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Bail (pre-apocalypse!DarylxReader)

Hi guys! Since I’m so ridiculously obsessed with the idea of young Daryl before the apocalypse, I’ve made yet another pre-apocalypse!Daryl fic where he’s once again up to no good. I think I might make this into an AU series, but idk. Let me know what you guys think!

Characters- teenage!Reader, teenage!Daryl Dixon, and Merle Dixon.



When Merle takes Daryl out with the intention to cause trouble, the two get caught, but Merle gets away and Daryl gets thrown in a jail cell. Not wanting to get his brother in trouble, he takes the blame. He doesn’t want his father to bail him out as he knows that he isn’t getting home without a beating, so the only choice he has is to get his girlfriend Y/N to bail him out. Y/N is ridiculously angry, as this isn’t the first time that Merle has gotten Daryl into trouble and Daryl has just rolled over to protect him once again. 

Warnings- strong language, fluff, angst, a little bit of violence.

and also sorry Merle stans, but I made him kind of an asshole in this, but don’t worry, it’s all for the purpose of the plot and the Daryl feels



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“Who am I calling, son? Your parents?”

“No… no, God no.”

“You need to get someone to come and get you. You got a friend that drives? A girlfriend?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend drives. Fuck, I didn’t want her to find out.”

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Merle setting you up with Daryl would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aawwww Merle :3 and lol Daryl being clueless XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Merle noticing how shy yet kind Daryl gets whenever you would talk or spend your day with him, making him think you are perfect together

-Merle always teasing and taunting you two whenever he sees you together as well as pushing you closer to one another, making you both blush

-Merle hugging Daryl by the neck and whispering to him to go offer you some of the food he had hunted, making him just agree to it

-Merle letting Daryl ride his bike just so he could tell you that you have no choice but to ride behind him whenever you would go on a run or travel on the road

-Merle pushing Daryl towards you whenever he sees you walking pass and just having you both start a conversation from that

-Merle asking you to help him with whatever he needs, only to do the same to Daryl and actually letting you both alone with his work and have you both spend the day together

-Merle accidentally getting you dirty with his drink or really anything and just telling Daryl to be a gentleman and to give you his shirt, making you blush and him just doing it

-Merle having a talk with you and ask you questions about your ideal man, only to practically throw at you every good thing about his little brother and just tell you that you should be with him

-Merle sometimes flirting with you right in front of Daryl, in a way that would make him uncomfortable and essentially protect you

-You and Daryl having feelings for one another but still being too shy about it, only for Merle to just shove you in one of the tents and lock you in saying that unless you admit to one another he isn’t letting you out



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Dixon Brothers Imagine ~ Guts

The Reader is close friends with Daryl and Merle and this friendship has to prove itself when Merle gets cuffed to the roof…


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The sun shone down onto you while you let yourself fall onto the ground of the roof you were more or less trapped on.
Trapped, because some idiot in the streets thought he had to play Lucky Luke, showing up in sheriff stuff and riding a horse before beginning to shoot and attract and fill the streets with living corpses.
You looked over to Merle who sat next to you, tipping with his shoes impatiently onto the ground.
You knew both of them, Merle and Daryl, for a long time now and over time you’ve grown to be pretty close friends and even though you were a lot younger than both of them, you were more than just sometimes forced to play their Watchdog when they, or especially Merle got driven by his hothead once again.
Merle stood up, grabbed the gun standing next to him before he walked over to the edge of the roof.
“Merle? What the fuck are you doing?”, you asked looking confused at him while he kept walking.
“You’ll see, Darlin’”, he just said, cocking the gun as he brought it up to his face and fired the first shot down the roof.
“Merle, stop that shit there are already enough around”, you hissed while you saw him continuing.
“We’re dying anyway doll, why not having a little fun before we peg out”, he said, stopping shooting for a short moment before he put the gun back to his face.
You huffed, stood up and walked over to him while you crossed your arms in front of your chest.
“Merle Dixon, you fucking stop shooting. Now”, you growled before he stopped again, shaking his head chuckling before the door on the other side of the roof hit open.
“Hey, Dixon are you crazy?”, you heard Morales scream as you turned around while Merle laughed and sent another shot down the building.
“Hey! You ought to be more polite to a man with a gun! Huh?”, Merle called out as he finally stopped and turned around.
“Only common sense”, he said chuckling as he hopped down the ridge you both were standing on while the others made their way with the guy in uniform who got you all into this trouble.
“You are wasting bullets we ain’t even got!”, T-Dog yelled as he stormed towards Merle.
And hell, you could already tell that it wasn’t gonna finish with yelling.
You saw the anger in Merle’s face rising as he began to yell.
“Merle. Come on it’s not worth it”, you hissed trying to lay your hand on his shoulder to keep him from doing something stupid and of course, it didn’t help.
You didn’t need to listen to his now calming down voice that all that was coming out of his mouth was offending shit while you kept trying to hold him with a greater urge back.
You weren’t dumb and you weren’t naive as well, you knew Merle and you knew how much of an asshole he could be when he was edgy and the last thing you needed was an escalation here.
“I’ll tell you the day! It’s the day I take orders from a nig-” “Merle!”, you furiously cut him off before he could continue.
“Stop (Y/N), let that damn asshole say what he wanted to say”, T-Dog growled while still glaring at the chuckling Merle who raised his voice and you saw T-Dog’s fist landing in Merle’s face.
“Merle!”, you screamed again as you saw how he wrestled T-Dog to the ground and you couldn’t see anymore who hit who until Merle leaned over T-Dog, hissed again before he stood up.
You looked glaring over to both of them, you didn’t need a big fight here while tons of walkers were trying to make their way to you.
“So what are we gonna do now?”, Merle said chuckling before you saw how the man hit him to the ground and a sharp gasp escaped your throat.
He leaned over him hit his handcuffs out and got merle faster cuffed to the pipe than you could look.
“Hey! wait that’s not necessary”, you said looking at the man who grabbed Merle now by his collar.
“Oh it is”, the man said before merle began to growl again. “Who the hell are you man?!”, he got out of his mouth while the man still held him forcefully.
“Rick Grimes”, the man just hissed before he let go of him.
“Damn it”, you growled quietly while you looked over to the others, T-dog still on the ground while the others watched the scene playing in front of them.
You heard Rick talking to Merle before you looked back to them, seeing how he pulled a small bag out of Merle'a pocket.
He had promised you to stop with that shit, with these damn drugs, not only for you but also for Daryl.
Rick stood up, tossed the bag from the roof and as much as you already couldn’t stand him for all the misery he had brought you in, you inwardly thanked him for that.
“You’re not gonna leave him this way now are you?”, you asked tensed up as you saw Rick walking to the edge of the roof before he turned around.
“He has to cool down”, he said while you huffed.
“He can cool down without this thing on”, you said looking from Merle to Rick.
“Nah, he can’t, not gonna take the risk”, he said before you sighed.
Great Job, Merle.
Great Job, Officer Know-it-all.
You scowled before you let yourself fall next to Merle, deep down you knew that he needed a break even though you didn’t like seeing him cuffed.
But as long as this Sheriff would get him off of it again, you could somehow get along with it.
“You told me you’d stop with that shit”, you growled while you looked down to your hands.
“I’d stop, right after that sweet little stash”, Merle said as you huffed annoyed.
“What? You playing moralizer or what?” He asked with a hissing undertone.
“I’m not, I’m just not interested in you dying because of this fucking crap”, you growled.
“Now that’s really cute, Doll”, he said while he chuckled provocative.
“How’s the signal?”, you heard Morales ask as the crippling sound of the walkie could be heard.
“Like Dixon’s brain. Weak”, T-dog answered, a grin on his face while Merle flipped him off and your glares hit him.
“Really T-Dog?”, you asked annoyed.
After all, Merle was still your friend.
An asshole friend, but still a friend.
You liked T-Dog and you got along with him well, but you just didn’t like seeing Merle cuffed.
You heard the others and the Sheriff talking about how to get out of here while Merle turned his head to you.
“Doll, you gonna get me out of these cuffs?”, he asked looking at you.
“I’m gonna talk to him again, but you have to stop acting like a dick or you’re faster cuffed again than you think”, you hissed before you stood up.
“Now that’s my girl”, you heard him chuckle while you walked over to the new man.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?”, you asked tensed but calm.
“I’m not gonna get him out of the cuffs”, he directly said while you clenched your jawline.
What did he think of just coming here and thinking he can manage everything after he brought you into this shit?
You took a deep breath, keeping yourself under control before you started again.
“I’ll not let him attack someone again, I just need the keys”, you said trying to somehow convince him.
“Sorry, but no. Not for now”, Rick answered while you couldn’t hold a huff back.
“So how do we get out?”, you heard Andra ask before you could walk Rick something else.
You walked back to Merle, knowing that you had to find another way to get him out of this.
You kneeled next to him, took your knife and brought it close to him.
“Woah, what are you doing darling? You suddenly into knife play?”, you heard him ask while you huffing began trying to open the cuffs.
“Shut up Merle. I’m trying to free you”, you hissed while you kept on trying.
Hell, why did he always have to act like the biggest Asshole on earth?
Well, to be fair, he wasn’t always like that, you knew probably every side of him and there were good, gentle ones but mostly they couldn’t keep him from getting himself into trouble.
You heard the others muttering some plan before you heard Andrea telling T-Dog to watch over Merle and shortly after that you heard the crashing metallic sound of the door.
“It’s not working”, you huffed, looking desperately at the cuffs that began to turn his skin underneath red.
“Oh come on Sweetie, they’ll get me off, later on, why don’t we have some fun before we all die? My hand may be impeded, but my pants aren’t. Why don’t you go for a ride?”, he asked grinning while he earned a glare from you.
“Fuck you, Merle, this is not the time for this shit”, you growled before you started a new try.
And you tried until you heard the door opening again and saw the others walking over to the part of the roof where you sat.
“Hey! You get him off of this now!”, you called over to the Sheriff.
“Like I said, not now”, he hissed before you stood up again.
“Listen Sheriff Smartypants, you can’t get us into this whole thing and then play big boss! I get why you got him cuffed up and yes, he deserved it, but it’s enough now. Get. Him. Off” you growled while he shook his head.
“Listen, I’ll get him off, when we’ve found a solution to get out of here”, he said calm but tensed while you still looked glaring at him.
“I’ll do it. You can believe me”, he said while you tried to figure out if he really did or just said it to calm you down.
“I hope so”, you said growling before you looked over to Merle again and walked huffing over to him.
“You gotta wait a little bit, but he’ll get you off”, you muttered before you sat next to him again.
“Sorry”, you added swallowing while you looked over to him.
“Don’t worry, Sweetie. This is not on you”, he said, a tensed undertone in his voice, before he patted your knee.

