvds.
I don’t think I even need to talk about Merlin BBC!

Some good documentaries:
Quest for King Arthur (2004)
In search of Myths and Heroes: King Arthur (2005)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (2009)
The making of king Arthur (2010)

About the cartoons the best one is also the most famous one: Sword in the Stone.
About the other anime and cartoons the best one is without any doubts The legend of Prince Valiant.
Also the movie Merlin and Arthur the lion king is quite cute.

I would have wanted that the story Merlin-Freya had had more space in the plot. I really loved The Lady of the Lake, but I’d have liked more attempts by Merlin to save Freya and take her away from Camelot, and I’d have liked that in the following seasons he would speak to Arthur about her, I would have wanted to hear Merlin talking about her, because I think he continued to love her but, watching the episodes, it seems that he has forgotten her.

reasons why, if you’re looking for a new cartoon to watch (or a new cartoon for your kids to watch), you should try Thunderbirds Are Go:

  • It basically took everything that was awesome about the plot/characters of the original and updated them so there’s no more dubious Sixties vaguely sexist/racist stuff
  • lots of women in command of things, including older women and women of colour, seriously there are quite a lot of ladies on this show who each have their own areas of specialization (science, spying, global defence, etc.)
  • Among the voice talents are: Angel Coulby (Merlin) as Kayo, Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones/Maze Runner/etc) as John, Anjoa Andoh (Martha’s mum from Doctor Who) as Colonel Casey, and Rosamund Pike (recent Oscar nominee!) as Lady Penelope
  • And the CGI/modelwork for the series was done by Weta Workshop, those folks who did Lord of the Rings
  • I am lead to believe there’s a few easter eggs in there for fans of Space Exploration/NASA/etc
  • (Although don’t expect any scientific accuracy)
  • pretty much, as far as I know, zero jokes that are ever at any group’s expense/could be considered offensive? the main villain once wore women’s clothing as a disguise for practically an entire episode and no-one even commented on it
  • opinions are divided as to the effectiveness of the CGI when used for the human characters, but the combination of CGI and models makes the background scenery of this show beautiful
  • it’s just Nice! a lovely little show about how the future of the planet turned out pretty okay after all and the world’s richest people use their wealth and their awesome collection of machines, rockets and submarines to save people from disasters
  • and also naturally there’s a massive dollop of Technology/Science Is Awesome And Can (And Should!) Be Used To Help And Advance Humanity
  • (honestly? think The Martian, but a cartoon and with five Mark Watneys)
  • it’ll never be in danger of cancellation because Thunderbirds has always been HUGE in Britain, but if you’re in the mood for a cartoon that is simultaneously really nice and gentle and full of explosions, you should watch Thunderbirds Are Go