I’m only on the second episode of season 4 and Merthur is already revving up to kill me. I love the entire “farewell” scene when Arthur sends Merlin back to Camelot for obvious reasons: Merlin is half-dead and begging Arthur to let him stay by his side, Arthur is concentrated on getting him back to safety and doesn’t take his eyes off him:

but this moment:

I love this moment so much because Arthur is doing his best to be stoic, to show as little concern as possible because as he said in season 2: 

but for one second when he clenches his jaw and sort of inhales, he’s about to break, his emotion is about to overwhelm him and he’s trying to hold it together but Merlin keeps asking to stay by his side, to just be with him and it’s making it hard for him to concentrate on being emotionless so he just ends up bickering with Merlin because he’s worried and upset and scared and can’t Merlin just do what he’s told and get better??

and it’s just so sweet, which is why, like I get the focus on Merlin being so devoted to Arthur and being soft with Arthur and just having this intense affection for Arthur but so is Arthur with Merlin 

he literally cannot fathom a life without him, he even dreams about him, like Merlin

and what I love about that is that it’s not in a servant capacity no matter what he says, like he berates Merlin and throws things at Merlin and does make Merlin serve but he expects Merlin to respond like a comrade and not a servant? When Merlin is quiet and compliant and takes the insults without insulting back, Arthur automatically knows something is wrong

and demands he tell him what it is under the pretense of being annoyed when he’s actually just concerned

literally what soulmates are made of.


Arthur and Kilgharrah
Don’t tell me, nobody told Arthur there was a dragon in the dungeon underneath the castle and he NEVER went to see if it’s true! Also, @peacelovegeek asked: “…at what point in the series do/did you envision Arthur learning of Merlin’s magic and how?”