Some time passed, Sheriff Smartypants and Glenn had worked out some plan and right now, they were running covered in guts through the streets while you still sat next to Merle and you could see the clouds above you darkening.
“That asshole is out on the street with the handcuff keys”, Merle hissed through the grumbling of the upcoming storm before you saw how T-dog held the small silver key up.
You almost jumped up and walked toward him, before you stood above him. “T-Dog come on. It’s enough now”, you said first trying hit keep everything calm.
“(Y/N) you’re a fine person but I really don’t understand how you can stand up for this prick. So no”, he said looking up to you while you began to glare.
“T-dog, don’t make me do something I don’t want to do”, you growled before you heard the grumbling of the storm right above you, the first raindrops falling onto your skin.
“God damn it”, you growled as you looked up to the clouds and felt your clothes turning wet.
“At least I’m gonna have a nice view, when things go south”, you heard Merle say before you turned around and saw him looking at you.
You just shook your head glaring at him before you turned to T-Dog again who now stood at the edge of the roof and looked down to the scene that was playing there.
“They’re in a car”, you just heard Morales say as he looked through the binoculars and the rain got weaker again.
“They’re making it! We-We gotta go”, you suddenly heard Morales call out before he suddenly grabbed his stuff and ran over to the door while you stood bewildered there, seeing the others rush over to Morales.
“(Y/N), you have to come now!“, Andrea yelled over to you while you looked bewildered at her.
“Are you kidding me, Andrea?! I’m not going! You can’t leave him here this way!”, you yelled over to her while she looked smitten at you.
“I’m sorry we have to go”, she called over.
“No, NO! You’re staying here until we get him free!”, you yelled while you walked a few steps towards her and T-Dog.
“Please!”, you heard Merle scream behind you.
And when Merle screamed “please” things had to be really worse for him.
“I’m sorry!”, Andra said again before she stormed through the door.
“Fuck you Andrea”, you yelled already feeling the desperation creating a lump in your throat.
“T-Dog, please! Come on man! Please help me, I’m sorry!”, you heard Merle scream again while T-Dog’s glance wandered to you, his breath heavy while he seemed to struggle.
“(Y/N), I-”, he said struggling while you looked desperate at him.
“Please T-Dog, I won’t get him out of the cuffs by myself, will you leave me here too? Come on, please”, you said your mood constantly switching between anger and desperation.
T-Dog breathed heavily before he grabbed something from his pocket, ran over to Merle before he suddenly tripped and fell onto the hard ground.
The dull bang his body produced while hitting the ground got followed by a metallic sound that traveled down the pipe in the roof.
It had been the key.
He had just dropped the damn key.
“I-I’m sorry”, T- Dog stumbled as he got up and you still stood stuck in shock there, Merle screaming before you turned to T-Dog who now rushed to the door.
“You can’t go!”, you yelled before you saw him looking as smitten at you as Andrea had looked at you before he kept running.
You heard Merle still screaming while you saw how T-Dog chained the door up, while he called out to you that walkers won’t get you.
You were still stuck between desperation and anger as you began to hear Merle’s screams.
“Shit…shit!”, you heard Merle call desperately out from behind the pipes.
“I’ll get you off…somehow”, you said, trying to calm yourself down.
If you would panic, it would just make it worse even though your body was already a trembling mess.
Your glance wandered around, fell onto the box with the tools.
You felt your legs almost automatically moving as you walked over to them, grabbed the whole box and sprinted over to Merle who laid panting on the floor.
“We’ll make it Merle, I promise”, you said, your voice still trembling even though you tried to keep it under control.
You grabbed the first tool you saw, a small saw before you tried with all the strength you had to break the cuffs.
Merle began to talk but his words were just empty echoes in your head while you kept going. Soon you felt like your sharp breath was ripping crannies into your throat as your breath got even more heavily.
“This shit’s not working”, you said gasping before you angrily tossed the saw away from you both and grabbed some pair of loopers.
You were already out of breath, you could feel your muscles begging you to stop but you couldn’t.
With all the strength you had left you tried to let the metallic cord rip open, but nothing seemed to help, doesn’t matter how much you tried, doesn’t matter how long you tried.
“Shit!”, you scoffed while the sound of the word came more out as a whimper.
“I-I’ll find a way-”, you said gasping while you looked up to Merle, his face just seeable through the faint light that got weaker and weaker.
You had probably tried for longer than you thought.
“Damn (Y/N), are…shit are you crying?”, you heard him say, suddenly in a more gentle tone as you felt a tear rolling down your cheek.
“No-…No I’m just… yeah, I probably am crying”, you said scoffing while you let yourself fall next to him, running your hand over your face.
You heard Merle sigh next to you before you looked up to him once again. “Maybe you should go too”, he quietly said.
“Don’t ever say that again. I’m not leaving you”, you said and even though your voice was still weak, the determination could be heard through it.
“I’d tell everyone else to keep their asses here, but you need to survive you know”, he said scoffing slightly.
“And you need to survive too. Daryl, he wants that too. Last time I’m saying that, doesn’t matter what shit happens, I’m staying”, you said before you picked up the pair of loopers once again but realized soon that with the small strength you got left, nothing would just somehow work out.
“Leave it, try again tomorrow”, you heard him say unlikely calm for him.
Maybe that kind of calmness people fall in between of panic attacks, that numb feeling you get for some time before the storm of panic inside you begins to rage again.
“I will, I-I will”, you said huffing before you leaned yourself against the pipe.
“Why don’t you lean yourself against good ol’ Merle, huh?”, he asked with a slight chuckle in his voice.
“Because If I do so, you’re gonna get the wrong ideas”, you said, a small grin on your lips.
You tried to stay awake, to keep your eyes open but after a few more moments you felt your eyelids forcing themselves down.

