Imagine: Being Arthur’s sibling and him finding out that you are dating Merlin. [x] [x]

Merlin: *walks into your chambers* Hi.
Y/N: Merlin! *runs up to him* *hugs him* What are you doing here? I thought you were going hunting with Arthur today. 
Merlin: Well, I was, but I managed to get some spare time away from your brother. *smiles*
Y/N: That’s great. *kisses his cheek* I think-
Arthur: *walks into room* -Y/N, have you seen- Merlin?! What are you doing in here?! With Y/N?!
Y/N: I… Arthur, calm down. Myself and Merlin… We’re courting. 

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BBC Merlin Characters + when the writers actually followed the legends
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"I'm not cut out for this." Merlin.

The darkness in his small room was a physical thing, pressing against his skin. Not even a sliver of moon was visible out his window, the clouds suffocating the starlight. 

Merlin lay on his back, staring at the blackness above him. Though the night was cool, his thoughts were stifling. He couldn’t breathe. The weight of his destiny crushed his lungs. It was too much, he couldn’t carry all of it alone.

I can’t do this, Merlin thought. Sudden desperation flooded his limbs, and without a conscious decision, Merlin was tumbling out of his bed and out of his chambers, seeking air, a breath, a reprieve. Someone to take this from him. 

“Merlin!” A voice rang out, “You’re up late. Where are your shoes, mate?” 

Head spinning, Merlin turned to find the speaker. Gwaine watched him, the jovial grin slowly slipping from his face. 

“Merlin?” Gwaine asked, stepping forward and gripping Merlin’s arm. The touch was constricting and he weakly pulled his arm back until Gwaine let go. “Not running away from Arthur, are you?” He said, the joke falling flat.

“I’m–,” Merlin whispered, gulping in air like a man half-drowned, “I’m not–”

Gwaine reached out again, and this time Merlin let him, shaking fingers clutching at Gwaine’s sleeves in return, his head bowing until he addressed the floor.

“I’m not cut out for this. It’s too heavy.” 

“That’s why I’m here,” Gwaine said. “I’m Strength, remember? I’ll help you lift it.” 

This sort of turned into an almost-AU in which Gwaine knows, or at least suspects, Merlin’s magic. Thanks for the prompt!

*Sins and Company Watching a Late Night Horror Flick*

*Elizabeth clutching to Meliodas as he watches the movie closely*

*Gowther is intrigued and confused by everybody’s fear*

*Diane and King holding eachother closely in terror*

*Elaine trying to get Ban to stop stealing and watch the movie*

*Escanor holding onto Merlin for dear life*


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Merlin filming

Seisen no Shirushi Ep 1

That was a great episode! It’s definitely something new but it definitely also feels like something Suzuki-sensei personally wrote (and we know he did so we can expect certain things that happen in the special to be canon), which is GREAT.
The main focus in this episode was on Hawk who fled because Meliodas talked about grilling him again and because Elizabeth was worried something will happen to him because of his new size Meliodas issued the sins to search for him. And whoever finds him first gets to make Meliodas do whatever they want. Of course that means everyone is fired up. Elizabeth participates and it’s hinted at that her request would have been to take her with him when Meliodas leaves on his next journey. Gilthunder wanted to participate with Meliodas in the next Vaizel Fight Festival, Diane wanted a date with Meliodas and because Diane participated in the search, King and Howzer joined too. Ban listened in on the conversation from outside and secretly joined, his goal being to finally finish things with Meliodas as promised after their battle against each other in the Kingdom Infiltration Arc ended.
Various funny scenes ensue with everyone failing patheticly to catch Hawk. The best was Hawk fleeing into Diane’s dress between her boobs making King GRAB HER BOOBS IN ORDER TO CATCH HAWK. Of course King nearly died when the realization hit him what he just did XD Howzer was probably the closest to actually catching him but got knocked out by Hawk’s attack.
In the end Ban got Hawk to come back to the Boar Hat by making some delicious food for him.
Meliodas “caught” Hawk though so no one won.

I don’t remember everything exactly and can’t check as usual but few things I remember that happened in between or afterward are:
1. Ban going into the cave where the grey demon is located in order to destroy it once and for all but Merlin keeping him back because she wants to experiment on it. Ban attacking it anyway but he failed because of the barrier Merlin put up in advance.
2. Meliodas making a dish that looks exactly grilled a baked mini Hawk (I think he used vegetables to make it? But I didn’t hear it properly because someone came in at that moment and made too much noise). He cut it in 3 and made Gil and Howzer eat one each while he ate the third one… WHY in god’s name would he eat his own cooking? Not to mention he puked everything out immediately, Howzer lost his consciousness and Gil ran out to puke I think?
3. Meliodas going into the room where the Horn of Cernunnos lies and TALKING TO THE DAMN GODDESS THAT TOLD BAN TO KILL HIM. I don’t remember everything clearly but he said something about “Why did you lie to my comrade?” and the goddess was like “Comrade? You don’t have something like that, you cursed one. No one will want to have something to do with you, befriend you, love you, once they know of your sin” She started laughing hysterically and Meliodas used his demon flames to put the horn on fire and damn, it burned and cracked and I think he destroyed it??
4. Meliodas also promising Ban that he hasn’t forgotten his promise and he WILL settle things with him and told him the time and place they will do it.
5. A poor farmers boy seeing Fraudrin flying through the sky, running to his hut to tell his parents but then Fraudrin appears from behind and says “Let me in on that story too, boy”

Both the opening and the ending were so good!! It might be the hype about something new but damn, that opening looked amazing… For some reason we get new party outfits for all the sins and we get a red demon kidnapping Elizabeth, we get demon Mel wrecking shit probably, we get all kinds of things!
The ending was really cute, I especially liked that one scene where Elizabeth and Diane, both in Boar Hat uniform were hugging and doing that heart thing with their hands together. It also had Liz and I’m especially happy about that of course <3 Another scene I remember is Merlin washing Gowther’s hair, that was cute…

All in all, I mistook the starting time (why would the HP tell me it starts at 5 when it doesn’t). Thanks to that anon for telling me, even though I didn’t see it before I actually started watching. A japanese friend on Twitter was the one that told me and thanks to them I was able to watch it eventually! And I’m so happy I did. It was really cool, I liked it a lot and I’m just so happy NnT is running again, even if it’s only for four weeks… But it’s completely new stuff, a completely new story in between written by Suzuki-sensei himself and it’s amazing!

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So…I’m multifandom now? Tell me how you feel about this. I may still return to strictly HP, but if this multifandom thing is a success, I think I’ll stick to it. Here are some possible choices for new URLs-although I may keep this one. We’ll see. I’m indecisive..have you noticed?😅

My favorite URLs are in bold, and the URLs for a potential imagine blog are in italics. As of now I am not publicly giving away any URLs, but if you’d like to have one or trade or something, please message me, and I’ll let you know if the one you want is available. In the meantime, let me know which of these I should switch to-and if I should switch at all :D

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