Ygraine lives. Magic was never outlawed, Balinor was gifted the Dukedom of Ealdor where he met his lovely wife & Merlin grew up as Arthur’s companion. 

When Ygraine isn’t busy being Queen, she enjoys spending her time walking the gardens, embroidering, visiting the royal nursery and much to Arthur’s despair embarrassing her son. As the prospect of having Merlin & his mother in the same room with just the three of them finally dawns on Arthur he begins to regret all his life decisions. It’s not that he’s ashamed of them - okay he is. Why do they insist on embarrassing him. He just hopes Morgana isn’t invited as well. 


Some of many The Land Of Stories artworks I made. 

It’s safe to say this book wonderful book series has taken over my life. can you see how my style developed over the past year? :)