”(Y/N), you alright?“, Daryl said as he drove along the road, Merle on his motorcycle driving in front of the truck you sat in.
“Do you think it’s going to end? That the military can stop it?”, you asked swallowing while you looked out of the window remembering the pictures the TV had shown just days ago.
Cops shooting down people, well, living corpses that ate people.
“I don’t know”, you heard Daryl mutter before you looked over to him.
“Can you promise me something?”, you swallowing asked after a few moments.
“What is it?”, he asked looking for a short moment from the road to you.
“That we stay together. That…that we search for each other if we ever get split up…doesn’t matter what happens”, you said while your glance stayed onto Daryl.
“I promise”, he said before he looked over to you.
“I really do”, he said seriously before he cracked a small smile for you.

You woke up, leaned against Merle as you felt the first sunbeams shine down to you.
“Good Morning Doll”, you heard him say before a metallic thud made you jolt up, followed by a choir of groans.
Your eyes darted to the door, still mostly locked but some walkers tried to squeeze their rotting bodies through the gap.
“Oh no, god no!”, you heard Merle desperately groaning.
And there it was again, the panic.
You swallowed hard, tightened your grab around your knife before you walked towards the door and stabbed into the heads of the walkers, avoiding their flesh craving mouths while you took each one out.
Your hands were covered in blood as you walked back to Merle, picking up the pair of loopers again.
Your glance went to Merle’s wrist, already bloody and swollen before you leaned your full bodyweight onto the tool.
You wouldn’t give up, you wouldn’t even allow yourself to think about it.
You were in some kind of trance, not even hearing what Merle said for some time before you heard the metal clicking and saw the metallic cord of the handcuff finally ripping.
“Oh my-”, you called out, not believing what you saw as you heard Merle laughing relieved.
“You are a force of nature! Shit, thank you!”, you heard him call out laughing while you looked at the ripped cord.
“Come on Doll, gotta get off this shit”, you heard Merle say before he pulled you up along with him.
“Yeah, need to go back to Daryl”, you said while you caught your breath again.
“And back to the shitheads? You kidding me?”, Merle said as you looked up to him.
“No, I’m not”, you said before you began to walk over to the door and raised your voice again.
“I got a promise to keep.”


Decisions Decisions *Requested* (Part 1/?)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Angst/Drama

Words: 1,100

“No chance, he’s not coming with us.” Glenn said angrily, pointing at Merle. “Fuckin’ watch your mouth Chinaman.” Merle spat. “Daryl, you don’t have to do this.” Rick said, leaning forward. “Your family now. We need you.” He added. “I ain’t goin’ anywhere without him.” Daryl said, shaking his head. Daryl walked over to the trunk of the car and took his crossbow out, along with some other things.

“(Y/N), you don’t have to go with them, come back home with us.” Glenn told you, putting more emphasis on the word ‘home’. You looked over at Daryl who was standing next to Merle, waiting impatiently for you to make your decision. He dreaded the thought that you wouldn’t chose to go with him, that would break him. This was the hardest choice you ever had to make. “I-I, I can’t leave him.” You stuttered. Your eyes began to water when you saw the look on Maggie and Glenn’s face. “Please, don’t go.” Maggie whispered, when you gave her a hug. You just shook your head, because there weren’t any words you could think of to make the situation less painful. You gave Rick, then Glenn a hug trying your hardest not to cry.

“I hope your happy man, you’re taking (Y/N) away from her family.” Glenn told Daryl. Daryl tried to ignore Glenn’s comment and Merle had a pompous smile on his face. Your heart broke when you heard Glenn and Maggie shouting for you to come back. Daryl put his hand on the small of your back and you flinched away from him. Daryl watched you walk away from him, with a scowl on your face and that scared the shit out of him. He had never seen you act this way towards him.


You were walking through the woods for about an hour, before Merle finally broke the silence. It surprised you that he waited this long to say something. You’d never met Merle until now, but from what you’ve heard he was a real asshole. “So, who’s this fine lookin’ woman that’s comin’ along with us?” Merle asked. “Shut up man, not now.” Daryl said to Merle. “No way.” Merle said when realization hit him. “Yer bangin’ my little brother ain’t ya?” Merle asked, making you roll your eyes, but you refused to acknowledge the older Dixon. “I said shut up.” Daryl growled. “Chill out Darlyna, don’t get yer panties in a wad.” Merle said. You were beyond angry at this entire situation and whenever you came across a stray walker, you would run over and shove your knife in its skull as hard as you could, trying to release the tension.

A few more minutes past and Merle got sick of the silence. “So what’s your name?” He asked. “(Y/N).” You replied shortly. “Wow, that was the name I was gonna make up for ya.” Merle said grinning at you.

“We need to find somewhere to stay, there should be a cabin nearby.” Daryl said, quickly changing the subject. “What we need is some venison.” Merle commented.


