So Imagine

a movie where almost the whole movie was in black and white, and there are two characters who somehow meet, but most of the story is them slowly falling in love and when they finally kiss it’s slow and beautiful and then everything turns into color. In their mind, they finally see color. They are truly happy, warm in each other’s arms. then on a late night back from work, one gets in a fatal accident. the death was instant. not painful for the one dead. but as the news travels to their other half. Color slowly fades, becoming a vague version of the once beautiful word. As their heart broke, the colors fled. The world was once again black and white. They locked themselves away from the world as the years passed. But this sadness is different than the one before their love. Before, they didn’t know true happiness, they didn’t know how smile without it being forced. They didn’t now that the world had color.  imagine your otp