So maybe hold me close

I don’t ask for more

Morning Sunshine ;)

A/N: Scanning through my WIP folder this morning, I found this. The two love birds having their tranquil moment on bed in the warm sunlight. I didn’t even remember when I sketched this, but I decided to give it a go anyway cuz it quite suited my mood of today ;P  Turns out colouring is still my weakness though. And this piece is kinda rough, not well made at all, due to the time limitation.  However I like how possessive Arthur looks here. xD  

Title is from the wonderful track “Be Mine” by Alice Boman.

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anonymous asked:

Which is your favorite character that Colin played?

 Thank you for this question! :) 

I can’t really choose a specific character played by Colin because I love them all: Colin played each one of them with sheer talent and he put so much hardwork into each role; but I’m specially in love with:

* Merlin

* Cathal in the movie Parked:

* Calum in the movie Island:

* Jethro Cane in Doctor Who (Series 4 Episode 10):

* Vernon in the play Vernon God Little:

* Jimmy Rosario in the play A Prayer For My Daughter :

* Esbeban in the play All About My Mother:

* Carlos in the play Our Private Life :

* Ariel in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest:

* Skinny Luke in the play Mojo:

* Gary in Old Vic Theatre’s 24 Hour Musical:

* Jimmy Minor in Quirke:

* Victor Richardson in the movie Testament Of Youth:

* Detective Sergent Tom Anderson in The Fall:

* Newt Pulsifer in Good Omens:

* Leo in Humans:

And I already love:

* Seàn MacDiarmada in the upcoming movie The Rising:

* Frankie Shea in the movie Legend:

* The Leading Role in the upcoming short movie The Laughing King:

* Paul Ashton in the upcoming movie Waiting For You:

And much more…

I admire the diversity of the roles Colin Morgan chooses to play. He is a real actor, the most talented of his generation!