Daryl was right, there ended up being a little log cabin a mile or so away. Once the house was clear you went into one of the bedrooms and slammed the door behind you. “The fuck, is she on her rag or something?” Merle commented. Daryl ignored his brother and went over to the cabinets to see if there was any food. He was going to check on you, but decided he should let you cool off for a while. “Shit. Jackpot.” Daryl said, when he saw all the cans of food that were stacked neatly on the shelves. “Thank god, I’m fuckin’ starvin’.” Merle commented and slumped down on the couch, leaving Daryl to make a fire and heat up the food.


You heard a soft knock on the bedroom door and Daryl stepped into the room. He saw you sitting on the bed, staring blankly at the candle in front of you. “Found some food. Ya should come out and eat somethin’.” Daryl said, standing by the door. You got out of bed and brushed past him. You sat down on the floor, next to the small coffee table, refusing to sit next to Merle on the couch. You grabbed a can of beans and started to eat. You ate as fast as you could and went back into the bedroom, not giving a shit if you were being an asshole.

You took of your boots and got under the sheets, once again staring at the candle. After a few minutes the door opened and Daryl tossed his bag on the floor next to yours. You felt the bed dip down next to you and tried to scoot yourself as far away from him as you could. Daryl pushed your hair to the side and placed soft kisses on the back of your neck. You were about to moan, but you couldn’t forget what had happened this morning. “Stop.” You told Daryl. He pulled away and looked at the back of your head with a stunned expression. “Why?” He asked, as the feeling of rejection washed over him. “Just.. after everything that’s happened today.. I just..” You didn’t know what to say.

Daryl turned to lay on his back, scoffing and shaking his head. “Why don’t ya just leave then? Took ya for fuckin’ ever to make the damn decision anyway.” Daryl said harshly. Your whole body went rigid and you were absolutely furious. A few very long minutes passed and Daryl thought about what he just said to you, realizing it was a mistake. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” He said, placing his hand on your waist. “Don’t you dare touch me!” You shouted, jumping out of the bed. “Took me forever to make a decision? What the fuck?!” You shouted again. “You act like it was an easy choice and they didn’t mean anything to you and I know that’s bullshit. You knew I would go with you because of how much I love you and you didn’t even care about what I was feeling! I love them too you know!” You told him angrily and he looked at you, shocked at your outburst. You never acted like this before. You hurriedly pulled on your boots, not bothering to tie them and grabbed your bag, in a matter of seconds. “(Y/N) Stop!” Daryl said standing in front of the door, trying to block you from leaving. He knew you were angry and he wasn’t about to let you run off into the woods not thinking clearly.

Get out of my way.”

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this. Please comment & let me know what you think & if you’d like a part 2! Drama drama drama lol

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Daryl x Reader - Stressed out [SMUT] (Request)


Anon: hello, your fics are great ! i was wondering if you could take this small request of mine:D basically a small smut darylxreader in the prison BUT they get interrupted by Daryl’s brother , complaining for the too much noise and then making fun of them so daryl would get all over protective maybe? thank you already for listening to me –

Daryl and Reader are together since the farm (season 2) so Merle doesn’t know they’re together.

Warning: SMUT


The hot sun of Georgia was tiring.

Today I’m on fence duty with Carol and Maggie, killing walkers get to close to the prison.

“Take this you son of a bitch” I say while I stab the walker on its head.

That elicited a laugh from Carol: “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed”

“ Yeah, and I need to let my anger out or I’ll explode” I answer while killing another walker violently.

“Why are you this angry? What’s happened?”  asked Maggie, worry about my behaviour.

I stop and turn toward the other two women: “Today I was supposed to stay with Daryl…it’s been a while since we spend some time together … But of course Rick needs some baby stuff and sent him on a ran early in the morning” I finish angrily, stabbing another walker.

Carol and Maggie laughed at that

“Girls, that’s not funny at all! I’m so stressed out you have no idea!”

“ Well you should…” Carol didn’t finish her sentence because all of us were interrupted by the sound of a bike getting close to the gate.

“Oh my God he’s back!” I say with a bright smile.

Maggie put her hand on my shoulder “Go to him, we take care of the walkers”.

I hug her and then run toward the prison’s entrance.

Once I arrived there, Daryl was handing over to Rick all the baby supplies he found.

“Hey stranger” I say to make him notice me

He smile and get off his bike, opening his arms.

I run toward him and almost knock him down: “Hey sunshine, I’m sorry about the ran but the little ass kicker needs some food and diapers”

Snuggling into his chest I mutter: “It’s okay”.

Suddenly Daryl separates from me: “Why don’t you wait in our cell while I talk to Rick for a sec?”

Nodding I walk inside the prison, finally I can have some alone time with my man.


I was sitting on our bed for some minutes now, wondering what Daryl and Rick were talking about.

My thoughts were interrupted by a kiss on my temple that makes me jump a little

“Sorry! I didn’t want to scare you” Daryl scoffed

“I was thinking about something, you shouldn’t creep up on people!” I answer, pushing him lightly on his arm.

Daryl shakes his head and sits down next to me.

He hide his face onto his hands, that makes me worry: “Hey baby, what’s up?”
“Nothing, I’m just stressed you know? People counts on me and always makes me do things…it’s suffocating because I need to have some  free time but at the same time I don’t want to let them down”

I nod at that, I know that feeling.

Before the apocalypse I had to take care of my siblings because my mother was really busy and we didn’t have a father… I wonder if they’re okay since I got separated from them.

I kiss his shoulder and then I lay a trail of kisses from his shoulder to his neck, until his jawline, stopping between kisses to talk to him: “What do you say…If I…fuck the stress out of you?”

Daryl growled while I straddle him, sitting onto his hips.

I start to kiss and bit his neck while I grind on him slowly.

“Oh god, keep going” Daryl moaned, gabbing my ass and moving my hips.

I keep that up for awhile until I bit his lobe.

Daryl push me away, making me stand up: “Take off your clothes, now!”

“So demanding” I say grinning.

While I take off my clothes he was doing the same quickly, until he was naked and I had just my underwear on.

Teasingly I reach behind me, and undo the hook of my bra, however I don’t take it off immediately.

I take each strap down my arms slowly, while Daryl stare at me, stroking his cock.

Seeing how he’s horny for me makes me moan.

Finally I take off my bra and I throw it at him.

He laughed at that “You little tease”.

After he stops laughing, I turn around and slowly take off my panties, giving him a good view of my back, making him moan.

“C’mon here baby girl”

That pet name made me wetter and made me want him more, so I stroll over him, and I take his cock in one swift move.

We both moan loudly at that.

I start to bounce on him fast while he start to play with my bouncing breast.

“Look at this beautiful tits, they’re all mine” he says before taking my nipple into his mouth and pinching the other

“ah yes, they’re yours, they’re all yours”.

Apparently that makes Daryl hornier since he started to thrust hard and fast against me.

The more he thrust the more I scream, I really don’t care if someone hear us, Daryl is so good.

Daryl leaves my breast for my neck, biting and sucking, making me scream more.

“Daryl I’m going to…”
“Well…well…well look at that”

Daryl abruptly stop while I gasped in surprise.

I forgot that Daryl brought Merle, his brother, to the prison.

I’d like to say that he’s sweet like his baby brother but nope, he’s just a creepy asshole.

