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Merlin filming Pierrefonds 2010

Belated #inktober Day 24: Coffee Break Wizard

Accidentaly this wizard turned out to look like Merlin of “The Sword in the Stone” by Disney. I LOVED that movie when I was a kid . So I guess the film’s influence on me is bigger than I thought. 😂

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Since @coinelot is over, I’m posting my calendar art! I am still quite honoured that I was asked to do this, and super happy that the calendar sales and the convention itself was such a success!!! This fandom is so amazing ~

This is the wall calendar piece I did. The month was June (’cuz it’s my birthday month hehe) so that’s why it’s super summer-y. I also did a piece for the desk calendar!

For more info on the calendars, you can go here! It’s also where you can find some of the other work other calendar artists posted! c: And how awesome it is to see my art featured alongside all the other talented artists in this fandom. <33333

Bless the Merlin fandom.