“I’ll be damned! So Darylina has balls after all…and damn look at those tits, she’s an hot piece of chick brother”
At that, Daryl clenched is jaw, he throw his shirt at me and stand up: “Don’t talk to her like that you asshole”
Merle laughed at that” ooh, I’m sorry brother, I didn’t know you became all sentimental”

Daryl just push Merle out of our cell, he was really pissed off.

After he made sure his brother went away, Daryl walk back to our bed.

I hug him and take him down on the bed with me: “Thank you for defending me”
Daryl looks down and smile at me: “Nobody talks like that to my girl”

We stayed like that for minutes, looking at each other smiling.

“So…” Daryl interrupted the silence and start trailing his hands up my leg and toward  my centre

“where were we?”

“Really Daryl? We’re just been cockblocked by your brother” I giggle

“Yeah but seeing you with my shirt on and nothing else made me hard again”

Laughing he starts to kiss me again, ready to finish what I’ve started.


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Extra Time- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Daryl x reader where the reader is bit and Daryl just wants to spend time with them before they’re gone so he doesn’t kill them yet. As they wait, the reader realizes nothing’s happening and they discover they’re immune”

Word count: 1680

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death/blood.

Note: honest to god, I fucking love getting messages and questions from you guys.. even if they’re not related to anything in particular. I just love knowing people actually care, uk? 


You walked along the empty street, nothing but a backpack accompanying you.  Even the backpack itself was almost empty, matching your eyes.

A run gone wrong, they would call it. But it was so much more than that. It hadn’t just gone wrong, it had been bitten, beaten and tired down. 

Just like you.

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Merle’s girl (Merle Dixon x Reader)

Fandom: The Walking Dead 

Request by @alexjokerjily “Can you write an imagine with Merle, in which reader had an argument with him like always, but reader loves Merle and Merle loves reader, so he decides to kiss her and it’s going more…” 

Tag: @villainlove  ;)

Originally posted by padmeahmidalas

You hummed softly to yourself as you gathered clothes over your tent’s floor into a huge basket. You chuckled as your hand brushed against the oversized t-shirt you used to sleep in and you remembered the first time you had seen this t-shirt on the love of your life. Merle Dixon. You shook your head in amusement at the memory, Merle drinking at the bar you were working at, Daryl (his little brother) next to him drinking almost as much as the older man was. Merle’s constant teasing towards you and finally, him defending you against a disgusting drunk guy who tried to take advantage of you. Merle had driven you home and since then, you had never left his side. Indeed, life with the hot-headed redneck wasn’t easy all the time but you somehow managed to make him change even if you had to explode and argue a lot, he always seemed to understand you and ended up apologizing in his own way. When the world went to shit, Merle and Daryl busted into your house, telling you to pack your bags and to come with them. Indeed, you did as they said knowing that Merle would protect you with his life if he had to.

You gathered everything you needed to do yours and the boys laundry and went out of the tent to join the other women of the camp. You have been staying here over past two months and almost everyone was nice, apart from Ed who was constantly giving you dirty looks and awful smirks but you didn’t have to be afraid of the man. You knew that no one would mess with you while Merle was around.

Lori smiled at you from her spot on the bed of the truck that you would use to go down at the quarry to wash your clothes and gestured for you to join her and the girls. You jogged in their direction and hopped on the bad of the truck as well, smiling back at Lori.

“T-Dog is coming with us today.” She said as she played with a plaid shirt in her own basket of clothes. You nodded and took a last glance over the makeshift camp in hope to see Merle but he wasn’t around.

“Have you seen Merle around?” You asked Lori and turned to look at her and the girls. Lori looked at you then at the others and shook her head.

“No, not since this morning.” Lori answered, the other girl shaking their head ‘no’ as well.

“And what about Daryl?” You asked again, obtaining the same answer from the women in the truck. “That’s weird.” You mumbled to yourself, making Lori squeeze your shoulder and smile warmly at you.

“Daryl must be with him, don’t worry they’re probably hunting.” Amy said and Andrea nodded next to her. You sighed and shrugged your shoulders as the car stopped before the quarry.

“I guess you’re both right.” You mumbled as you jumped down the bed of the truck with your basket.

T-Dog got out of the car and grabbed his gun before helping you and the others with the clothes. You sat next to Carol and started to clean Merle’s clothes first as you hum softly. Carol smiled as T-Dog chatted with her, keeping his attention to the woods with his gun ready in his hands. You were lost in your thoughts when suddenly, Amy called your name making you look up to see everyone looking at you. You blushed and raised an eyebrow at them.

“What?” You asked, slightly amused.

“I asked you how you met Merle but you seemed far away, (Y/N).” Amy said as the others chuckled quietly at your lost face. You looked down at the shirt in your hands and smiled as you chuckled to yourself.

“Well, it’s quiet a funny story.” You started, making Amy grin at you and nod her head for you to continue but T-Dog interrupted before you had the chance to say a word.

“I don’t understand why you’re with him… How a girl like you can be with a man like him is hard to understand.” He said in an annoyed yet curious voice. You frowned and dropped the wet shirt into the bucket of water you were using.

“What do you mean?” You asked dumbfounded, the others feeling slightly uncomfortable but T-Dog shrugged and looked at you seriously.

“He’s not a good man, he’s a racist man, misogynistic. He has a real temper, you must be so afraid of him.” He answered while shaking his head and playing with the gun in his hands. You opened your mouth to speak but stopped yourself for a second to wrap your head around what T-Dog had said.

“Look…” You started trying to sound as soft as you could. “Merle can’t really play well around others but he’s not a monster. This man has been through a lot of things and no one had ever given him a chance in his life. I have to admit that he should sometimes think more before speaking out loud but, deep down, he’s not a bad guy. He’s a good man but this world categorized him as ‘bad’, he never asked for that.” You finished, finally unable to contain your annoyance towards the small group as they were judging your man unfairly.

T-Dog bit his lips and looked down in shame, knowing that you were right about not even leaving a chance at Merle. The others went back to the task at hand but Amy asked you again about when you met Merle. You smiled and told her how he had saved you from the drunk at the bar but you also told her about the first time you had seen him at a party, how his loud personality actually hid a soft man for the ones he cares about only. Everyone was listening at some point and Carol told you how she thought the same about Daryl and you nodded you head in agreement.

“Yes, Daryl loves his brother. He would die for him.” You smiled as you gathered the clean clothes into your basket. “They’re good men.” You said just above a whisper.

As you got up from the shore, your eyes landed on a figure that was standing at the edge of the woods. You shielded your eyes from the blinding Georgian sun and grinned as you recognized Merle, you dropped your basket and jogged towards him. He waited for you, one of his hands on his hip and a teasing smirk on his lips. You giggled and jumped into his arms, linking your arms around his neck.

“Merle!” You exclaimed. “Where the hell were you?” Merle laughed and wrapped his arms around your smaller frame in a strong hug.

“Ya miss me, sunshine?” He asked cockily, making you chuckle and rolled your eyes.

“Sure, I missed you dummy but where were you?” You asked again as you pulled away.

“Was helping Daryl to hunt but he claimed that I was being too loud and scaring the game away.” He answered clearly annoyed by the situation. You chuckled and kissed his cheek to make him feel better.

“Come on, baby. You know that Daryl is a better hunter than you are. Give him some credits.” You said with a small playful smile on your lips, making Merle scoff and walk off but not without pulling you with him by your hand. You linked your fingers with his and followed him a little further into the woods.

“He is a decent hunter but I’m better.” Merle said as you rolled your eyes again.

“Keep telling yourself that, babe.” You teased again and Merle shot you a dirty look.

“I have to go on a run with the rest of them sorry pricks anyway.” Merle said suddenly as he stopped walking and turned to look at you. You frowned and crossed your arms over your chest.

“They’re not that bad when you get to know them.” You defended the group but your mind was still racing at the idea of him going alone on a run without you and without Daryl.

“Yeah… whatever…” Merle mumbled, not caring about what you said about the group. You took a step closer to the tall man and sighed as you asked in a calm voice.

“You decided to go on your own, without telling me before? They’re going in an hour! I have to wrap my head around it in less than an hour?” Merle looked at you with an expression that you couldn’t really read.

“Yeah… I decided without asking your permission because you’re not my mom. I don’t give a shit if ya agree or not, I can do whatever I want!” He almost screamed at you. You took a step back but quickly swallowed any fear you have been feeling and marched towards him, pushing his chest away with all your strength to make him take a step backward.

“You definitely can do whatever you want, you asshole but you could also think about the two only people that care about you! I don’t want you to get hurt and left alone in a word like this!” You screamed back at him, your temper getting the best of you.

“Step back, woman!” Merle screamed at you and got in your face, glaring at you with anger and stubbornness.

“Make me.” You challenged him, clutching your fists at your sides, completely done with his behavior.

Merle glared at you, his eyes flickering from your eyes to your lips. Heavy breaths left Merle’s chest, his face slightly flushed with anger but you staid right where you were, glaring back at him. Then, Merle’s eyes soften and he suddenly grabbed your face into his hands and crashed his lips to yours. Your eyes widen, taken aback by his sudden mood shift but you couldn’t help but kiss back, your anger vanishing in a flash. Merle’s huge hands gripped your hip and the right one ran up your body to grab the back of your head to deepen the kiss. You moaned into his mouth as his tongue forcefully pushed past your lips and rub against yours. You shivered and moaned again at the feeling, your mind fogged by Merle’s rough hands and sweet taste. You broke away to breath but Merle attacked your neck, nibbling and sucking on your sweet spot over and over again, making you moan a little louder than you expected and buck your hips forward unintentionally. Merle chuckled, proud of himself and whispered seductively against your neck.

“Ya’re still mad at me baby?” He asked and you shook your head ‘no’, not trusting your voice at this point. Merle’s left hand traveled up to your chest and squeezed your breasts into his rough hand. “Answer me baby.” He demanded, making you gasped and close your eyes as you gripped his shoulders.

“N… No, I’m not mad.” You breathed out between moans as Merle kept working on your neck and on your breasts.

“Good girl…” Merle answered, bringing his lips back to yours and captured them into a passionate kiss.

You rubbed your hips against his and pushed him backwards against a tree to jump in his arms and wrap your legs around his hips. Merle grunted and carried you with ease, his muscles jumping as he held you up and teared your shirt off your body. You whimpered and your eyes darkened seeing his own lust for you. Weirdly, you both stopped and stared at each other. Your love for him blooming as you saw his eyes look at you as if you were the most beautiful woman on hearth.

“I love you.” You whispered only for him to hear.

“I love ya too, baby.” He answered and you knew that he meant it. It was the first time that his voice had been so emotional, almost breaking at the end. You giggled in happiness and brought him down for a passionate and lustful kiss.

You didn’t know that the others were already getting ready for the run in town as you enjoyed a pure moment of love with Merle and you also didn’t know that it would be the last time for an entire year that you would be with the love of your life because when the group came back the next day, Merle wasn’t with them. He was just gone but you never gave up on him, knowing that no one could kill Merle but Merle.

I really hope that you liked it! It’s a bit shorter than expected, sorry if you wanted something longer. 

xxx Lisy 

** Merle Dixon successfully kills the governor and survives.

** Hes reluctantly allowed back with the group, although they still avoid him for the most part.

** One of the only people he actually strikes a friendship with is Michonne. He secretly likes the fact she could kick his ass.

** He’s with the group when they find Alexandria.

** Merle has always known that whoever Daryl fell in love with, it would only happen once, and gender would be irrelevant to that.

** Daryl doesn’t realize that himself.

** Merle is the first one who notices Jesus’s interest in Daryl. Daryl is oblivious.

** Merle notices how Daryl watches Jesus. Daryl is oblivious to this as well.

** Merle gives Jesus a shovel talk early on.

** Once Daryl realizes his feelings he’s terrified of Merle finding out.

** Right before Daryl is taken by Negan, Merle and him get in a fight after Merle makes a homophobic comment per usual and Daryl end up walking away.

** Merle says asshole comments on reflex (which nobody is condoning), but he doesn’t really MEAN it.

** After Jesus arrives back at Hilltop, a worse for wear Daryl in tow, he settles Daryl in his room, goes to get the doctor, than goes to get Merle.

** Merle gets to the room and doesn’t know what to say.

** Jesus turns to leave but Merle tells him he should stay, Daryl needs him there.

** Daryl just looks at him and tries to say he don’t need anyone.

** Merle says something like “don’t lie to your ole brother Merle, I’ve seen the way you look at em”

** Daryl is so exhausted. he says “you don’t know what youre talkin on about”

** Merle pat’s Daryl’s cheek, Daryl flinches, Jesus makes a move to defend Daryl until he realizes Merle won’t hit em.

** Merle says “I changed your diapers baby brother, I took pa’s beatings for you. Nobody will ever love you like I do, baby brother, and nothing’ll change that, nothing”.

** Merle isn’t as bad as he seems. He’s just a misunderstood asshole.

** He really just wants Daryl to be happy.


I tried to write a fic, but I can’t get Merle’s voice right. I’ve read a few fics where Merle find out about Daryl and Jesus and gets mad, but I like this alternative. I think Merle probably has always known it was a possibility for Daryl to love a man, and I think he knew if their dad found out about it, the was a real is possibility Daryl’s life would be in danger.

If anyone’s writes this, please let me know!

Daryl x Reader - Loss (30 Days series)



–> DAY 1

–> DAY 2

–> DAY 3

–> DAY 4

–> DAY 5

–> DAY 6

–> DAY 7

DAY 8: Death of someone close

–> DAY 9

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

–> Requests are open by the way

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

(This chapter take place during season 3)

Warning: angst and fluff


Merle and Michonne were gone, and since everybody knows that Merle works for the Governor, we couldn’t help but worry.

“ I can’t believe Merle did something like that” I said  while walking with Daryl toward his bike.

Since we notice Merle and Michonne disappearance, almost everyone starts to prepare for the research.

“Well, it’s not that our group has a really good relationship with him” says Daryl.

“Well he’s an asshole”

At that he stops and turns looking  at me, grinning:

“You better watch your mouth sunshine, he’s still my brother”.

With that said, he get on his bike.

I get on too, circling his waist with my arms and laying my head on his back… I really like feeling this close to him.


While we’re running along the road, I can’t help to think about what Daryl told me about his past.

How could Merle be related to Daryl? They’re so different and, even if Merle did a lot of bad things, Daryl will never give up on him.

He doesn’t talk about his feelings and shit like that but I could read it on his eyes: despite everything he’ll always care about his brother.

Daryl abruptly stops the bike: “(Y/n) look at that!”

A little up ahead from us, there were some kind of building with a lot of walkers roaming around:

“There are a lot of walker… do you think they took shelter in there?”

“I don’t know, Merle is really impulsive, he definitely would fight all those walkers rather than hide, anyway let’s take a look”

Nodding, I get off  the bike and take out my machete while Daryl get ready with his crossbow.

“Are you ready sunshine?”

“Yes, let’s go”

So we spend time taking down all walkers that came near us, we fight and fight until we were covered in blood and guts.

“Hey Daryl, look at that”

most walkers I took down were killed with gunshot, they didn’t seem dead for long time and that was strange.

Even if I call him, Daryl didn’t come to me so I turn around, ready to call him again when suddenly I understand why he ignored me.

Daryl was standing still, crying.

He was looking at a particular walker, that slowly was making his way toward my man.

I get ready to take it down when all of sudden I recognize that walker: It was Merle.

He has a bullet wound on his heart like the other walkers.

I take Daryl hand into mine: “Do you… do you want me to put him out of his misery?”

“Nah… I’ll do it” Daryl sobbed and start walking toward Merle.

At first he just push him away, still crying, then, when Merle fall on the ground, Daryl takes his knife and stabs him on his head.

However his brother was already dead, Daryl start to cry and screaming in rage, stabbing Merle’s head repeatedly.

I rush toward him and I finally hug him, he bury his head into the crook of my neck, still sobbing loudly

“Sssh… I know baby, I’m here”

Seeing him like that broke my heart, I really wanted to cry but I had to stay strong for him. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

When we got back at the prison, Daryl didn’t say a word and walked into our cell while I tell the others what happened earlier.

I also beg them to leave Daryl alone, he needs time to mourn his brother.

Later that night I walked to our cell; Daryl was laying on our bed, looking at the ceiling with red puffy eyes.

“Hey… you need to rest”

“I know…it’s just… I see him every time I close my eyes”

He sobbed again, so I decide to lay besides him, and hug him.

He looked like a little child: “Daryl, we will get through this together, I’m here for you”

He didn’t answer, he just lay a little kiss on my neck.   

“I’ll always be by your side” I whisper before falling asleep.


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One-shots (750+ words)

Daryl Dixon

  • Never forget- After a run gone wrong, you think back to all your memories with Daryl. The good and the bad.
  • Not the first- You’re Daryl girlfriend and were previously engaged before the apocalypse. On a run with Daryl you run into your ex-fiancé, Negan.
  • I’m Sorry- You and Daryl have recently broken up and it was messy. But when you get captured on a run with Maggie and Glenn and Daryl shows up to save you, true feelings are revealed. 
  • Come Down- You and Daryl get in a bad fight, and leaving seems like the best option.
  • Not Alone- After spending your life hiding your scars, you finally slip up.
  • Arsonist’s Lullaby- A song fic based off of “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier. You and Daryl are married. When you’re captured with Rick and the group by Negan, things get a little intense.
  • Woah- When you’re asked to dress up at the Alexandra Welcome party, the group is blown away with your looks. Daryl in particular. 
  • Extra Time- After being bitten, you ‘die’ in Daryl’s arms, only to wake up back in Alexandra.
  • No Good- AU- You and Daryl are engaged. But when Merle arrives back from jail, he tries to sabotage the relationship.
  • Run- After rescuing Daryl from the Sanctuary, you can’t help but stay by his side.
  • Shower- You’re the new girl at Alexandra and within a month, Daryl happens upon you naked.
  • Yawn- You feel like Daryl’s staring at you, but you can’t seem to catch him doing so. So you think of a plan.
  • Son In Law- Your dad, Negan, wasn’t present for your wedding with Daryl. When you reunite with him, he takes the opportunity to take you and Daryl home. Against your will. 
  • Sparkle- Theres a christmas party being thrown in your home, but the loud music is giving you a headache. Daryl suggests you go somewhere else, but before you do, he gives you a gift.
  • Mantra- Ever since Abraham and Glenn were killed, Daryl hasn’t been himself. When the two of you end up on a run alone, you decide to confront him about it.
  • Alive- Negan took you and Daryl hostage. But you as a wife, him as a prisoner. In an attempt to go see Daryl, you’re caught. And Negan’s not happy. 


  • Princess- After Negan finds you in a forest, he takes you back to his home, welcoming you to your new life.

Maggie Greene

  • Get Away- After the fall of the farm, you decide to confront Maggie about your feelings.

Carl Grimes

  • Not Ready- After Carl loses his eye, Denise banishes him to your room, and he doesn’t act to kindly to when you want to go out on a run.
  • Months- It’s months after the prison fell, and you’re still on your own. That is until the group happens upon your tracks. What happens when they see you’ve been bitten?
  • Insecure- Alexandria is a safe haven. You love it. But theres a girl your age who seems to be getting close to Carl and your adoptive parents, Glenn and Maggie. 

Rick Grimes

  • Hidden- Rick always loved your eyes, but what happens when you lose one– instead of Carl? 
  • Fate- You were picked in the lineup, but you wake up back at Alexandria with a scar.

Imagines (150-750 words)

Carl Grimes

  • Nightmares- Imagine Carl being there for you after a bad dream.
  • Memories- Imagine Carl comforting you after seeing your scars.
  • Accidental History- Imagine Carl teaching you how to use a gun, but something goes wrong– or right.
  • Locked Up- Imagine Carl locking you in the closet instead of Enid.
  • Pranks- Imagine getting in a prank war with Carl, but you can’t seem to fool him.
  • Slang- Imagine teaching Carl Australian slang.
  • Spanish- Imagine teaching Carl Spanish.
  • Cheer Up- Imagine helping Carl find hope.
  • Catch Me- Imagine playing tag with Carl.
  • Twelve- Imagine becoming Carl’s best friend.
  • Sleep- Imagine not being able to sleep.
  • Bone Crushing- Imagine being separated from the group, only to reunite at Alexandria.

Daryl Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Cornered- Prompt: “Will you hear me out?” + “Like hell I’m leaving you when you look at me like that.”
  • Saved- Imagine saving Daryl from a walker.
  • Daughter- Imagine adopting Sophia with Daryl.
  • Introduction- Imagine meeting Merle for the first time, and Daryl’s even more nervous than you.
  • Ring- Imagine waking up to your husband, Daryl.
  • Coconut- Imagine Daryl getting you extra inhalers. 
  • Rushing Waters- Imagine Daryl saving you from a rushing river.
  • Empty Glasses- Imagine winning a drinking game with Daryl. 
  • Trust- Imagine being an ex-savior, and only Daryl trusts you. 
  • Always- Imagine being injured on a run.
  • Baby Coos- Imagine walking in on Daryl holding Judith.
  • Spider- Imagine falling asleep on Daryl.
  • Easy- Imagine being blind.
  • Heaven- Imagine Daryl, your boyfriend, getting jealous.
  • Until Now- Imagine Daryl never realizing how he felt about you, until it was too late.
  • More- Imagine getting drunk with Daryl.
  • Contact- Imagine touching Daryl, which makes him flinch.
  • Rosy Cheeks- Imagine Daryl finding you as a walker.


  • Cough- Imagine being sick and Ezekiel takes care of you.
  • Friend- Imagine being close with Shiva.


  • Girlfriend- Imagine Henry, Benjamin’s brother, spilling that Benjamin has a crush on you.
  • I Promise- Imagine being hurt but having Benjamin at your side.

Norman Reedus

  • Heck- Prompt: “why the heck aren’t we making out?”
  • Giddy- Imagine being an actor on twd.


  • Passive Agressive- Imagine Negan getting jealous.
  • Warm- Imagine Negan carrying you to bed.
  • Together- Imagine being with Negan. (male!reader x negan)

Glenn Rhee

  • Breakfast- Imagine being caught about to have sex with your boyfriend, Glenn.
  • Before- Imagine reuniting with your fiancé, Glenn.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Rick Grimes

  • The Pact- Imagine Rick finding you as a walker.

Shane Walsh

Merle Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Closet- Imagine Merle being in the closet about his feelings for you. (male!reader x merle)
  • My Kid, My Girl- Imagine being pregnant with Merle’s baby.

Maggie Greene

  • Flu- Imagine Maggie comforting you while you’re sick.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia

  • Bad Advice- Imagine Rick giving Jesus, the man who had a massive crush on you, bad advice in regards to swooning you 

Eugene Porter

  • Pants- Imagine forgetting that you’re only wearing Eugene’s shirt.
  • Baby- Imagine being pregnant with Eugene’s baby.


  • Second Home- Imagine visiting a Walking Dead panel after leaving the show.

Team Family

  • Gunshot- You take Daryl’s place as Dwight fires the gun.

Series (2+ parts)

Daryl Dixon

  • Perfect- When you begin growing close with the new, and very handsome, member of the group, Daryl doesn’t react kindly. After all, jealously never did love any favours.

“Perfect” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Regrets- In a faze, you sleep with someone at Alexandra. But what does it mean for your relationship with Daryl? 

“Regrets” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Her- There’s a new girl at the prison, and she’s taken a certain liking to Daryl. (Daryl x Jealous!Reader)

“Her” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] *completed* 

  • Love- You finally confess your feelings to Daryl, but his reaction was one you were dreading. After months apart, are those feelings still there? 

“Love” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] *in progress*

  • Ten Years- AU-You never expected to see a Dixon again. Now ten years later, at the reunion of the class of 86′, you see the last person you thought you would.

“Ten Years AU” parts- [1] *in progress*


  • Monster of Mine- Being Rick’s daughter, falling in love with Negan when he takes over Alexandria.

“Monster of Mine” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] *completed*

Daryl and Merle making excuses for you to kiss them

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“No way! That’s no fair! I-I want another round!” You demanded, still not knowing why you had agreed to make a little bet with Daryl, master of the bow, on who could shoot the best. Now you were alright but compared  to Daryl you weren’t even in the same league as him. He looked down at you with a triumphant smirk on his face. “A-ah-ah, I believe it was three rounds, and it seems that you’ve been a little too cocky.” He teased. Well fuck. You lost.

You huffed irritably and glared at him. “What do you want me to do” you muttered. He hummed and tilted his head to the side, which was indeed adorable, before speaking. “You have to….Give me a kiss, on the lips.” He said, making it sound dramatic like a child would. You tried to hide your growing smile as you stood from your spot where you had fallen in defeat.

“I don’t know, that sounds like a lotta work Dixon” You said in a teasing matter, wrapping your arms around his neck. He smirked as he gazed into your e/c eyes, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you close. “I think you can manage L/n” he murmured just before your lips were pressed together. It was soft and sweet, very passionate.

Your fingers found their way to his hair as you parted slightly, noses touching one another. “I think you deserve one, for effort” he teased, pressing his lips to yours once again. This is how the day went, finding excuses to kiss each other.

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It was a pretty quiet day at the prison, the Governor wasn’t being a dick like always which gave you all the opportunity to go on a run and clear the yard again. You weren’t sure why Rick let Merle go with Glenn on the run but you knew you were going to most likely have to patch someone  up when they got back. 

See you were an actual nurse, had a degree and everything, so you would often help Hershel with everyone when they were hurt. Right now, you were with Carol taking care of Judith, you were just able to get her down for a nap, you felt bad you weren’t there to help Lorie but you couldn’t dwell on it, you had to do your best to help everyone whenever you could.

Carl opened up the gate to your cell block, and in came Merle all bloodied up, followed by Glenn. Carol took the bag from Merle before he made his way to your cell. “What the hell happened to you?” You questioned, getting him to sit on your bed as you grabbed some gauze and other things.

“Damn china man just jumped me”” he said, making you roll your eyes, you knew Glenn wouldn’t do that unless given a reason. “First, hes Korean, and second, Glenn wouldn’t do that unless he had to.” You explained, dabbing disinfectant on the gash across his face.

He winced slightly and chuckled. “Mighta been pay back from when I beat the shit outta him” He suggested, shrugging, you considered that fact as you cleaned him up. 

“There, dont-” “Wha? No kiss better?” He teased, cutting you off as well. You smiled and rolled your eyes as you kissed his cheek, he pointed to his nose, then his for head, so you kissed them as well. “All better now?” You asked, as if talking to a child. “Hmm, right here kinda hurts” He said, pointing to his lips, slightly swollen.

You gave him a look, to which he just smiled and moved his eyebrows in a suggestive way. Sighing in defeat, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his own, which resulted in him pulling you over top of him as he laid back on your bed.

Your legs were on ether side of his waist  as his hands went down to your ass as the ‘Kiss better’ turned to a heated make out session full of groping.

Outside the cell block, with Glenn and Carol

“You wanna know something funny?” Glenn asked, Carol looked to him and nodded, muttering a ‘sure’. “Merle asked me to punch him” he smirked. “Do you know why?” Carol asked. “Well, personally I think its cause he wanted to get close to y/n again, one hell of an excuse eh?”

AU where Daryl is young, severely depressed, home alone and an alcoholic and Merle comes home after a year in prison only to kick drugs and actively be a better brother.
Like he gets Daryl to shower and eat meals and stop harming himself and stop drinking to chase the pain away and takes him out to parks and long car rides and lets him be quiet and even cry if he needs to and just holds him letting him know he won’t be alone anymore. Like big brother and little brother movie days with take out and Daryl falling asleep laying his head on his brother’s lap and smiling genuinely. Hell, even falling asleep on the couch if Daryl doesn’t want to be alone. Or being carried to bed like a kid, only to wake and find Merle next to him to make sure he wakes up with someone who cares and loves him.
Merle being the brother Daryl needs and saying fuck it to the bullshit their father instilled in them.

And I’m crying. Jesus… I hope someone likes this haha!